Sunday, October 26, 2008

my weekend

this is what i did this weekend:

bought new Dansko's- i love my red ones, but black ones were needed. i also found a pair of Uggs that i LOVE! usually i think they're kind of ugly- but these ones don't look like regular Uggs- they're just...awesome. i didn't feel like shelling out $180 bucks though (since i had already spent $100 on the Dansko's) so i'll go back when it gets a little colder- i also found an awesome paid of Uggs slipper that i want- but $80 is a bit much for slippers, so we'll see.
finished megan's scarf- this was my 3rd one & it came out awesome if i might say. i also started another one for my friend manda. i'm trying out some new stiches & we'll see how it turns out. yeee!

caught gary looking at LOL Cats- tsk tsk tsk. look at i!!!

and my biggest accomplishment: i made my first 2 cakes that someone is actually going to PAY ME FOR!!! its my first sale!!! i'm so stoked:

Spiced Pumpkin Cake with Marscarpone Frosting

Apple Spice Cake with Marscarpone Frosting

i'm really excited about the cakes- they came out awesome! the husband will take them to work tomorrow & deliver them to his boss (he's the one buying them) and i can't wait!

i also read an awesome book: Sarah's Key. it's a Bookmarked (club pick) at Target, and with good reason. if you're looking for a good read, i would suggest you pick it up.
and that's about it. i'm sure i could find something else to ramble on about but i'm lazy...
oh yeah, i cleaned out my bedside drawer today & found about 30 condoms- wtf?! we've never even used condoms, so why the hell do i have so many? and most of them were expired- like in 06/07. ha! except the strawberry flavored ones...and the studded ones. good grief. wtf am i going to do with strawberry flavored condoms?! anyway- i threw most of them away but gary decided to drag them out of the trash & play with them. what a freak.
ok- ciao!
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Friday, October 17, 2008

wtf?! appt

*UPDATE* my beta today = 4.75 so that's super! it's "officially" negative but they want to see it @ 0 which i'm sure it'll be when they test me next friday. woo hoo!

so we had our follow up appt with the RE today. we still don't really know "what" happened last month, but it looks like the pregnancy ended up in the right tube (the one with a small opening) after the embryo floated around for awhile. all in all- that's over & done with.

moving on: after my next period (grrr) we are going to do a Hysteroscopy & an Endometrial Biopsy. this will allow them to look into my uterus to see if there is anything going on- also the biopsy testing (which takes about 2 weeks) will let us know if there are any issues with my endometrial tissues, or any infections going on. once we have those results back (depending on what they are) we will move forward with a fresh IVF#2 cycle at the end of Dec into Jan. the 2 remaining frozen embryos will stay put for now.

problems? with the recent merger at my company, there is a high chance that my insurance will be changing on Jan 1st & if it does, there will be no more IVF coverage. if that's the case then we're kind of in a bind. we really don't want to shell out thousands of dollars- but what choice do we have? i'm praying with everything in me that my company chooses to stay with our current insurance- PLEASE GOD! if they do, then i have no worries. if they don't, well then there's more stress to add to everything. blah. why can't this be easy?

anyway- so i'll know by the begining of November if there are going to be any changes- and if there are then my RE said we'll try & speed things along so that all my transferring & such happens BEFORE my new insurance takes over. i'm not allowed to get KU until Jan 3rd because of the Metho shot soooo- yeah. argh.

anyway- my RE really didn't want to put me through a LAP right now because he said that the 2 other tests should give us plenty of info. obviously if there are huge issues found with those tests then we will look at a LAP- but for now he doesn't feel that it's needed. so i'm going to trust him on that one.

so that's that. keep your fingers crossed that my insurance stays the same!!! please! because that would take a load off my mind! alrighty- i guess i should go work & such. thank God it's friday- seriously.
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Monday, October 13, 2008

lazy sunday pics of our "kids"

lol- they all love the sun, but cessna was really getting into it yesterday. gary looks like he's trying to pretend she's not there...stealing his sun.

ok- adorable, right? i came upon this little balancing act...

um-! sorry about the dog porn in this picture- God, she's so gross. the look on max's face as she grabbed his little peen is priceless.

brother was horrified- father was amused!

then cessna got tired from all her peen chomping- so she decided to sleep...

...on daddy's eye that is. lol- she's such a crackhead. luckliy she's cute, because after she ripped up my slippers on friday thought i'd hate her forever. but alas.

and that's all- that was our sunday- good times with the "children" :)

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

ok then

alright- so as of friday Oct 10th my BETA= 40!!! which is awesome because it's dropping crazy fast. also i've been charting this whole time & my temps have been dropping and i've been cramping & spotting & BAM! HUGE temp drop today and i just went to the bathroom and it looks like my period has come. now i think you're supposed to wait until your betas are completely at 0 before considering any kind of flow a "period" but i think it actually is.

ok- so looking at that i'd say that my body is doing what it's supposed to- yeah? i'm hoping. i'll see what's going on tomorrow and go from there- it looks like i'll hve to manually start a new cycle anyways.
i go back in on the 17th (this friday) for more (hopefully last) bloodwork & my wtf?! appt. i'm a little annoyed because we have to go all the way to Lexington for it, but there was no way i was waiting until the end of Nov for a Bedford appt. frig that. so we're gonna go in- tell him that i want a LAP, Assisted Hatching, an Endometrium Test & etc etc & see wht he says. if he agrees, then good, let's do this. if not, then peace out. we'll go elsewhere.

hmmm- and that's that for now. i'm bummed that it's already Sunday afternoon & it's back to the daily grind tomorrow but what can you do? at least Family Guy is on tonight- if it's as funny as last week's i'll probably die. serously- i almost peed myself last week.

ok- as promised about 15 years ago: here's a couple pictures from this past summer. i never got around to really posting them so i'll put a few in here:

the husband & at one of my best friend's wedding: 08/08/08. um- i don't think he was really that miserable...

captain cheri (adkins) & i on our GoG, GtG weekend.

me & the TTC6+ girl on the swing...weeee

and lastly, my newest niece, Jael. the one i have yet to meet. she was born on June 28th and- yeah. crazy long story that i've typed up before. hopefully i'll meet her soon- but yeah. this is the one they thought was a boy, which explains why she's dressed like one :)

so yeah- i'll post more later. cause everyone likes pictures :)

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

thank you!

i just wanted to take a minute & thank everyone for their prayers, well wishes, thoughts, fingers crossed, breaths held- everything! it seems weird to take comfort in all of the above, from ladies on the internet, but it means everything to me.
it's hard to respond back to every comment so i wanted to do it in this post. thank you to everyone- you are all WONDERFUL!!!

hmm- well, while this whole thing has really sucked i'm trying to keep a positive outlook on things. we can obviously get pregnant, so that's good! too bad it wasn't in the right spot- i joked with brandon that this baby obviously had my sense of direction. der. :)

umm- my shot(s)of methotrexate (yes, TWO) in the ass weren't bad at all- i hardly felt them- so that was a plus. i had a little breakdown about everything while driving back to work- but then i decided that, that would be the last time. if you dwell & dwell you'll never get over it. so that's it! it is what it is & we're moving on.

we can't get pregnant for at least two months so during that time i'm going to pray that my levels go down QUICKLY & we're going to try & get in my LAP. then in December we'll probably do another fresh cycle with assisted hatching. hopefully. as long as my body & RE's office cooperates, that's how it'll be!

so what do i have to be looking forward to you ask? TWILIGHT! NOVEMBER 21st!!! OMG!!!!
aaand Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. oh yeah- and cessna finally got her cast off and her foot looks all kinds of wonky- like seriously. i'd post pics but it sorta freaks me out. hopefully she gets some muscle tone back in that thing pretty quicly cause...yeeesh!

and that's that!!! thank you all again! hopefully the next time a pregnancy is mentioned in this blog, it'll be a healthy, viable one! thanks again!
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Thursday, October 2, 2008


so my bloodwork & us today:
Beta= 559
US= ectopic

sooo- tomorrow morning i go in for bloodwork @ 7am & then i go in for a methotrexate shot (in my butt- eeek) to "dissolve" the "pregnancy"- then i go in 2x a week till my levels go down to 0. ugh- more waiting, i hate waiting.
at least we caught this early- after my levels are down to 0 then we'll go in & discuss having a LAP and whatever other testing the RE wants to do- blah blah blah.

ANYWAY- at least i have an answer & this will hopefully be over before too long.
so yeah- thanks for all the well wishes & prayers- all you ladies are the best!
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