Monday, June 30, 2008

ohhh weekends!

i love weekends- like, ALOT

i love cooking in my tiny kitchen

i love dressing up poor maceo & stalking gary in the grass

i love playing tug of war with max & i love his new friend bruno

i love lying on the couch & brandon catching my "deer in the headlights" look
i just love it all! now if we could just have some kids...OH! AND I LOVE THAT ME & ADKINS & OUR WONDERFUL HUSBANDS ARE GOING CAMPING TOGETHER!!! WOO HOOO!
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

my SIL is a BITCH

sooo, no one gets to meet this new baby becaus my sister satan in law isn't "feeling it"- um, what?! what the hell does that EVEN MEAN!? she's such a BITCH! my brother is tool as well, but he was actually looking forward to people coming to see the baby- but since satan in law controls his every move, now they're "not feeling it" they're only doing this because they're both mentally unstable & they're trying to prove some kind of point- no idea what, but ok. i mean, who doesn't want people to come see their new baby & bring presents?! WHO?! CRAZY PEOPLE, that's who!!!!

whatever- if you guys don't want to act like normal human beings & let your FAMILY meet their new grandchild/neice then so be it. you're just making your own lives more miserable- blargh!!!!
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Saturday, June 28, 2008

babies being born


sooo they had their baby- aaaand it's a GIRL! whoa!!! they thought it was a boy- mwahahahaha! her name is Jael & we are "allowed" to go see her tomorrow ::eye roll::

i also just got back from 1 1/2 hours of little kid ballet/tap recital cuteness. it's also a nice reminder of my barreness- nice!
my sister in law is currently in labor- she was 6 cm dialated this morning & she should be popping this kid out within the next couple hours. great huh?

well here's the kicker, since my brother & sister in law are both CRAZY, PARANOID, IMMATURE, LAME ASS losers, no one is allowed to go to the hospital to actually be with them or even meet this child. hmmm- awesome. i've gone into great detail about these two in this blog before, so if you look back you'll see what i mean about them being insane. they really are.

so yeah, now we all wait. my parents, my brothers & sisters, my neices & nephews, my other sister in law, brandon & i- we all wait. i'm shocked that my lunatic brother even called to let "us" know (he called my brother & SIL in Minn. & told them) so i'll be even more suprised if he actually calls to let us know when the baby is born- and i'll be even more in shock if his crazy ass wife let's us come and see the baby.

perhaps i will have to be satisfied with simply knowing that i have a nephew- i might not ever get to see him, but at least i know i've got one! sweeeet!

oh well- we'll see.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

FET day 5

i had my FET day#5 bloodwork this morning. my E2 is @ 100, which i good. i up my Estrace to 4 mg tomorrow (up from 2) and go back in for more bloodwork on saturday. super!

in other news, gary & max like to help with the laundrey. and macey just likes being fat.

they're all so freaking cute!!!
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Monday, June 23, 2008

poor maximus

i had to take max to the groomer last week because he had smelly anal sacs (google it, it's nasty) aaanywho, i took him to Petsmart to get that "taken care of" and when they brought him out he had on this dandy little 'kerchief'- he looked flippin ADORABLE!

but alas: max didn't like his little hanky- so after i tortured him by making him keep it on till daddy could see it (and i could take some pics) he has now turned it into his "toy"- this means chewing on it & ripping it into little pieces. lovely!

he looks like a little peasent dog- i love it!!!
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

um- come on now

*UPDTE* my period started with a vengence- omg. i take my first Estrace tonight- i really pray this works.

in order for me to squeeze this FET cycle in, my period needs to start either today or tomorrow (it was due yesterday) ummm yeah. it's late- way to dick me around!!! of all the times to come late, this is not a good choice.

annoying- i'm praying with everything in me that it starts by tomorrow- PLEASE!!!!
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Monday, June 16, 2008

this weekend produced:

thanks to the lovely Adkins- i went to the mall, this weekend, and in my clutches was a 25% off coupon to Coach- soooo after much debating, i left the mall with the following:

nice right?! it was either another bag or the glasses- obviously the glasses were WAY less and they were the last pair like it in the store, so i had to have them! i LOVE THEM!!

however, i also had to stop at the new Sephora and i left with a limited edition bottle of DKNY Delicious- yum! i'm usually a Clinique Happy kind of girl, but i just love this scent. mmmm.

obviously i also had to stop at Godiva...bad idea, but so good!!!! i was good, though, and brought most of them hope to brandon!!!

i aaaaalso decided to make Oreo Truffles:

i made a batch of regular & mint creme- they were a little time consuming, but sooo good!!!
i sent half of them off with brandon & i'll take the rest with me when i go in to work- however i'm working the late shift this week (11:30-8:30) so it'll be awhile before i can justify eating a few moreof them!!!

and that's about it- i was hoping to be able to post about a break cycle BFP but that is SO not gonna happen- AF is very muchly on her way- ugh. lame, infertile body! hopefully she shows up by tomorrow or wed so i can fit my FET cycle in around our vacation!! woo-hoo!
God Bless
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

oh my my my!

so this was the scene on our front yard this morning- my sweet gary catching a poor, helpless, baby bird.

i was inside & all of a sudden brandon was yelling for me to come outside- and what was i greeted with?! this!!! a poor baby bird struggling in gary's mouth!!! :(

fortunately he hadn't hurt it, just kind of stunned it. so when he let it go it started hopping away- he lunged at it again but brandon caught him mid- jump. maceo was also outside though, so i had to race after her and keep her from mauling the poor thing. so as we're trying to get the cats back in, max decides to run out and investigate- he totally tried to start playing with the bird. it was pretty funny- but by now the bird's parents were flying around chirping in protest and dive-bombing poor max.

so finally we got everyone inside & the mommy took the baby bird away- it was kind of hopping, trying to fly, and the mom was keeping close eye on it & trying to teach it how- it was ADORABLE! i watched them make their way into some bushes and the baby seemed perfectly fine- so i'm happy :)

and that's that!!! what a morning!!!
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Monday, June 9, 2008

the weekend in review

so, i don't know if gary loves me as much as i love him:

look at him- he looks downright pissy, i swear he was purring though! poor kitty- i just wanna snuggle his tummy all the time!!! he's so cute!

aaaanyway- let's talk about how hot it was this weekend- um, yeah! the humidity was killer on my hair- it was all inflated & such. straightening it = pointless

hmmm, what else- oh yeah- so napoleon & deb (our sugar gliders) escaped their cage on friday night- we usually keep them in it because they're a pain in the ass to find if the do get out and i've always feared that the cats might try & eat them- so in the cage they stay- however, brandon left the cage door open and out they came!

we heard gary "playing" with something and when brandon went to look he freaked out and told me to "come quick" i rushed into the kitchen to see gary on his back, simply playing with them- they weren't really interested but he was having a blast- then maceo joined in & started swatting them- however i didn't see eating attempts so i think i can stop worrying about that. anyway- they're kind of hard to get back in the age, because even though they weigh about 4oz- they have sharp little teeth that they like to bite you with if you pick them up. well, we managed to get napoleon back in, but deb took a flying leap & landed in the dog food bag....where she was quite happy to stay because, loe & behold, she likes dog food. hilarious.

isn't she cute? anyway- we eventually got her into the cage and all was well again. but yeah- dog food? who knew!

what else you ask?
1. met brandon's best friend's new gf- she's cool & we have the same birthday. that = a keep in my book!
2. got some planting supplies for my litte plants & trees- i love my green thumb
3. had brunch with my bff piper who i've missed dearly- that was nice
4. made a buttload of cookies on sunday & ate way to many- hello gym
5. got bit by a daddy long legs- not even lying- it was like a pinch- ugh, how gross

and that's about it- not much else to report- it's back to the daily grind of working for the man- boo-ya!
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

wtf?! appt follow up

ok, so we met with the RE and he said that he really has no idea why this didn't work- everything was perfect, but it just didn't happen. that's what we figured, but it was nice to hear him say it. we asked why we only transferred 1 & he said he really doesn't know- he wasn't the RE that did the ET so he had no control over that. this time we're going to put in at least 2, maybe even 3, thawed embies.

he gave us the protocol & it looks SO much easier than a fresh cycle. i'm stoked! i'm a little worried though because it might conflict with our vacation (07/03-07/07) i really hope we can work around it because i don't want to have to wait another cycle!!!

so yeah- we're pretty hopeful that this will work- of course we were last time too and it didn't- but yeah. this HAS to work- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GOD!
and that's about it for now!
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wtf?! appt today

so i took the dog out this morning at 6, like every other morning. he ran off to pee & i hunched down on the step to wait for him to finish. all of a sudden i looked up and there was a deer. it was a doe & she was about 50 feet away at the edge of the woods. max hadn't seen her yet because he was facing me & peeing. she hadn't seen me yet because she was nosing around in the bushes.

i called max over and held onto him and told him to look. as he spotted her, she spotted us. max started wining and wiggling. she just stared at us for a minute & then trotted off. i let max go and he made a bee-line right after her. i called him back and ran inside to tell my husband.
he didn't really care that much, but it totally made my day. we live in a condo and it's not really a rural area. the "woods" that she was in are pretty sparse and i have never seen a deer in them before. so i thought it was pretty neat.

i'd like to be one of those people that could be like, "it's a sign!! of good things to come!!!" but what would that be a sign of? that i'm going to give birth to a fawn? no thanks. hah!

but we do have our WTF?! appt today and it's probably just a coincidence but still, it's pretty neat.
perhaps God just sent her out there to make my day. He's cool like that.

God Bless
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