Friday, April 26, 2013

as of late

random snippets from life that i want to remember forever.

- lately brynn has been ending 95% of everything she says with "i rest my case!"
most of the time, this leaves me unsure as to an appropriate response because, after all, she's rested her case.
- she's taken to saying, "mom/dad/grandma, watch this!" & then she'll do something completely random. like scrunch up her face, blink her eyes 20 times or twirl around. then she'll look at you, with a huge grin, & await your response. & that response better be worthy of whatever she just did because if not, you're gonna watch her do that same thing about 50 more times until you. get. it.
- she calls alex "dear." like, "it's ok dear. i'll get that for you dear. do you want your juice dear? YOU'RE DUMB DEAR!" for the most part alex accepts this- but sometimes she's wary.
- she's been throwing these incredible tantrums. like, these bad boys are epic. they literally started overnight & at times i'm powerless to stop them. i usually balk. wait for my moment. grab her writhing body & toss her onto our bed & shut the door. then i breath really hard for a few minutes (cause you guys, i'm huge right now) & wait it out. once it's mostly quiet i'll sneak open the door, peek in & ask her if she's done. it's usually 50/50.
- she is still the sweetest little girl ever. hugs & kisses. so many snuggles & requests to be held. she's such a love bug & i simply adore her.

- she's been quoting lines from movies in a very dramatic fashion. some of my favorites?
* "but MOM! JUST LISTEN!" - Brave
* "but we're SISTERS! born of the same laugh!!!" - The Secret of the Wings
* "if i die, i'll die with HONOR!" - Mulan (this one was a bit worrisome at first)
* "this is my magic hammer, from my father." - Wreck it Ralph
* "i just don't see how a work that makes such wonderful things, could be bad!" - The Little Mermaid
the list goes on. & when she uses them in the correct context- it's brilliant.
- she likes to tell me "mom, it's ok!" whenever she does something "wrong". ie: trashes her room? "mom, it's ok. you can just clean it." wets her pants? "mom, it's ok. i'll just get new underwear." hits brynn? "mom, it's ok. she's SO ANNOYING!" etc etc.
- she's only ever hungry for juice or candy. me: "alex, are you hungry?" her: "ummm, yes!" me: "ok, what do you want?" her: "ummmm, juice & candy!" me: "too bad. you're getting a bagel." her : ::flips out::
- she's been holding actual conversation with us. it's incredible to sit & just listen to her talk. because she knows stuff, you know? & she can carry on a conversation about anything & everything. & she just loves to get our attention & just talk to us. it's so endearing.
- she's my mini-me. i see myself in her so much & it makes me giddy/terrified. i want to stop time & keep her as she is. but i'm also so looking forward to watching her grow. ::dramatic sigh::

& in case you've forgotten what we look like/want to know what we've been up to: (via instagram: lookatthebirds)

to sum it up: sisters, toddler fashion, i'm huge, baby boy clothes are fun & we've been getting our craft on.

happy friday. seriously- i'm tired, & ready for some mindless tv (Grimm- what what) so bring on the weekend.
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Friday, April 12, 2013

staying home & easter recap

so i guess i'll stop bitching about how cold & miserable it still is. & how it was 32 degrees this morning & i had to blast the warm air in my car to rid the windshield of frost. & how i can still see my breath mid-april. because you're probably sick of it....right? ok. moving on.

(did you see that? did you see how i managed to still bitch about how cold & miserable it still is in mid-april while telling you i was going to stop bitching? it's ok, you can say what you're thinking- genius.)

i just finished my 2nd week of being home part time. you guys? it's super/sorta fun. even though it rained all this week & we were cooped up indoors- no one got seriously hurt.
we've managed to read every single book we own about 5 times & i've drawn more llamas pooping (it's a daily request. i'm handed the Magna Doodle & the words "mamma, you draw a llama pooping? please?" are uttered) than i care to admit.
i've stood perfectly still, whilst holding a flashlight above my 3 year old's head per her request  & admired her "perform" & incredible amount of popstar songs.
trips to Target have been short & not left me $100 poorer (i KNOW, right?) but it's allowed us to get out of the house & shame me into putting on actual clothing.

fantastic. i mean, i've also said "omg are you freaking kidding me?!" out loud (to a 2 & 3 year old) more than anyone ever should, but that's par for the course, am i right? high five. i got this.

easter recap time. easter was great. we're pretty big fans of Jesus (& candy- let's be honest) around here so celebrating His life, death & resurrection is something that fills me with joy. He is risen. i mean...just think about it for a minute.

yeah. awesome, right? i think so.

we don't "do" the easter bunny & yadda yadda, but after church we did indulge in some candy + baskets full of little trinkets. i also tortured my children by one again dressing them alike & making them pose for pictures. i also (with a lot of zipper help from the husband) squeezed into a dress & shoes that made me look presentable. i even combed my hair. like i said, easter was great:

looking back @ the past 3 easters- omg. my babies are HUGE!
i'm pretty stoked for next year's pictures- complete with little brother (AH!). & a dress that i can breathe in (seriously you guys, i was shocked i didn't bust a seam. as soon as i could i stripped it off & replaced it with my bathrobe. seriously glorious.)

happy friday.

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