Wednesday, June 27, 2012

re-stocked the store

there's more stuff up @ the store: lookatthebird's stuff

99% grown up ladies stuff.
same disclaimer as last time- worn but awesome condition.
clean but wash it.
may the force of my pets be with you.
$8 flat rate (i'll refund you the diff if it's less).

these are all things i totally love but either:
1. just don't have the time/place to wear
2. they're too big (i miss cookies)


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Friday, June 22, 2012

the things they say

in typical female fashion, alex enjoys talking. a lot. like, forever. non stop.
it's quite endearing actually- except when she spews embarrassing things about my bodily functions at a high decibel in public bathroom stalls...

"::GASP:: momma! that's blood! how you hurt yourself?!"

dear God.

here are a few gems as of late:

"mom, i smell something. is that your pee? your pee is smelly momma. i smell your pee!" (in my defense, i'd just eaten my fair share of asparagus) 

"mom, i pooped. oh my gosh, that's a big poop!!! look at that big poop momma!" (we've been potty training & homegirl is pumped about potty pooping)

"oh my GOODNESS! that is so cute. awwww!" (about everything. mainly, cute things)

"mom, those are your boobies? i want them!" (bwahahahaaaa! sure kid)

"oh brother." (what? how!) 

"momma, she has a big butt!" (damn you Dumbo) 

"the bugs suck my blood for their food." (why yes, yes they do)

& the list goes on. some things are said so perfectly timed that it's just epic. i die. the husband's comedic gold.

sometimes brynn joins in & she has a key phrase that she says quite loudly & often (mainly at Target or when we're out to eat):

"momma! MY BUTT HURTS!" (i'd like to add that she grabs her crotch with 2 hands whilst saying this. i blame myself. whenever we've battled diaper rashes i always ask her if her butt hurts. silly me)

& her second favorite:

"momma- I POOP AGAIN!" (also while crotch grabbing)

if you were considering entering your child for the "classiest kid of the year" award- just don't. because clearly my children are going to win this year.

happy friday people.  
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

zoo mom shots

weirdly- these zoo pics include no real animals.

also- that Fantashtic mug can be found here: LennyMud (i think i bought the only one but i'm sure she can make another)

her little mermaid pose

the aftermath

we went to the Roger Williams Zoo (fathers get in free on Father's Day & kids under 3 are free). it's not a crazy busy zoo & it's got plenty of walking room. there are plenty of animals although some exhibits are...lacking. but the girls still loved it.

but the 2 hour drive down & back? meh. specially with a potty training & a teething toddler.
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Monday, June 18, 2012

a day for dad

there are so many things going on in this picture. the husband is trying to smile because i said "SMILE!"- brynn is pitching a fit because she wants me & alex is side eying brynn in a major way.

& this is 2012's father's day picture. it also pretty accurately sums up how the day went. but toss in some screaming on alex's part, some furious parental whispering, a dash of impatience, 5 miles walked around the zoo & 4 hours in the car.

you're allowed to be jealous. but seriously- it was awesome. we had a fun day traipsing to the Roger William's Zoo in RI. we went last year but the girls weren't as aware of everything that was going on. this year they actually realized that they were looking at zebras & giraffes & elephants...tiny minds blown.

despite a total meltdown (on alex's part) around12:45ish (well past nap time) things went swimmingly. we stopped @ Rita's Italian Ice on the way home (i need this in my life more than 1x per year) & thankfully the majority of the trip home was 2 little girls passed out in the backseat.

i'll share zoo pics later this week. i just realized i didn't take a single picture of any animals. weird?

the rest of the day was spent putzing around at home, playing with the baby chicks & eating an impressive amount of rice. seriously guys- we ate so much rice yesterday.

then alex found this feather, & thanks to numerous Dumbo viewings, was very much under the impression that it would allow her to fly.

clearly it worked. clearly.

this one will have feathery feet. we're pretty pumped about that.

all in all- a pretty stellar day. many thanks to the husband for being a kick ass dad.

you deserve this.

p.s. there are still some items available on the girl's clothing store: LATB Store thanks to everyone who's bought stuff! i shipped out friday's orders this morning!
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

lookatthebird's stuff (clothes/shoes for sale)

 (UPDATE): sorry if the store was Private for a few minutes- i royally screwed up shipping & had to fix it- all set now!

alright ladies- a few disclaimers:

- everything is worn (unless noted otherwise) but in good condition
- i'm not selling anything i wouldn't put back on my own children. pretty promise. 
- i've done my best to note all stains or wear & tear
- all clothes have been washed but you should re-wash
- i have 2 dogs & a cat- enough said, right? (ie: they make their way into everything)
- colors are true- i didn't edit these pictures but my house has funky light. so message me if you have questions
- all sizes/brands are listed
- no returns
- shipping =$8 flat rate ($5 was too small & $10 was too big- so I split it ladies. if your personal shipping ends up = less than $8 i'll refund you the diff!)
- USA orders only (if you're in Canada & you're desperate- buy it & message me. i'll get it to you!)
- i have other items that are coming! i'll keep you updated
- payment = via paypal

aaaaaaaaaaand i think that's it. happy shopping!

lookatthebird's stuff

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

clothes for sale....tomorrow (& other random stuff)

so i never ever want to have an online clothing store. dear God.
so many pictures. so many descriptions. so many sizes to keep track of...

but i'm finally almost done (tonight) & i'll have the link up for your guys tomorrow. i'll type out a little disclaimer as well but basically: this is 99% used clothing. i'm only selling stuff that i'd still put on my own kids (or myself). i've noted any staining or wear & tear. no returns, yadda yadda. $5-10 flat rate shipping. hooray!

going through all those itty bitty clothes made my ute start quivering. too bad she's hard to fill. waah waaah waaaah.

regardless-  tomorrow.

in other news: 3 of our lovely ladies (the chickens) have crossed the road...RIP
some animal out there has a belly full of them. ::cries::
so now the ladies stay locked up in their pen unless we're home.  they hate us for it but hello? death is out there girls.
thankfully, we ordered 4 more to replace them & they came in this morning. prepare yourself for cute pictures of baby chicks in the near future.

& here's an instagram dump (follow me @lookatthebirds) to brighten up your day. (yes, that's me assuming my instagram pictures make you happy)

 wedding attire

pinterest crafts, rainbow, license plate win, swings, destructive toddler
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