Tuesday, August 26, 2008

and i quote

my favorite quote from last night's episode of The Hills:

and i quote:
"...it's not like i can make you un-my sister" Spencer Pratt

oh Lord. he's such a tool- why do i even watch you ask? because i'm obsessed.
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

poor little cessna

poor cessna- max was running pell-mell down the hall and bowled her over! he basically wiped her ass out!! she started yelping but i thought she was ok- but then i noticed that she wasn't putting any weight on her paw- so i rushed her to the vet & thy took an x-ray and, yep! broken toe! it was a nice clean break but it still hurt her- poor thing! they drugged her up and put on a hot pink little cast- she's pretty much ok but she looks pretty pathtic trying to run around- haha!
now i'll have to take her in every 10 days for the next 4 weeks until it comes off- ugh! also this little event cost me a nice $203 dollars!!! i can tell max feels bad though- he keep kissing her and whining! haha.

i feel bad but she sure looks cute- ahhh well. just another day in the life of poor miss cessna. what a rough 16 weeks she's had!!!
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

i'm off

i'm off to Purple Door (google it) with miss amanda. i shall return sunday night.
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Saturday, August 9, 2008


3 women i know, had babies today. 3. good God.

1. this girl & her husband- it's their 1st and all- so i'm not too bummed. i'm happy for them.
2. some of my friends who i bitched about getting pregnant again because they hate each other & have no money and 3 kids already.
3. my other friends who i bitched about getting pregnant because they hate each other, have no money & already have 3 kids.

yeah- 2 out of those 3 women shouldn't be having any more kids- not because they're unfit mothers or anything- just because. i'm so pissed. and 1 wasn't due until 8/10 but of course she has her kid early- of course.

ugh. now i'm gonna have to go visit the 1 friend whom i'm the most annoyed about having one. if we don't go, she'll be "offended" whatever. i'm offended that she sucks.

i also went to a good friend's wedding- pictures will come later- when i'm less depressed.
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Sunday, August 3, 2008


yesterday we went to the wedding of one of my best childhood friends- my pastor's son & my best friend's little brother- Jesse R-B. he married the most adorable little thing, Sarah, and they looked sooo happy- i never thought the day would come when i would be sitting down to watch jesse get married- we had one of those love/hate relashionships growing up and i thought he was the most immature person in the world- but he grew up- it's so weird, but he did. and now he's a husband!! i also found out that he signed up to go into the Special Forces (army) and that he leaves on 8/14!!! him & sarah won't see each other until Christmas when he gets out of basic- what a crazy way to start your marrige! but they'll be fine- school starts for her in 2 weeks & he's leaving right before- so time will fly & they'll be back together before they know it!

the wedding was simple & nice- my best friend (and jesse's sister), Piper, is a professional harpist & she played:

hmmm, anyway- we had (or rather, i) had a fun time getting all dolled up:

the reception was at the cutest little place ever! it had a beautiful garden & we saw hummingbirds everywhere! inside was this awesome open beamed theme- like an old barn- and there was handmade pottery (that i LOVE & am WAY too cheap to buy) everywhere! they even got their own pottery w/their names & the date on it- i'm so jealous!!!! it was a really small wedding with only about 50 people so it was very intimate and we had an awesome time!!! there was no dancing or anything, so no crazy pics- but we're going to one of my other best childhood friend's wedding this coming friday (8/8/08) & that one is going to be insaaaane! i can't wait!!!
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