Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wordless wednesday

4:30 am & she's happy.
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Monday, March 29, 2010

weekend in review

alex was in rare form this weekend: whiney, fussy, crying, drooly, snotty, tired- the works!
the culprit? teething. oy! what a horrible thing this teething is- i really hope it's over soon because my poor child is miserable.

however- she's a real trooper & still provides us with smiles, hugs, snuggles & picture opps.
for your viewing pleasure:

this is actually a picture fail. i told the husband to stand her up straight & allow me to get the crowsmack design in full view- neither happened.
however she's still adorable. so it's a win for the blog.

then i needed to run out last night & the hubs was outside splitting wood- so my genius idea included the child bundled up & in her bouncer- outside style.

honestly- she was pretty content:

"hello leaves & wind, i'm alexis!"

"hello mr. cricket, i love you!!"

too cute my child is.

so we finally got off our butts & opened up alex's savings account this weekend. we set it up so she can't touch it until she's 18 UNLESS WE touch it but only for HER BENEFIT. so, we can't use it to pay for groceries- but we can use it to buy her a car when she's 16- something to that effect.

so now she officially has more money in her account that i do- super. i'm a little jealous.

i also officially gagged while changing her diaper. yes- it was THAT horrible. i could literally taste it. it didn't help that we were in the car with no air escape- and it also didn't help that it was up her front & back- dear God. the husband stated that it was "the most horrible thing he'd ever smelled" and quickly exited the vehicle while i was forced to soldier on. just aweful.

last night when i had to run out (see above photos of my neglect) it was to meet up with 2 friends. now this might not seem like a "had to" but when 1 of said friend is super pregnant (with her 7th child- yes, 7th!!!) & due like, yesterday- then it's a "had to". she wanted to go to H&M & Bare Escentuals & there was no way i was saying no to her.

so off i went- it was actually a fab time because i got to hang out with 2 people that i've really lost touch with over the years. we walked (baby didn't come out- booo) & talked & ate- and it was awesome.

p.s. pregnant friend is having her 7th child- her FIRST girl (hello, 6 boys?!?! ahhhh!) and looked freaking amazing. she was also 4cm dialated & 100% effaced- but skipped around like it was nothing. um, not fair.

and that about sums it up- i feel like we did so much more but i realize now that all of "that" was simply errands of which hold no onterest for you guys.

and feel free to vote. cause voting = love!

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Readeo review/promocode

Readeo is a company that has managed to make it possible for people to feel connected even when they are miles apart.

remember when you were a little kid and mom or dad would have to go away on a business trip (or etc) and you would wait with baited breath for the phone to ring so you could hear them say "I love you" and "Goodnight sleeptight!"?
you couldn't see them, but you knew they were mentally hugging you & giving kisses to the air.

well, this is now the age of computers so kids no longer have to wait for mom or dad to call- but instead they wait for mom or dad to log on & talk to them via webcam.

it's much more fun when you can actually SEE the person you're talking to.
and Readeo has made it possible to not only see the person you're talking to, but be able to have them virtually read you a bedtime story (or vice versa)!

with access to a computer & a webcam, people that are miles apart can interact like they're in the same room. from choosing the book to taking turns reading & turning the pages- it's allows you the same experience online that you've come to treasure at home.

Readeo has tons of books to choose from:

the above pic is only a small example of their library, and they're always adding more!
i think this is a great product for military famililes, families that have a parent who works away from home for long periods of time, parents that are divorced- etc etc. it's also wonderful for grandparents that don't live nearby or brothers & sister, aunts & uncles- the list goes on.
honestly, it's a great product for anyone!
with that being said, Readeo is offering you a free month of their services!
simply go to their website: and set up an account using the code "goreadeo"
so go ahead & give Readeo a try- it's fun!!!
also feel free to visit Readeo on Facebook & Twitter!
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Friday, March 26, 2010

happy friday

i woke up this morning to the sound of my child farting, grunting & subsequently filling her diaper.

how babies successfully combine the two levels of "nasty" and "adorable" into one, is beyond me.

but they do- and so i happily scooped up my rank smelling daughter, applied a fresh & fluffy BG 3.0, pulled super soft Baby Legs over her chubby, still tender from shots, thighs, threw on a onesie & indulged her need to be snuggled.

and as she gave me her adorable baby hugs and i felt the wetness on my neck from the open mouth kisses, that only babies are allowed to give, i decided i wouldn't mind waking up like this every day for the rest of my life... sans the poop.

happy friday people!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

6 month pics

oh my- the cuteness! "lookee here! i'm 6 months old folks!"

"zomg- weiner puppies!!!"

the many faces of alex.

and she had her 6 month appt today.
26 inches long & just under 15lbs. tall & skinny.
she got her shots (oy) and all is well.
and i'm slippin' peeps- it hurts. clicky? gracias!

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6 months old today!

my kid is 6 months old today! i simply cannot wrap my head around it!
i pushed her out 6 months ago? she's been the best thing EVER for 6 months? 6 months?!

gah! i love her so much it hurts sometimes. and now she "talks" and rolls around and sits up and HUGS US! ::squee:: and grabs things, eats things, plays- loves- oy! she's freaking perfect.

since she's 6 months TODAY i don't have any 6 months pics yet- but these will suffice for the time being :)

cutest thing ever- right? she's got her 6 month appt tomorrow & the hubs is going to take the day off & "hang out" with her afterwards. heaven only knows what that will entail- but he did the same thing after her 4 month appt & had a blast.

now, speaking of "6 months..."- this is what i looked like on saturday night (boston night):

noone seemed to believe that i had a 6 month old sitting at home. "you?! a 6 month old?! psha!"
now i must say- hearing that is quite the ego boost.

when you spend your days covered in spitup & drool- sometimes wearing the same outfit 2 days in a row (yes, i'm guilty)- with split ends & bags under your eyes- you TOTALLY look & feel like you have a 6 month old at home.
so getting gussied up & hitting the town is just what is needed to make you feel human again.
at least in my humble opinion.

not all of us are lucky enough to look bangin' 99% of the time after having kids- so that 1% of the time is a must!
go out & try it- very refreshing!

so there you go. now it's 7am on Wed- i'm once again covered in spit up & wearing the same thing i wore yesterday. i've got frizzy hair (thank you rain) and i just realized i forgot to put deoderant on- but i feel like a million bucks because i've got the worlds most adorable 6 month old just waiting for me to pick her up after work.


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Crowsmack Giveaway WINNER

and the winner of the Crowsmack giveaway is:

comment #57! Nicci- congrats! please contact me with your address & onesie selection @ within 24 hours!

thanks to everyone for playing!!!
stay tuned for my next update- it's fun!!!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

happy monday

i feel like i haven't written in forever- and i suppose i haven't. a week of giveaways & guest bloggers gave me a little bit of a break. but i'm also itching to tap away at my keyboard. tap tap tap.

well this weekend was beautiful. i took friday off & alex & myself headed down to Boston to meet up with some friends (lovely ladies i've met from thenest)- it was a GORGEOUS 70 degrees! simply perfect weather for a day around the town.

we hit up the New England Aquarium & then strolled the streets. we had an awesome lunch that simply refused to be ruined, even by our bitch of a waitress (i kid you not, she hated us all from the get-go. no idea why either- we were super nice) & proceded to get dessert at a delish little italian bakery. perfection.

we hung out in the park for a little bit, took some pics said our goodbyes & headed home.
after i paid out the ass for parking (hello $30) i was lucky enough to sit in traffic for over an hour. terrible. if there is one thing i HATE in this world- it's traffic. thankfully alex slept most of the time & i wasn't forced to pull over on the side of a crowded highway.

we got home & i got alex to bed so i could pack for the next day's Boston adventure (hello 25th birthday party for the bff)- i got packed (hello 3 dresses, what to wear?!) and went to bed.
i got up early so i could clean house and do laundry (fun) & after kissing the hubs & babe- the ladies & i were off.

we got to The Hyatt, dropped our bags & headed out to shop. it was 75 degrees & people were really embracing the weather. i've never seen more cleavage & ass cheeks. Lord.

anyway- we finished up, got gussied up & headed out to dinner/drinks. we sat on the rooftop of Splash and enjoyed overpriced appetizers & drinks. we then headed out to Felt to get our "dance on" and this is where the night turned sour. dun dun dun!

now, most of the ladies in attendance knew each other previously, but 2 girls are friends with my bff (from work) and they tagged along. one of the girls was awesome- funny, witty- the works. but the other one do i say this delicately? FREAKING ANNOYING AS PISS! seriously- think whiny, clingy, immature- eh.
anyway- said girl decides to fall on her ass & vomit everywhere about 30 min after we get to Felt. i didn't see it go down (thank God because, hello EMBARRASING!) but i came over in time to see puke all over the floor. super.

long story short- said girl needs to leave per the bouncers, however my bff & the other ladies that KNOW this girl, are pissy & don't want to leave- so who has to take this stranger back to the hotel? why me of course! me, my other bff & a another girl (who lives in Boston & knows her way around) all head out with pukey girl & take her back.

she tells us her parents are going to come get her so we head back out- by this time there's a line at the door to Felt (duh) so we tell the other to meet us outside.
we do our best to get into another GOOD club but of course all the good clubs have lines.

by this time i'm getting pretty pissed off. i wanted to dance- that was it and instead i'm stuck on the streets of Boston getting hit on by 35 year old men who are desperately trying to hold onto their youth by wearing backwards Red Sox hats & Abercrombie & Fitch- ugh.

so we go into one "club" and immediately walk out (it was beyond lame)- we head to another one that was "pretty cool" according to the chick that lives in Boston- well we get in there & it's again, beyond lame. like seriously? we were all dressed to the 9's and people were in cutoff jeans & t-shirts. i was PISSED! we waited 20 freaking minutes to get drinks- and they were watered down & served in platic cups.

ok- i'm SEETHING NOW! but trying to make the best of it i agree to check out the, yeah. not happening. it sucked.

so me & my bff (not the one who's b-day it was) decide to bounce (lol, bounce).
by now it's like 12:30AM and we can't get in anywhere. everyone else stayed in the craphole "club" but we just couldn't.

we walked back to Felt (and hello, no more line!) but the cover was $15 so we said screw it.
we went back to our room and went to bed. IN BED @ 12:45AM on a SATURDAY NIGHT IN BOSTON! SO FREAKING LAME!!!! i was so pissed- i didn't get to dance to one single song. SHIT!

anyway-the other ladies all felt like shit the next morning (go figure) but thankfully they all slept in a seperate room (score) so my friend & i got some breakfast & walked to the North End Market.

then we rounded up the ladies & hit the road around 12:30pm. i dropped everyone off & was home by 2pm. i told my tale of woe to the husband (who was secretly pleased that i didn't get to dance) and after loving all over the babe- decided that we needed to go to the mall (hello 30$ off gap coupon)

i didn't find much (stupid baby gap) but i did get a pretzel at Aunti Annies and that makes everything better.

we got home, i fed alex & put her down, edited some pictures (i'll get those up soon), watched Family Guy & went to bed.

what a weekend, huh?

anyway- the husband managed to get the most adorable video of all time while i was gone- watching it when i got home made me forget about every moment of annoyance from the 24 hours prior: (go to the bottom & pause the music- then turn up your speakers- tee hee)

right?! how can anyone be upset about ANYTHING after watching that video?!
gah! my child is the best thing ever.

and there you go. the weekend in review. hello Monday.
i hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend- and now i need to go catch up on my fellow bloggers....and work. heh.

and as always: clicky?

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thank you kindly :)
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Friday, March 19, 2010

guest blogger: The Southern Belle Baby

so my final guest blogger is Jessica from The Southern Belle Baby. i feel like i've "known" her forever when in fact it's only been a couple years.

i "met" her on thenest & i immediately liked her. she was pretty gung ho on getting ku and when it didn't happen right away- instead of FREAKING OUT & ASKING HER DOCTOR FOR CLOMID- she took the steps to find out what the "issue" might be. as someone else who has struggled with infertility, i was imediately in love.

she's funny, pretty, smart, has a cute kid- etc etc etc. the list goes on.

so here she is folks:

Sexual Evolution

When I first got with my now-husband, we were both virgins.

Yes, I know, how sweet, right? He was 20 and I was 17. We were off and on until I was 18, but then were officially together. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other, and each kiss made you feel like your crotch would absolutely burst into flames. We messed around everywhere we possibly could. On the couch. On the floor. In his truck (be careful, by the way, getting felt up in a truck in your driveway. You just may get so hot and bothered that it escapes your attention that your boob is still hanging out and when you go back inside, your little brother may see it and be scarred for life. True story).

After this initial "ohmygodyouresohotpleaseletmehaveit" phase, it’s no surprise that our will power waned and we did it. You know… IT. I cooked him a fancy dinner, which probably wasn’t the best idea since we were both incredibly full and I spent the following hours sucking in my stomach, but afterwards, things got hot and heavy. It lasted a whole glorious 15 seconds, but it was done, and after that, there was no stopping us.

When you first have sex, you become addicted. It’s a cool new thing that you’ve never done before, and hey, it feels great. So, we did it all the time and everywhere we could. We knew no boundaries; no position was off limits, no sexual act was too brazen.

This lasted for about a week.

Then my dear Trevor decided that we were too into the physical. Whatever, dude, I like the physical, and aren’t you supposed to be doing nothing but thinking about sex at age 20? Then it happened. I became a nympho. When someone withholds something from you, that thing becomes that much more desirable. I was being denied, and to this day, I don’t exactly understand why. It was some weird phase, I guess, but I was about 347 times hornier than my boyfriend. It was an effing tragedy. I pounced on him all the time, trying to make

out or initiate any kind of sexual activity. Oh so sad.

Through our entire relationship, I have been the instigator of sex. I’d say 75% of the time, it was all on me.

This continued when we got married, and especially when we were trying to get pregnant.

Although to his credit, that was very mechanical, planned sex dictated by my fertility chart and ovulation sticks- not exactly room for deviation!

Once I got pregnant after dealing with infertility, I refused to have sex for a good while. It was a pretty “dry” pregnancy for old Trevor, if you catch my drift.

Now, eight weeks after our son’s birth, something has happened.

The tide has turned… my husband is a man obsessed. Every day, I will sit down to do something of importance once Knox is finally asleep, and like clockwork, Trevor gives me a wink, hands me a glass of wine or makes some suggestive gesture. I look at him like he’s on crack- why would I want to have sex when I finally have five minutes in which to take a shower? Or unload the dishwasher? Or pay the bills? How horribly ironic. Now that I don’t care about sex at all, he wants it all the time.

So now I know the secret to making your man weak in the knees and an absolute slave to your every whim: lose your sex drive completely. So sad.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crowsmack Onesie revew/giveaway!


i was perusing etsy (bad bad bad) and discovered some of the coolest onesies i've ever seen. for realsies!

case in point:

is that the gingerbread man & the fox?! why yes it is!!!

who'd a thunk to put the classic tale of a mischievous baked good on a onesie you ask? why. the creative geniuses over at Crowsmack!

so i immediately purchased the above onesie & then went to check out their blog where my little eyes spied this little number:

that's right- my namesake. i. must. have.

i left them a comment telling them so, and what do you know? my wish is their command!

imagine my delight when this little birdie showed up in the mail along with mr gingerbread man! i danced a jig in my kitchen.

and once i put it on alex i couldn't get enough of her:

OY! perfect!

so- with all that being said (and very true) i'm making sure one of you gals (or guys) get your hands on one of these suckers.

they've got a robot one, a dragon one, the above 2 and even a unicorn ::squee::

Required: to enter this giveaway, all you have to do is click here: Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory and leave a comment letting me know you did so!

Additional Entries:

  1. follow my blog (or let me know if you already do- leave a comment)
  2. become a fan of Crowsmack on facebook (leave a comment)
  3. follow Crowsmack on twitter (leave a comment)
  4. take a look around Crowsmack's Etsy store (leave a comment)
  5. grab my button (leave a 2 comments)
  6. blog about this giveaway & link back to me (leave 3 comments!!!)
  7. follow me on twitter & tweet this- you can c&p this "@lookathebirds is having a wicked stellar Crowsmack giveaway- designed by @grainock. check it: " (leave 2 comments)
this giveaway will be open until Tues March 23rd @ 11:59PM - i will choose the winner using & announce on Wed March 24th!
good luck!!!
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

guest blogger: As the Forest[e] Grows

so- as promised, today's entry is provided by the very lovely Mrs. Foreste from As The Forest[e] Grows! (make sure to swing by & virtually breath in the cuteness that is her kid)

it's a "how to" on everyone's favorite subject: Post Partum Sex!!!

i won't make you wait anymore, here it is...also, feel free to print this out & leave it lying on your kitchen table. when the husband sees it he's sure to think he's died & gone to some sexual heaven:

Well, first of all I'm honored to be a guest blogger here in the land o' birds. And even more so to be sharing with you my sex life, as requested [or errrm... demanded]. So if you are easily offended or extremely conservative... you may want to reconsider reading this... you've been warned ;)

We got the go ahead to start having sex about 8 weeks postpartum. At the time, the thought of having something enter the place where a 6lb 5oz human had just emerged a mere 8 weeks prior, was not too enticing. I thought, "Ok, that's totally the reason I can't get turned on... right?" A few weeks after that... I thought, "Ok, it's totally the BFing hormones... right?!"

I was completely honest with Hubbs about my lack of sex drive & he understood, but was determined to try a variety of "games" to get the old me back.

Game #1 - Role play. Hubbs is a hot masseur named "Matthew" whose only goal is to please me. Fun, worked & I'd totally recommend. I get a nice rub down along with the main course.

Game #2 - Porn. Raunchy, hardcore porn. Too much information? Maybe. Too much fun? Definitely. We've continued to switch things up & we use this trick maybe once a month.

I know what you're thinking. Why is a good, Christian mother engaging in this kind of behavior? Something only a 15 year old highschool boy with nothing better to do than sit around with a bottle of Jergens & box of Kleenex does on his lonely nights?

Desperate times call for desperate measures, my lovelies. And desperate we were.

Game #3 - Lingerie. I decided I was going to have to brush away the cobwebs to my lingerie drawer at some point. Moths, be gone! My crotch-less panties only need one hole, thank you.

Game #4 - Ok so this one isn't really a game, but it helped. KY intense. If you haven't tried it, you're missing out.

So, good 'ole Aunt Flo came to visit for the first time last week since October 2008. Sucks right? Or does it?? You want to know the first thing I thought of when I woke up in the morning to soaked panties? It wasn't the dreaded toe curling cramps I was blessed with. Nope. Not even the fact that I need to use Ultra sized tampons, which I soak out of every 45 minutes, entered my mind. The first thing I thought was...

"Yes, an excuse to get out of sex for a whole week!"

Bad Mrs.F. And poor Mr.F. Don't get me wrong... once I'm in the act it's quite enjoyable. With lots of KY. And a bra (against Hubbs liking) to avoid unnecessary smacking in the eyes with these stretch marked things that now hang (as opposed to sit) from my chest. And damnit... I have a sexy ass husband. Why can't I get in the mood?

I try not to deny Hubbs when he hints to me by performing the "weiner smack"... you know that thing guys do when they stand there nude & twist their hips from side to side rapidly to make it smack left & right? Or is it just my man who does that? Either way, who can resist that?!

So, we're making progress slowly, but surely. I'm lucky to have a thoughtful husband who only asks to get in my pants once a day. He's lucky to have a thoughtful wife who agrees to it more often than not... even if I'm totally not feeling it. Gotta keep your men happy, ladies. He showers me in compliments all day & I love him for it. Even right after I gave birth when my belly looked like a deflated balloon & my vag looked like a capitol W... he still managed to tell me I looked like a million bucks. That's true love!

Will I ever feel like a horny teenager again? Probably not. But we're having fun trying to get back the love life we once had. And a glass of chardonnay at night helps a bit too ;)
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CafePress Giveaway Winner!!!

and the lucky winner issss:comment #1: Mrs White! i can only fathom how cute little chase will look with a custom CafePress tee ::squee:: and who will match him? you or the hubs??? your choice!

e-mail me your contact info within 24 hours so CafePress can get your shirts out to you!!!

to everyone else- thank you SO much for "playing" and voting, following, reading- etc etc. i love being able to give things away to my faithful readers- it's my big THANK YOU for coming back time & time again!

and with that being said- FEAR NOT- i have another sweet review/giveaway coming up on Thursday (03/18) from Crowsmack!!!

and last but not least- tomorrow is another guest blogger session feauturing the very attractive Mrs. Forest[e] she'll be dishing on everyone's favorite subject: sex. (and if you've seen pics of her & her hubs- catch my drift)

so make sure to check back tomorrow!
and as always- so i can continue to bring you awesome giveaways: clicky clicky!

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thank you!
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Guest Blogger: TheHeirToBlair

so as i promised, this week is "Guest Blogger Week"!

and first up is the very funny, talented, lovely & homecoming queen of the internet: Miss Blair. that's right- the one & only Blair from The Heir To Blair. make sure you swing by her corner of the internet world- you probably won't want to leave... (but don't forget to come back here)!

She's provided ya'll with the most romantic love story ever. So without further dudes- here it is:

"I met Nate in January 2002 in a Feminist Rhetoric Class.

Yeah. You read that correctly.

But it was either that or poetry, & since I failed THIRD GRADE POETRY, I was pretty sure Feminist Rhetoric was the better bet. Nate, one of the two males in the class, knew he could get an A with our professor. Those rugged good looks make even bra-burning professors weak in the knees! Fast forward a few months into the class after I royally pissed off every female in the class with radical ideas of no white after Labor Day & keeping the word "obey" in the marriage vows. In the middle of the semester, we were given the task of group work. Since my classmates hated me, I figured I would do the project on my own (like, whatever. I could totally do it better anyways. huff.)

Until a boy with reddish curls & really strange sandals grabbed my arm after class. "Hey," Nate said. "You're really smart. Do you want to be in my group?"

What he should have said, to quote Relient K, is "Nice to meet you. I'm your other half."

But we were both seriously dating other people at that time. So we did what came natural...we became the best of friends. & one day when I was particularly heartbroken, Nate wrote out a full list of all the reasons a man should love me.

But because I'm as thick as molasses, I did not see it. Even though everyone else, including Stevie Wonder, saw it. Skip ahead 2 years, 2 boyfriends (mine), 3 girlfriends (his), and you have us both miraculously single at the same time. One day, we broke our careful platonic boundaries & hugged on the sidewalk, outside of the business school. To quote Pioneer Woman, MY HINEY TINGLED. All the way down to my toes until I was sure I single-handedly powered the city with all the electricity running through my veins. FROM A SIMPLE HUG.

& then the flirting started. I batted my lashes. We had a water-gun fight on The Quad. We met for lunch, had an impromptu date at O'Charley's, & one night after a wild celebration on his impending graduation, I insisted that he crash in my dorm room rather than make the drive home. (I really liked him, you know, & preferred not to see him on the evening news).

Remember college? The twin bunk beds? No room for a couch in the 10x10 cell they call a room? ahh, memories. So we piled into my bed. Both of us covered up like nuns, facing each other but terrified of touching. COOTIES, y'all. I laid there, still as a churchmouse. Waiting for him to kiss me. I eventually gave up & fell asleep, leaving Nate wide awkae mentally kicking himself. HE'S IN BED. WITH A WOMAN. PRACTICALLY WEARING A PARKA TO ENSURE CHASTITY. When we woke up the next morning, I emotionally gave up. Until he leaned in & kissed me.

Dressed like nuns, squeezed in a twin bed, with morning breath. The last first kiss of my entire life!

& what followed was over a year of complete, absolute bliss:

What keeps our love strong?

No, seriously. We do. But we're that perfect combination of opposite enough to attract, similar enough to stay together. I know, so sweet that I just gave you ten cavities! After spending the summer of 2005 apart due to my work as a camp counselor, Nate slipped a diamond ring on my finger. (I'll have to have him guest blog to tell you how he asked my father for their blessing -- HI-larious.)

& eleven months later, I put on a huge white dress & met him at the end of an aisle...

Starting with a morning breath kiss that ended with a kiss on an alter, claiming him as MINE."

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kidee Carbon Monoxide Alarm Giveaway

i recently received an e-mail from Kidee containing VERY important information along with a chance for 50 people to receive a free Carbon Monoxide Alarm!

here's the info on how to enter:

"Carbon monoxide (CO) is colorless, odorless, and deadly, and is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in America. If that’s not frightening enough, the symptoms of carbon monoxide are similar to those of the flu (headache, nausea, fatigue, etc.), so many people may not realize they’re being poisoned. Currently, 24 states require CO alarms in homes, and legislation is pending in several others.

With next week (March 14th-20th) being Poison Prevention Week, Kidde wants to spread the word on the dangers of CO. To that end, we’re running a promotion on our Facebook page, where we will give away 50 FREE carbon monoxide alarms.

Here’s how it works:
1. Become a fan of Kidde’s at
2. Invite three of your friends to also become a fan on Kidde’s Facebook page.
3. Have those three friends send Kidde a direct message on Facebook, telling us who sent them (ie: YOU!)
4. We will send the person named in those three emails a FREE Kidde CO alarm. We’re not even charging for shipping! (Limit one CO alarm per “fan,” and remember—we only have 50 to give away)

Our hope is two-fold. One: we hope to help protect families with a free CO alarm. Two: we want to increase our “fan” base to keep fire and CO safety top-of-mind for new moms, so they can help keep their families safe.

For more information on the baby safety campaign we did, please visit There’s lots of great information on this site.

And here are some links you may also be interested in viewing:

Carbon monoxide:

Lastly, here is an article they just released to the media about CO Poisoning: Carbon Monoxide & Kids

Good luck & stay safe!!
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Friday, March 12, 2010

gettin' crafty

so i'm getting crafty this weekend/upcoming week.

yep- i'm going to get my hands dirty & make something ridiculously cute, come back & show it to all of you. i promise.

and if you're wondering how i'm going to find time for this between working, mothering, wifeing, twittering, facebooking & blogging- FEAR NOT!!!

the blogging part will be covered- how you ask? well, miss blair, miss southernbelle & mrsforeste are going to be guest blogging next week- do you recall me telling you this? i think you do!

monday = miss blair telling us all about her torrid love affair with her dashing husband, nate.
and becuse i'm kind, here's a little sneak preview:

"I met Nate in January 2002 in a Feminist Rhetoric Class.
Yeah. You read that correctly.
But it was either that or poetry, & since I failed THIRD GRADE POETRY, I was pretty sure Feminist Rhetoric was the better bet. Nate, one of the two males in the class, knew he could get an A with our professor. Those rugged good looks make even bra-burning professors weak in the knees..." theheirtoblair

ooooh! intrigued? well make sure to come back on monday to read the rest & swoon over blair/nate peek-tures.

it's like a mini harlequin romance novel (minus the heaving bosom & throbbing member parts)

uber romantic with a dash of hilarious. a must read!

and as always:
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many thanks!
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

i tweet now

so i bit the bullet & signed up on twitter. shame on me- because now i'm even less productive.

feel free to follow me & watch me tweet about things like the NEW ECLIPSE TRAILER! ZOMG!!!11 I'M 14 YEARS OLD!!!!11

and that's all. i leave you with a family photo circa 1989 or so:

my little bro, my dad (the pimp) & me. tee hee.

and as always- if you love me, you can vote for me:
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a simple click is all i ask!!! gracias :)

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CafePress review & GIVEAWAY!!!


i recently got an email from the folks over @ cafepress asking if i'd be interested in an awesome t-shirt that might have something to do with ::gasp:: weiner dogs or sweet tea?!?!

well i was immediately giddy x10 because this means they actually took the time to read my blog & realize that i love both of the afore mentioned- oy

oh, and by the way- would i also be interested in hosting a wicked awesome giveaway to boot?

would i ever!!!

so here's the scoop people: CafePress kicks butt!
You can find tons of personalized gifts at CafePress- for any topic, interest, or brand!

i mean, they let me pick out a onesie for alex & i just about died when i found this one:

for real!? a super soft American Apparel onesie with weinies?!
well- since i could pick one out for myself too i decided that mother & daughter need to match:

hello awesomeness!
even my OWN little weiners got in on the action:

so, the awesome folks at CafePress have offered a wicked awesome give away to one of my readers. one adult tee of your choice & one kids tee/onesie of your choice!!!
the options are endless- literally. i spent a good hour clicking through pages of rad tees. you'll find TONS of gift ideas (psst, they have more than just tees!!!)

so this could be a mom/kid thing. or a dad/kid thing. or a big brother/sister/little brother/sister thing. or an aunt/kid thing...etc etc- it's your choice! you get one if each! that's 2 awesome shirts people!!!

Required: to enter this giveaway, all you have to do is click here: Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory and leave a comment letting me know you did so!

Additional Entries:

  1. follow my blog (or let me know if you already do- leave a comment)
  2. become a fan of CafePress on Facebook (leave a comment)
  3. follow CafePress on Twitter (leave a comment)
  4. vote for me on TopBabyBlogs: Vote For Us @ TopBabyBlogs.Com - A Top Baby Blog List By (leave a comment)
  5. grab my button (leave a 2 comments)
  6. blog about this giveaway & link back to me (leave 3 comments!!!)
  7. follow me on twitter (leave a comment)

and that's it! this giveaway will be open until Mon March 15th until 11:59pm. i'll choose a winner with & announce them on Tues March 16th!

good luck!

cafepress sent me these tees at no charge in return for a review. no monetary compensation to be had!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

my crazy cat & my kid

so miss alex is doing pretty well sitting "unassisted"- ie: with pillows. heh. she also has an obsession with her reflection & her Lamaze Octotunes(pus).
...apparently she also has an obsession with not being clothed. oy.

and then there's Gary. my kitty- my favorite kitty (sorry maceo). he has finally figured out how to make his way to our cathedral ceiling beams:

(and yes- that is enough alcohol to rival the most well stocked bar)
...but getting down is another story. sometimes he's sort of dumb- so instead of going back the way he came, he simply sat on the beam & cried until the hubs got on the ladder to get him down.
he came down, covered in dust, and proceded to sneeze for about 5 minutes. however, he was quite pleased with himself and i'm almost certain that i'll come home one day & find him perched atop the beam once again- looking down his nose at us.

clicky? gracias!

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