Monday, March 1, 2010

Day #5 without power


still now power. still at the in-laws.

it could be worse- so i'm thankful that his rents have power- but it still sucks.
i dragged all of our laundry over & spent yesterday folding clothes & stuffing diapers.

i trashed all the food in our fridge & freezer ::cry::

thankfully the chest freezer is doing it's job & the milk is still frozen solid (woot)

BUT- according to PSNHNEWS.COM we might not have power until 03/03 (that's WEDNESDAY PEOPLE!)

i feel bad for our cats- but they've got plenty of food, water & places to curl up. i even let them get under the down comforter on our bed (which i NEVER do) so i know they're fine. plus we've gone over every day & started the wood stove for a little while. they do look hilarious though- all fluffy and pissed off.

argh. i'm going to drive over & check after work to see if we have power. ::fingers crossed::

luckily- my mother purchased a generator this weekend & got it hooked up- so alex still went over there today & she'll be nice & warm.

aaaand there you go. the Yo-Baby review/giveaway was supposed to be today but that's on hold for now (my apologies) but hopefully by the end of this week...

now, for GOOD news:

- my brother in law & his girlfriend are welcoming a new addition in Sep. we already knew, but they officially announced it to the rents this weekend.
they got the same reaction that we did when we announced about alex- very low key & happy- but nothing to write home about (we warned them in advance)
the babe is due on Sep 21st so her/him & alex will be a year apart. FUN!

- we went to the mall & i scored BIG time at the baby Gap. their shirts are buy 1 get 1 free so i got an adorable weiner dog onsie:

are you kidding me? how could i NOT buy this? i also got the popshop pear onsie (super cute) and the best find? the softest, most adorable little sailor jeans for $3.99!

i almost passed out- i've been eyeing these jeans since they came out but there was NO WAY i was shelling out $30 for a pair of baby jeans. well they were marked @ $17.99 so i said, what the heck? well after i checked out i realized that i had only paid $18 for everything. what a minute! there must be some kind of mistake!

so i looked at my reciept and the jeans = $3.99!! what? for real? hmm, do i dare push my luck & go buy another pair (in another size)- so i did & once again- $3.99!!! i practically skipped out of the store. go me.

i dressed her in the popshop t & little jeans today & if she isn't the cutest child in the world- OY!

- the husband spent $400 on a new handgun (w/o consulting me- tsk tsk) so in return i can now purchase whatever i want for $400- many options. i was thinking a new Coach bag but come on, do i really need another one? no, no i do not. so i honestly have no idea.

maybe the new Bumbleride stroller (Flite):

::drool:: i mean, we should technically get a lightweight stroller too. right? doesn't everyone do that eventually? ahhh- i love it. but we'll see, again- we don't really need it.

aaaaand- that's it. for now. hopefully i'll have a super update later that says- WE HAVE POWER! but who knows?

and with that said- who wants to vote for me?! i'm getting up there!!!

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thank you!!!

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CLML said...

I can't believe you still don't have power. Good thing your freezer chest its built like a mack truck! And OMG, I went to Baby Gap yesterday and one of 2 things happened: 1. I saw the wiener shirt and totally thought of you 2. I bought the $3.99 sailor jeans too. ZOMG they are so cute! I may have also bought a pair of dark jeans AND the overalls with the skirt. :) Baby Gap is addicting to say the least...

BabySpice said...

No power is no fun. Glad you have somewhere to go and stay warm.

Now following from MBC.

Would love a follow back.

Blair said...

I want the Flite SO BAD.

and I hope you get power soon, dear. That is atrocious.

Care said...

Oh my gosh, I hope you get power soon!! Congrats on becoming an Auntie (soon). That onesie is adorable.

Busy Working Mama said...

Coming over from Mom Bloggers Club. Following you now. Adorable baby!

Ellemes said...

That is ridiculous that you don't have power!

And that is the cutest onesie!

Danse said...

The no power thing SUCKS!

I may have to find that onesie- AWESOMENESS.

And you've been awarded, but you already know that ;o)

Saffy said...

Yeah, I'm with the "OMG I can't believe you still don't have power" crowd ;) !!

That onesie is the cutest. What bargains :)

As for a lightweight stroller - yeah, I'm a convert. We adore our Maclaren Quest. Perfect for throwing in the car and parking inside at cafes.

Charris said...

Last spring we were with out power for a week. We lost all or food in the refrigerator. I had just went grocery shopping and bought $300 worth of food. When we loose power we also loose water, because we have an electric water pump. Which also means we can't flush the stool. Can you imagine that? We stay and hour and 15 minutes away from the closest family member so it sucked for us.