Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kidee Carbon Monoxide Alarm Giveaway

i recently received an e-mail from Kidee containing VERY important information along with a chance for 50 people to receive a free Carbon Monoxide Alarm!

here's the info on how to enter:

"Carbon monoxide (CO) is colorless, odorless, and deadly, and is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in America. If that’s not frightening enough, the symptoms of carbon monoxide are similar to those of the flu (headache, nausea, fatigue, etc.), so many people may not realize they’re being poisoned. Currently, 24 states require CO alarms in homes, and legislation is pending in several others.

With next week (March 14th-20th) being Poison Prevention Week, Kidde wants to spread the word on the dangers of CO. To that end, we’re running a promotion on our Facebook page, where we will give away 50 FREE carbon monoxide alarms.

Here’s how it works:
1. Become a fan of Kidde’s at
2. Invite three of your friends to also become a fan on Kidde’s Facebook page.
3. Have those three friends send Kidde a direct message on Facebook, telling us who sent them (ie: YOU!)
4. We will send the person named in those three emails a FREE Kidde CO alarm. We’re not even charging for shipping! (Limit one CO alarm per “fan,” and remember—we only have 50 to give away)

Our hope is two-fold. One: we hope to help protect families with a free CO alarm. Two: we want to increase our “fan” base to keep fire and CO safety top-of-mind for new moms, so they can help keep their families safe.

For more information on the baby safety campaign we did, please visit There’s lots of great information on this site.

And here are some links you may also be interested in viewing:

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Lastly, here is an article they just released to the media about CO Poisoning: Carbon Monoxide & Kids

Good luck & stay safe!!
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