Friday, February 27, 2009

weird dream

ok so i've dreamt about "having" a baby before & they're usually pretty vague. also about 95% of them have been me having a baby girl. well last night's dream was way more "real" and a little weird.

i dreamt that i had a baby boy, a HUGE baby boy and i couldn't remember how i had him. i still don't know if it was vaginally or c-section. i asked the husband & he didn't know either...ok. i thought it might have been a c-section because i had a little mark on my lower "area" but i wasn't sure.

so yeah- i had this baby & yet i was back to pre-preg weight & had no stretch marks or anything- i was hot. but the baby was massive- like 15 lbs. so yeah. he was hungry so i decided to feed him, but we had no formula so i was like, "oh yeah, i have boobs and they have milk" so i breast fed him, and i could tell he was getting some because he was frothing at the mouth- like when you feed a baby goat. wtf!? yeah.

so anyway he drank all my milk & then he was just lying there and stuff. then i realized that we still lived in our 1 bdrm condo & started getting really mad at the husband who was sleeping. whatever.

and that was it. it was so random, but SO real. like i could feel him & his chubby legs. it was neat.
so maybe i'm having a huge baby boy who froths at the mouth. who knows?
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my REAL bird rug!!!

HOLY CRAP! remember this rug: I GOT IT!!!!

well thanks to a LOVELY TTC6+ lady (i LOVE YOU Mariluh) i HAVE IT!
she found it on ebay and i SNATCHED it RIGHT UP! i am beyond excited- how did i get so lucky to get BOTH RUGS?! ::squee::
i can't wait till it gets here- the husband is going to question what we're gonna do with both rugs- but i don't care! it's MINE!
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Monday, February 23, 2009

my bird rug!!!! and other things...

i'm sooo excited!!! it's the perfect size for a nursery & I LOVE IT!

there was the smallest little spot on one of the birds- but i got it out with some Kids & Pet- woot.
soooo- along with my rug, here are the few things that i've aquired on this long pregnancy road:

the most adorable bibs!
the most adorable little Piddies!!!
aaand the most adorable little Doxie slipper ::squee:: !!! (i actually have a matching makeup bag- weird!!!)
i always said i wouldn't buy anything before i got KU- but the above 3 items were MUST HAVES! plus, i was expecting IVF#1,2 & 3 to work- so yeah :)
anywho- that's it. i really can't get over this rug!! i really wanted the other one too , and i'll keep my eyes open, but i love this one too! i might sleep on it tonight....maybe. eeeeek!
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the weekend in review

what do you do when you buy a dozen eggs when you already have a dozen eggs at home?
you make deviled eggs- lots of them.

i was all about them last night- but now, not so much. i sent some to work with the husband & brought some to work with me- now every time i go to the fridge i'm pissed because they're in there stinking up the place. (lolz at the co-worker that just stopped by to tell me how awesome they are- der)

in other news- the husband & i engaged in a massive fight on Sat. it was quite impressive actually- there was yelling, cursing, stomping, slamming, throwing, crying & outrageous accusations from both sides. i was actually shocked that we didn't win an Oscar on Sun. anywho- we sorted it out & came to an agreement that we wouldn't do that again & ended it. thankfully we did because during the fight the husband threatened to no longer clean off my car- EEK! however the sleet & snow did fall last night & he did clean my car off this morning. much joy!

let's see- we finally got our taxes done yesterday & we're getting a lovely $3,600 return. thumbs up. i also frosted/decorated the monthly b-day cake for the husband's office. chocolate on chocolate- gag. too much.

hmmm- the only other interesting thing that i have is that we got Chinese food last night. i almost had heart failure because it was so good. and there's more left for tonight- double score.
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

recent purchases

i couldn't help myself when i saw these tops/outfit online today:

soooo i purchased all of them! i'm a little ashamed of how much i spent, but i'm going to justify it with the fact that i fully intend on being pregnant again some day, so i can wear them again :)
if anyone's interested, i got everything here and there's also a bunch of other cute stuff on that site!
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

9 weeks 0 days & my birthday!

i had my 9 week ultrasound today & it was aaaawesome! the baby was jerking & wiggling around & it was seriously the cutest thing!!! it's also my 25th b-day today so this was a the best gift EVER!!!
i got a few pics:

even a 3D one!! neato! she also showed me the umb. cord in color (red/blue) so that was cool, and the heartbeat was beating away at 176 bpm!!! so everything checked out!

i also took some 9 week "belly" pics:

please excuse the creepy look on my face (and how terrible i look) ugh!!! i think i look about the same as i did at 7 weeks- i get a little more bloated at night- but otherwise i can still hide it pretty well.

hmmm- so that's about it. i go back on Feb 26th for my 1st pre-natal appt & my next u/s will be around 13 weeks or so (NT Scan)- so WOOT!

for now i'm off to find food until the husband get home- we're supposed to go out to eat but if i don't eat NOW i'm going to feel like crap. and i'll be bitchy- gosh.
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Monday, February 9, 2009


i found the 2 most perfect rugs for my "green, bird themed nursery":

perfect, no? unfortunately both rugs are no longer in stock/being sold ::cries::
why?! they're sooo perfect & i want at least one! but no! i've been denied. stupid.
now i'll have to continue my search- i mean, i found some other bird rugs, but all the bird are creepy & old looking. gross.

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my 2 best friends slept over this weekend because the husband was away.
we went to Panera & as i was enjoying my soup they both commented on the fact that my boobs look bigger. i agreed with them because this is very true. they are ridiculous. i said i didn't know why & left it at that.

later that night they started asking my about my last cycle (they knew about it but i didn't really think they "knew") so i started some bs talk about blah blah blah. but they didn't understand how i wouldn't "know" if i was knocked up or not yet. i played it off that it take a couple months ::eyeroll:: and they actually bought it. hooray!

so i put my pj's on & when i came back in, one of them looked at my awesome bloat & asked "seriously, are you pregnant?!" i couldn't lie anymore because i'd rather tell then have them think i'm getting fat (God, i'm so bad) so i told them. they were stoked & then put everything together- me being sick last week & leaving early on a girls night out"- me offering to be DD- wtf is up with that?!- my boobs- my exhaustion- etc etc.

actually- i was really annoyed that they wouldn't drop it & i kind of felt forced to tell them- i didn't want to. i told them that & i think they caught on that i was pissy. blah. i also ended up screaming at them later because cessna started peeing on the couch (she piddles when she gets excited) and neither of them would move so i could clean it up. so my "sensitive" friend got hurt & wouldn't speak to me for like an hour- but then it was fine. i apologized but damn- argh.

anyway- that's that. the husband gets home this afternoon so i'll see him when i get out of work. he also told his best friend this weekend & told off one of his other friends because he's annoying & blah blah. gosh- we're both so ANNOYED with people. i feel bad.

i have to go work. i brough a bunch of food in today so people are stopping by my desk like every 30 seconds to be my "friend" for the day. awesome.
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

4 day "vacation"

the husband is going to be in florida from the 6th-9th.
this means smut tv for 3 days & 4 nights!!! woot!

downside? i will have to take out the dogs more than i care too- ugh. perhaps i will take them to PetSmart & buy them some darling sweaters that the husband would frown upon...heh. nice.
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