Tuesday, September 27, 2011

today's PSA brought to you by...

Nerdy Shirts.com

in case you didn't know:

Nerdy shirts

things i like about this picture:

1. the stating of the obvious
2. the fact that i just inhaled 6 cookies isn't completely obvious...or is it?
3. that 3 people at work have already stopped- pointed at my boobs shirt & said, "oh i love that!"
4. that the awesome folks over @ Nerdy Shirts sent this to me ages ago & have been kind enough not to hate me for taking my sweet ass time to blog about how much i do (or even do not) love it- gracias NS!

sooo yes- if you're looking for a nerdy shirt for that nerdy person in your life (in my case- myself) then take a gander at what Nerdy Shirts has to offer.

i'm not usually a graphics t wearing kind of girl- but i love the retro look & my kids love the rainbow- so it's a win win.

disclaimer: Nerdy shirts didn't pay me or anything. they simply said, "hey do you want a shirt?" & i was all like, "hellz yeah!" & they were all like, "ok cool. when you get it- wear it & tell us what you think. bam."
and so i have. that's it. nothing fishy going on here.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9 months old

this may or may not be almost 2 weeks overdue...maybe.


9 months old.


and walking. straight up across the living room into the kitchen walking.


but still crawling when it suits her. like, to chase the chickens & such.
she's sort of on her way to being a toddler- that is crazy talk. i've said it before- i don't judge Michelle Duggar for popping out 20+ kiddos. they grow so fast.

i. need. baby.

and then i have another child- one that will be 2 in 3 days.
that's right- 2.

2. years. old.

blows my mind.


...or maybe it doesn't. because i think the above is a pretty good example of what 2 year olds do. licking trees & things of that nature.


top: thrifted
jeggings: Target
shoes: Toms

said almost 2 year old's party this saturday is going to be a blast...in the rain. because that's what up. rain rain rain. for an outdoor party.

thank you amazon for allowing me to purchase a party tent & ship it to my house in 1 day.
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Friday, September 16, 2011

pictures + pictures + more pictures

it's time for picture overload- i apologize in advance.

Cakes + Cupcakes + Wedding Decor (i made the cakes/cupcakes for my friend's wedding)

the dessert table


red velvet with cream cheese frosting


coconut cupcakes with coconut buttercream & toasted coconut


tiramisu cupcakes dusted with cocoa powder


the surprise mini cake: vanilla & red velvet layers with vanilla bean buttercream frosting & marshmallow fondant flowers


decorations- here are some adorable things that i loved

tissue paper pom poms & paper lanterns


an amazing fabric wall (they got married in front of this)


a typewriter for leaving sweet notes for the bride & groom


THE most gorgeous flowers & a painted Mason Jar (i made her this as well)


and they ended the night by sending off these amazing paper lanters- it was so awesome & beyond fun


and the lodge @ night


she put up bunting, streamers, candles- the works. it was gorgeous! hands down one of my favorite weddings!

moving on- i think i've been slacking in regards to pictures of the girls. brynn turned 9 months old last week & i still have to get that picture up here.

but- i managed to snag a few shots of the girls in their new Toke shoes! the owner of Toke USA came across my blog, spotted alex wearing a pair of their shoes & sent me the sweetest email along with 2 pairs of shoes for the girls!

the ::squee:: i made was epic


dresses: Tea Collection
shoes: c/o Toke

it's comical to me that i can take pictures of other people's children- but getting my own in a picture together is nearly impossible. and getting them to look at me? no. never.

and let's cap this off with a couple Instagram pics

Homemade oatmeal cream pies

homemade oatmeal cream pies (omg is right)

Missoni for Target! FYI: it's almost all sold out- crazy!

missoni for target (my limited selections)

i also updated my photography blog with my 2 latest sessions. now if i could only manage to book some more...

when the sessions were free my email inbox was full- but once i added prices...nada.
i do get it- free is always better, but it is a bit disheartening.

we'll see i suppose.

have a great weekend!
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target- bitches be crazy!!!

did anyone else stop into their local Target to take a peak at the Missoni for Target collection?
did anyone else see bare racks & shelves at 9 o'clock in the am?
did anyone else see crazy women running around dumping entire racks of Missoni duds into their carts while yelling into their cell phones- "OMG GIRL! THIS STUFF IS AWESOME! WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!?!"

did anyone else pick up the last Missoni Tote bag off of the rack & then look around & realize that 10 other women are staring you down with what can only be described as pure envy & loathing in their eyes.

did you then clasp that tote to your chest & stutter an apology?

because i did.

i'm also 99% sure that every single one of those fashionable women were taking in my boat shoes, rolled up jeans & black t-shirt & wondering what the hell i was thinking even touching quasi designer duds. does she really think she can pull that off? puh-lease!


i, just like most other, love designers for Target. you get some trendy stuff at an affordable price & you walk around feeling pretty good about yourself. i heard about the Missoni for Target line & i had my eye on a couple things so i marked my calendar with a little reminder to stop in this morning.

i walked in & noticed zig zag & chevron galore. sweaters half off hangers, scarves strewn about, blankets & bedding in crumpled up piles, shoes everywhere. what the hell had happened in here?!

i gingerly made my way through the destruction & manged to grab the flats that i'd stopped in for. literally- those were the only things i wanted.

and for alex:

Missoni For Target Kids

the little girls section was quiet so i snuck down there & snagged 2 pieces for the girls. that's it- 2 pieces.

i eyed a pretty serving platter but quickly put it back- $20 says i'll never use it.

i did try on an interesting sweatshirt...but quickly took it off because the velor & zig zags were making my head hurt.

i fingered an ok sweater that i momentarily considered snagging- then i dropped it when i saw the $49 price tag. um- no.

i wound up with 2 pairs of flats (one for me, one for alex), 2 articles of clothing (for the girls) & the ever loving tote bag.

i took my meager haul up to the register & had to pick my jaw up off the floor as i watched the lady in front of me swipe her card for over $500 for a bunch of, frankly, ostentatious attire.

the girl checking her out didn't seem phased. i'm assuming this kind of spending was the norm. she gave me a tired smile & then arched her eyebrow at my less than impressive collection of things.

i am pleased to announce that everything fit into one bag. even the tote.

i walked out & sprinted to the safety of my vehicle. whew.

so- Missoni for Target. my opinion? eh. most of it is busted- lots of multi colored chevron & weird material. i'm honestly not sure how anyone can pull it off.

the children' stuff IS cute- because little girls look adorable in just about anything & the chevron flats will add a really cute pop to a simple outfit.

as for that tote bag- the tote bag that i may or may not have risked my life for- i think i'll probably return it. i only grabbed it on a whim & then held onto it in order to avoid causing a riot. i'm a good person like that- a peace keeper if you will.

you're welcome Target.
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Friday, September 9, 2011

and we're off

i promised to be back yesterday- that was obviously not a good thing to promise since it didn't happen.

bad bad bad.

however- i'm back today & i'd like to point your attention in the direction of my new website:

Trina Bird Photography

i wrapped it up pretty late last night so a few tweaks & a bit more streamlining is needed- but considering the amount of shoots i have coming up, i needed to get it Live.

so i promise an "About Me" section soon & i promise the slideshow will look prettier. but for now- it's not half bad (in my humble opinion)

it technically = my photography website & my photography blog all in one. for the business side of things. read: something that'll make me some extra cash

this blog is still my baby & will still be updated & filled with pictures of my spawn on a regular basis. i just needed some separation & professional...ness.

you're welcome to follow the photo blog & comment & etc. i LOVE hearing from you gals (guys?) and everyone likes a little encouragement- right?

so there it is. all my hard work. my eyes are watery & my butt is sore from sitting in front of my computer- but hopefully it'll be worth it!

p.s. the no heat curl thing got a few "ZOMG HOW!?" requests: No Heat Curls. seriously easy & awesome.
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

i'm back

i feel like a very bad blogger. i think we're going on 2 weeks since a post with any substance. for shame.

but in my defense- i've been away. and quite busy. so yeah- it's ok- yes?

but let's catch up.
- a week off from work
- 24 hours without power thanks to Irene
- birdesmaid in my friend's wedding
- bake 150+ cupcakesfor said friend's wedding
- bake a cake for said friend's wedding
- did i mention said friend's wedding was in NY? and we drove there? sans the children?
- clean, pack, iron, wash hair, wash clothes, pack some more, prep babies, prep in-laws, prep friends who will be watching my spawn...etc etc
- drive. sleep. pee. get gas. drive. drink. pee some more. get more gas....you get the idea

however we survived. as did the girls & my best friends who watched the girls for the 1st day (said friends have decided they never want children. ever. never ever.)

i slammed out 150+ cupcakes & a surprise cake for the bride & groom. i managed to put my dress on & not spill anything on it. i managed to sweat all over my body (people, it was HOT) but still keep my minimal makeup in tact. i managed to get kick ass no heat curls (thank you Pinterest):

No heat curls!!! Success! Happy bridesmaid am I!

i sort of want to do this daily. or at least weekly. except for the fact that the hairband almost cut off all the circulation to my face- but that could be the fault of my massive head.

hmm- so the bride looked beautiful (despite an hour wait because the power went out & my husband had to run & get a generator from the Home Depot) the groom was teary eyed, the bridesmaids looked amazing & the weather was perfection.

we ate, toasted, danced, typed out messages of love on a typewriter, set off lanterns into the night sky & packed it all up within 2 hours. awesome.

the husband & i were gone from wed night - sun day. we drove 6-7 hours both ways & made it through on minimal sleep. we rock. high fives.

and can i say i missed the girls like whoa? like...it almost hurt. and they were beyond thrilled when we got home. brynn started screeching this weird happy noise & WALKED over to us.
yeah- did you get that?

my 8 month old child WALKS! wtf?! it's mind boggling. i'll leave it at that.

we had monday to regroup (thank you Labor Day) & back to the daily grind on tuesday. now it's wed & i'm at work. and it's raining. and i'm starving. and someone cooked something in the kitchen that smells like dead butt. seriously. it's awful. what in the world could it even be??

moving on. i have a few thing going on/coming up.

- review/shout out to Nerdy Shirts for hooking me up with a pretty sweet t
- review/ shout out to Toke shoes for hooking the girls up with THE cutest shoes ever
- tons of pictures (actually, not tons- just many)
- launching my photography site (right? i'm nervous too)
- photoshoots galore
- alex's b-day in 3 weeks
- more stuff & things

so be on the lookout for a flurry of internet in yo face. bam.

and since you're probably trying to make sense of everything i just said, i'll end this. and leave you with a few pics via Instagram:

Tree down!

Irene left us a present in our backyard

Almost there...pee stop

to & from

Homemade brownies on my lap- dangerous

i also made way too many brownies this past weekend

Only 50 (give or take) more to go...

3/4ths of the way done...in 85+ degree weather. booom.

oh wait- and i think i promise you a few adorble pictures of the girls at the beach 2 weeks ago- no?


happy beachin'

as always- the entire set is on my Flickr page

i'll be back tomorrow- i promise!
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