Saturday, February 27, 2010

still no power

day #2 without power.

we're staying at the in-laws (which kicks ass because my mother in law is totally making us breakfast right now)

i'm totally cool with not having power- except for the chest freezer sitting in our basement that is currently housing 3,000 oz of breastmilk.

if i loose that stash- i'll loose my mind!!!!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

5 months old (2 days late)

actually, alex was 5 months old 2 days ago. better late than never i suppose.
as you can see, she was far more thrilled with her ability to blow spit bubbles than my attempts to get her to sit for the camera.

i got some shots of her the other day that i'm quite proud of:

omg- i want to eat her face!!!

bunny- der.
in other news: we haven't had power since 11pm last night. i woke up and realized that it was pitch black inside & out. the winds were whipping & the trees were falling. alex woke up a couple times & i tripped my way into her bedroom all the while, cursing mother nature.
it was actually pretty awesome though to watch the trees fly around- how they stay up without snapping is beyond me.
anyway- i brought alex into bed around 3 & she woke me up around 4:45. she happily played with my phone for about 15 min & then decided that she needed to be fed- RIGHT NOW!
so up & at em'. getting yourself, your husband & your 5 month old dressed in the dark is no small feat. not to mention that i had no way to heat up her bottle- so between the boobs it went.
no water, no light, no heat- nada. oy!
the husband left & then came back because the main road was blocked- so i had to hustle and lead him down the back way.
thankfully i thought to grab the 300+ oz of breastmilk that are stored in our regular freezer (the chest freezer is full) and haul them to my in laws house. i'm not too worried about the chest freezer, but the regular freezer will totally thaw if we dont get power back today.

so here i sit at work. fuzzy teeth, sleep in my eyes, frizzy hair & an orange shirt that is clashing horribly with my green pants (i thought it was black- wtf?!)
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Alex's first taste of solids

so this past weekend Alex got her first solids. oatmeal & sweet potatoes! we also picked up some pears & peas for later this week (yum)!

so, how did it go you ask? well the hubs got to feed her the oatmeal first while i documented:

"hmmmm, what the heck is this?!"

"...what are you getting ready to do?"


"WHAT THE?!?!?!"

"errr, what am i supposed to do with this stuff?"

"have some more you say? well. perhaps i can assist you this time..."

"mmm mmm mmm!"

(as you can see, the dogs already realize that alex = noms)


then it was my turn to give her some:

"well this was fun..."

"wait! what is that you said?! something ELSE!?

"SWEET potatoes you say? well i like sweet things! let's do this!"



"wait, what? if i eat it i can have a pony in 10 years? well..."

maybe if daddy feeds it to her:

"ok- not as bad as before..."

..."not bad at all actually..."

"in fact, i likes!!!"

then alex decided that she could feed herself:

"see, i'm a BIG girl!"

"my precious..." (seriously- this pic cracks my shit up)

"there's going to be a NEXT time?! EVERY DAY YOU SAY?! OY!!!"

and there you go! she LOVED the oatmeal & eventually LOVED the sweet potatoes.
last night i gave her peas & she sucked those right down too!
as of yesterday she is 5 months old & i can't even believe it!! where is my baby going?! STOP!
i took some 5 month shots and i'll get those up ASAP. i was trying to be a "real" photographer & got some green fleece & set her up & turned on my speedlight- yeah. pretty big fail. NO natural light & thanks to cathedral beam cealings, nothing to bounce the flash off of. plus she was cranky- yikes. i got a few but they need some major editing first!
and as always- vote for me? all you have to do is click! and many thanks to those that have/do- seriously. i lurve it!

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also- this weekened Alex will be trying her Yo-Baby 3-in-1 Organic meals. i'll write up a review & post it on Monday along with a giveaway from Stoneyfield's YoBaby!!! woot!
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Boogie Wipes Giveaway WINNER

and the winner of the Boogie Wipes giveaway is:
comment #5 which = Calkins37!!! Congrats!

Calkins- be sure to contact me ( by the day's end with your address info! If i don't have an e-mail by tonight @ 11:59 then i'll have to pick a new winner :)

to everyone else- thank you for playing! and stay tuned because i'm having a pretty sweet giveaway courtesy of YoBaby Organic Yogurt on Mon March 2nd!!!
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Free Baby Magazine CONTEST/giveaway!

i know this might seem like giveaway overload (at least i think so) but technically it's more of a giveaway for ME with perks for YOU! :) and i swear i didn't have it planned!

do you want me to win an awesome prize?
do YOU want to win an awesome prize?

i think the answer is YES!

i was contacted (this morning) by Free Baby Magazine about a contest they're running. i've actually never heard of them (i'm very honest) so i went & took a look- oy! something ELSE for me to read during the day! they have an adorable online (FREEEE!) magazine with tons of great products info, pictures, article- etc etc. i love it!

well, the more peeps i refer to them (ie: you go & subscribe) then the better my chances are of winning!

so i beseech thee blogger readers to do the following (if you so choose):

-Follow Free Baby Mag on Twitter
-Follow Free Baby Mag on FaceBook
-Follow Free Baby Mag's Blog

for each one you follow, you'll be entered to win some free hair bows from Bowtique Mama
(this probably means nothing for all you moms of boys- so i asked FBM & they said any boy mammas will be automatically entered for any future giveaways - and you don't even have to do anything more!)

they'll draw from each category (FaceBook, Twitter & Blogger) so who knows, maybe you'll win thrice!

and there you go! here are the links:

View the magazine HERE
Free subscription HERE

just remember- it's FREE, NEAT, ONLINE (so no dead trees) & FUN!

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our lovely Britax carseats came in last week:

happy yay!!!

i think i'll need to make sure she never ends up wearing her cow babylegs whilst sitting in this seat. that might be cow overload.

and she also got her first taste of oatmeal & sweet potatoes this weekened! i'll post pictures of that momentous occasion later- but here she is in her big girl highchair:

sophie = nom
oh my- i can't believe she's so big already ::sob::
oy- and don't forget about the Boogie Wipes giveaway (see below)!!! it ends tonight!
and lastly: vote for me? pretty please??
the more you vote, the higher i get & the more i can give you- it's a win win! :)

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thank you!!!
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