Wednesday, January 15, 2014

taps mic.

oh you guys. i've tried so hard.

i keep planning to sit down & catch up. to write out life. to upload pictures. to be hilarious.

but. LIFE! you know?

cohen is 6 months old now. 6 MONTHS OLD NOW! 
brynn is 3 now. 3 YEARS OLD NOW!
alex is 4 now. 4 YEARS OLD NOW! {repeating myself means this shit is real}

but in between Pre-K runs, play dates, birthdays, pedi visits, church, life, grocery shopping, making lunches, passing out snacks, making 2nd & 3rd lunches {seriously people?}, reasoning with toddlers, changing diapers, potty training, cursing winter, loving winter, cursing winter again, wiping noses, watching what i eat {BWAHAHAHAHA!}, & ALL THAT JAZZZZZ....this poor little blog gets pushed to the back of my to do list.

in fact, i think it may have simply fallen off the list. & i'm torn on how i feel about that.
i blogged for all of alex's current life & all of brynn's & then when cohen came along i tried....but just re-read the above stuff & yeah. you see?

i do love blogging. but i also love living & not trying to remember every detail. not trying to upload pictures in a reasonable amount of time. not feeling like, "oh crap, i should blog that...." but then feeling like i'm suuuuper behind because i haven't.

i've "met" SO many awesome people through this blog. internet friends & real life friends.
& reading back through old post, oh it's glorious! to read a post & be like, "OMG I REMEMBER THAT! LOL!" 

so, what to do? what to do?

this is obviously a 1st world problem here. i get that. no one's life is going to be affected if i stop blogging. & no one's life will be affected if i don't. i'm not THAT much of a big deal, so don't worry- i'm not delusional & biting my nails or losing sleep over this. der.

but i'm not sure i'm ready to say peace out either. because 7 years {that's what we're going on here- whoa} is a long time. & i like typing things out & putting pictures up. when i have time, i really do.

so for now the old girl stays. & i'll once again do my best to pay her a little bit more attention.
but you can always find me on Instagram: @lookatthebirds - that is if you like being bombarded with pictures of my kids + food + my kids some more + more food + get the idea.

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