Friday, February 27, 2015

we live

let me start by saying honestly, i'd almost forgotten how to log into blogger.

with the impending birth of my 4th i really feel like i should update this thing. i don't necessarily think i can commit to blogging on the regular, but i've documented the arrivals of my other 3 so it's only fair that #4 gets their due.

first off- let me update you on our current lives:

alex - she's 5. she's in kindergarten. she's basically just like me which means she drives me bat shit crazy on the daily. i love her {obviously} & she's just fantastic {she can be very sweet & charming & hilarious. she's smart & intuitive & helpful & generally pretty happy} , but she makes me question ALL THE THINGS ABOUT PARENTING & BEING SANE almost every day. however, she's alive & thriving & doesn't appear to need therapy {yet} so i think i'm doing ok.

brynn - she's 4. she's in nursery class. she's just great. she's rather the opposite of me {being super happy & sweet & bubbly} & just a delight. she adores her brother & sister & she's incredibly loving. she's a wee bit sensitive at times & takes things to heart {so my low empathy levels are tested} but she snaps out of any kind of funky mood fairly quickly. she's my BOOM child. because she's just, BOOM - awesome.

cohen - he's 20 months old. he's the bee's knees. he looks NOTHING like me {according to 99.9% of everyone who cares to comment} & he's so freaking cute it hurts. he's an incredible sweetheart & simply adores his sisters {sometimes too much for them}. he's just the sweetest little boy & we can't even IMAGINE life without him. baby cohen {as EVERYONE still calls him} is the very picture of the "favored" boy in a family full of estrogen. he's rather up my butt for about 75% of the day, but it is what it is. he also decided to break his leg 4 weeks ago {I KNOW. YOU GUYS, I KNOW!!!} & he just got his cast off yesterday so he's a wee bit more clingy than usual, but i'm guessing he'll get his land legs back within a couple weeks & be off doing the crazy boy things he does. 

baby bird #4 - she's 39 weeks cooked {on sunday}. too be honest, i was all done after cohen but obvs the good Lord had other plans. i'm sure she's gonna be pretty terrific despite the horrible heartburn she's given me for the past 9 months. currently she's all but out of room in her current quarters but still insists on doing vigorous bouts of gymnastics so that's pretty fun. we {& everyone else} are pretty excited to see what she's going to bring to our family dynamic. fair/dark hair? blue/brown eyes? straight/curly hair? pale/tanned melonin? SO MANY QUESTIONS! & i'm hoping she answers pretty soon- like by next week would be nice. i'm also planning on getting myself DIRECTLY to the hospital as soon as i feel the first contraction- cohen's natural birth pretty much scarred me for life & i NEVER want to experience that pain again. seriously you guys, that shit HURTS! missing out on my epi is NOT an option. nope. never. ALL THE FORMS OF NO!!!

& that sums up the current lives of the small ones.

we're currently in the midst of a never ending winter {Frozen style} & we're finally {maybe, possibly, hopefully} getting over the cold from hell. signs of spring are NO WHERE TO BE FOUND, minus a few very confused robins & everyone is a little stir crazy & suffering from serious cabin fever. thank God for friends & playdates, school, trips to Target & a handful of warm{ish} days that allowed for going outdoors & not acquiring frostbite. we are all SO ready for nice weather, no more snow & good health. our urgent care trip quota has been filled & we're well on our way to meting 2015's deductible & i haven't even had a baby yet.

i could probably go on & complain some more but i think you get the idea.

life is good though. seriously. we've got everything we need, we've got plans to finish the basement this spring {another bathroom, OMG!}, it's tax refund time {yay money. sorta.}, we've got friends, playdates, ballet classes, & etc etc etc.

& now i'll bombard you with a bunch of random pictures {via instagram obvs} & you'll get a pretty good idea of what we've been up to for the past few months.

& there you go. i realize it's been well over a year & i've completely skipped last winter, spring & summer buuuut, oy. you can always keep up with us birds over on my IG {@lookatthebirds} & i do intend on coming back with birth story #4 {FINAL BIRTH STORY PEOPLE!} so yeah. i have to go wipe someone's nose or something now. glamorous. 

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

taps mic.

oh you guys. i've tried so hard.

i keep planning to sit down & catch up. to write out life. to upload pictures. to be hilarious.

but. LIFE! you know?

cohen is 6 months old now. 6 MONTHS OLD NOW! 
brynn is 3 now. 3 YEARS OLD NOW!
alex is 4 now. 4 YEARS OLD NOW! {repeating myself means this shit is real}

but in between Pre-K runs, play dates, birthdays, pedi visits, church, life, grocery shopping, making lunches, passing out snacks, making 2nd & 3rd lunches {seriously people?}, reasoning with toddlers, changing diapers, potty training, cursing winter, loving winter, cursing winter again, wiping noses, watching what i eat {BWAHAHAHAHA!}, & ALL THAT JAZZZZZ....this poor little blog gets pushed to the back of my to do list.

in fact, i think it may have simply fallen off the list. & i'm torn on how i feel about that.
i blogged for all of alex's current life & all of brynn's & then when cohen came along i tried....but just re-read the above stuff & yeah. you see?

i do love blogging. but i also love living & not trying to remember every detail. not trying to upload pictures in a reasonable amount of time. not feeling like, "oh crap, i should blog that...." but then feeling like i'm suuuuper behind because i haven't.

i've "met" SO many awesome people through this blog. internet friends & real life friends.
& reading back through old post, oh it's glorious! to read a post & be like, "OMG I REMEMBER THAT! LOL!" 

so, what to do? what to do?

this is obviously a 1st world problem here. i get that. no one's life is going to be affected if i stop blogging. & no one's life will be affected if i don't. i'm not THAT much of a big deal, so don't worry- i'm not delusional & biting my nails or losing sleep over this. der.

but i'm not sure i'm ready to say peace out either. because 7 years {that's what we're going on here- whoa} is a long time. & i like typing things out & putting pictures up. when i have time, i really do.

so for now the old girl stays. & i'll once again do my best to pay her a little bit more attention.
but you can always find me on Instagram: @lookatthebirds - that is if you like being bombarded with pictures of my kids + food + my kids some more + more food + get the idea.

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