Tuesday, August 31, 2010

random pictures

these are photos that i just haven't put up- and i want to. so i am.


a walking stick the husband found. he was very excited (like came in the house screaming, similar to a 5 year old) and insisted i take pictures.
this is when i reminded him how awesome it would be if he bought me the macro lense i'm lusting after. right???


more pics from alex's 11 month old "shoot". horrible lightly- lots of noise- etc etc. but she looks like a little man. sort of. slicked back hair & all.


it was early- far too early. but that's my reality. and you have no idea how thrilled i am that those slippers finally fit. omg- i love them.


my brother in law's girlfriend's baby shower- alex assumed that it was all about her. alas.


alex was OBSESSED with this dog (and his toys)! like, she thought he was the best thing ever. she following him around & he played with her & kissed her & bowled her over & she didn't even care. everything he did was hilarious in her eyes.

and he was just awesome with her. he's still a puppy himself so he was a little crazy- but pretty gentle too. and wicked smart- i mean, my dogs seem pretty dumb next to him- it's the truth.

by the end of the day she looked like a hot mess- but a happy hot mess.

and there you have it. a random assortment of leftover pictures. enjoy!
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Monday, August 30, 2010

just us- deep

i don't get very "deep" on this blog. it's not that i'm incapable of doing so- it's just something that doesn't come naturally to me.

i actually go out of my way to read blogs where moms "go deep" because it makes me feel less grinch like.
but for real- i mean, my husband & kid know i love them, so why do i need to spell it out? right?

well, alex & i actually had a pretty "deep" past few days so i shall expound on the experience.

the husband skydives- it's his "thing" and a couple times a year he'll take about 4 days to do just that. so thursday - sun he was off doing his thing while alex & i were left to our own devices.

i got her up. i put her down. i dressed her. i fed her. i clothed her, i changed her. i played with her. i held her. i "walked" with her. i danced with her. i sang to her (poor thing). i laughed with her. i told her no. i told her yes. i told her good job. i clapped for her.

you catch my drift. now these are normally the things i mainly do anyway- but it was somehow different because noone else was around to possibly be "part" of it all. it was just us.
and even though i was exhausted by day's end- i loved it. i loved the fact that it was the 2 of us against the world (a little extreme but still).

we had an awesome 3 1/2 days alone (punctuated by an outing here & there)

and when daddy came up unexpectedly early on sunday afternoon i was tickled pink to see the alex was content to sit with me.
even as she grinned & babbled at him, it was my neck that her sticky fingers clung to. and when he handed her a cheerio it was me that she offered to share it with. me!

after about 20 minutes the presence of daddy won her over. the promise of being held an extra 8 inches higher in the air is too much for an 11 month old to resist.

but as her held her & she looked over his shoulder- it was still me that she held her hand out to. and when i grabbed her hand and followed them around the yard, it was i who was smacked with the full 100 volt wattage of her smile.

and as i reveled in that moment i realized that in 15 years she'll bestow upon me the same smile while standing next to a 2 door sports car that she's decided she wants us to buy for her 16th birthday...and then i felt a little sick inside; because i know, as i watched her turn that smile on daddy who immediately went starry eyed , that even if i can resist the "deep" enough to say "absolutely not!", daddy will say "yes, of course!"

and now- onto something i'm good at. pictures! i have a ton- so i'll post some today & some tomorrow (or wed or whenever)

saturday was the perfect weather for sitting outside in next to no clothing- so that's what we did (don't worry- i kept my clothes on):


she was so content to be almost naked. and full of popsicles.


the sun was perfect


and alex & cessna once again cemented their friendship


you should know this face by now. it's the "no you can't eat acorns because you're not a squirrel!" fallout face.


i managed manged to get some "us" shots. i once again neglected to grab the camera remote- so an insane amount of running back & forth ensued.


and getting up close & personal shots is next to impossible. focus where? focus what?


and trying to capture the "deep" serenity that i felt = fail.

but you get the idea.
i hope everyone had a wonderful, "deep" weekend.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

11 months old

as of yesterday my kid is 11 months old. if someone could please explain how the hell that happened i'd appreciate it.

i tried to get 11 month pics- you'd think i was torturing her. she wouldn't sit still- she screamed- slapped me & crawled away. it was impossible- but i got...something:


right? she looks quasi-creepy. and the focus is totally on her shoulder/bib. tsk tsk.


here she looks confused & exhausted. Family Guy & an insane mother with a camera don't mix well.

thankfully this morning she was in better spirits. and since she had on an adorable outfit (in my humble opinion) i grabbed some shots:


the lighting was less than stellar- but it's not even 5AM. it's not my fault!

and don't we love these shoes:


they FINALLY fit her- i swear my child's feet don't grow.


i was standing there practically yelling, "look at me! look at me!" and this is what i get. ignore. BURN!

and last but not least:


this is her new favorite "toy". it's a pair of pants with a random giraffe puppet attached to the pocket (?!?!?!). it was folded up & ready to be packed away for kid#2 & she snagged it off the changing table. she won't give it up- seriously. she has it at my mother's house right now & has been playing with it all morning. so odd.

so yeah. 11 months. i really don't think i can deal with this whole "growing up" thing- specially this morning as she snuggled with me while i fed her her bottle (which she still refuses to hold).

i dunno- she's still a BABY TO ME!!! ::sniff::
i love her.
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