Monday, March 29, 2010

Readeo review/promocode

Readeo is a company that has managed to make it possible for people to feel connected even when they are miles apart.

remember when you were a little kid and mom or dad would have to go away on a business trip (or etc) and you would wait with baited breath for the phone to ring so you could hear them say "I love you" and "Goodnight sleeptight!"?
you couldn't see them, but you knew they were mentally hugging you & giving kisses to the air.

well, this is now the age of computers so kids no longer have to wait for mom or dad to call- but instead they wait for mom or dad to log on & talk to them via webcam.

it's much more fun when you can actually SEE the person you're talking to.
and Readeo has made it possible to not only see the person you're talking to, but be able to have them virtually read you a bedtime story (or vice versa)!

with access to a computer & a webcam, people that are miles apart can interact like they're in the same room. from choosing the book to taking turns reading & turning the pages- it's allows you the same experience online that you've come to treasure at home.

Readeo has tons of books to choose from:

the above pic is only a small example of their library, and they're always adding more!
i think this is a great product for military famililes, families that have a parent who works away from home for long periods of time, parents that are divorced- etc etc. it's also wonderful for grandparents that don't live nearby or brothers & sister, aunts & uncles- the list goes on.
honestly, it's a great product for anyone!
with that being said, Readeo is offering you a free month of their services!
simply go to their website: and set up an account using the code "goreadeo"
so go ahead & give Readeo a try- it's fun!!!
also feel free to visit Readeo on Facebook & Twitter!
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