Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CafePress Giveaway Winner!!!

and the lucky winner issss:comment #1: Mrs White! i can only fathom how cute little chase will look with a custom CafePress tee ::squee:: and who will match him? you or the hubs??? your choice!

e-mail me your contact info within 24 hours so CafePress can get your shirts out to you!!!

to everyone else- thank you SO much for "playing" and voting, following, reading- etc etc. i love being able to give things away to my faithful readers- it's my big THANK YOU for coming back time & time again!

and with that being said- FEAR NOT- i have another sweet review/giveaway coming up on Thursday (03/18) from Crowsmack!!!

and last but not least- tomorrow is another guest blogger session feauturing the very attractive Mrs. Forest[e] she'll be dishing on everyone's favorite subject: sex. (and if you've seen pics of her & her hubs- well...you catch my drift)

so make sure to check back tomorrow!
and as always- so i can continue to bring you awesome giveaways: clicky clicky!

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thank you!
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Mrs White said...


Ellemes said...

A 1! Amazing...I know it's random, but I've never seen it pick one.

Congrats Mrs. White :)