Thursday, March 11, 2010

i tweet now

so i bit the bullet & signed up on twitter. shame on me- because now i'm even less productive.

feel free to follow me & watch me tweet about things like the NEW ECLIPSE TRAILER! ZOMG!!!11 I'M 14 YEARS OLD!!!!11

and that's all. i leave you with a family photo circa 1989 or so:

my little bro, my dad (the pimp) & me. tee hee.

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a simple click is all i ask!!! gracias :)

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Saffy said...

Tweet tweet (welcome!)
I love Twitter - actually I think it sucks way less time than Facebook ;)

janineb said...

ok you have me *this* close to signing up for twitter. I have yet to succumb.
I also have to say I adore this pic of you and your dad whenever I see it. He totally looks like a (cool) pimp type :)

t.bird said...

janineb- doooo iiiiit!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

of course you tweet... you're a bird.

I gave in due to your relentless begging. LOL. You better help me like this because I've tried before and gave it up.


Mari said...


Too much, really. It's become a habit to check twitter every so often. It's like a drug!

I love that you're tweeting! It's no secret that I love stalking you, your gorgeous daughter and dogs and your awesome house. So, Twitter just helps make it easier. :)

Anywho! Welcome to the insanity.

I love how you're handling your blog. It's getting better and better. Keep up the great work!

And, of course, I must say I LOVE your pic!

t.bird said...

jess- i'll hold your hand- & tweet about your upcoming guest blogging!

and mari- thank you!!! ummm- i'm thinking a PR gtg- no? yes? haha!

Mari said...

A PR gtg is an absolute MUST! :)

Rebekah said...

I don't *get* twitter. Am I missing out?