Tuesday, March 9, 2010

my crazy cat & my kid

so miss alex is doing pretty well sitting "unassisted"- ie: with pillows. heh. she also has an obsession with her reflection & her Lamaze Octotunes(pus).
...apparently she also has an obsession with not being clothed. oy.

and then there's Gary. my kitty- my favorite kitty (sorry maceo). he has finally figured out how to make his way to our cathedral ceiling beams:

(and yes- that is enough alcohol to rival the most well stocked bar)
...but getting down is another story. sometimes he's sort of dumb- so instead of going back the way he came, he simply sat on the beam & cried until the hubs got on the ladder to get him down.
he came down, covered in dust, and proceded to sneeze for about 5 minutes. however, he was quite pleased with himself and i'm almost certain that i'll come home one day & find him perched atop the beam once again- looking down his nose at us.

clicky? gracias!

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MrsBro... said...

Gary would love my Jasper! He jumps and climbs our curtains. He once jumped on the shelf at the vet and they needed a stool and the "tall vet" to coax him down.

They wrote "climber - difficult" in his chart after that :|

t.bird said...

hah- gary has the "climber" note in his file too- he once jumped up to the open ledge above the office table & tried to escape. the vet grabbed hum by the tail just in time.

freaking loony.

Care said...

Love your house! I would like to come over for a party. You guys are stocked!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Oh my gosh, how did he get up there?! It's very cute to see him prancing around on the beams, but what a pain to have to get the ladder to rescue him!

Michele Horne said...

I am in love with your house! I love exposed wood. And, of course, the baby and the kitty are cute as well!

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

Too cute! When I was growing up we always had cats and one of them loved to swing in our hanging plant baskets. Cats are a riot! Your baby is adorable too. New follower from FFF MBC. Come and visit me sometime too!


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! Is that your home? It is absolutly fabulous!! Love to keep up with your blog. I invite you to stop by and say hi!