Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

And the angel said unto them, "Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
And this shall be a sign unto you; You shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.”
And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,
“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men." Luke 2:10-14
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


On monday night i arrived home & stepped out of the car & heard the sound of rushing water. i was a bit puzzled- mainly because although we do live near some lovely swamps & streams, neither of those = rushing.

so i unlocked the door & went inside- up the stairs- turned on the lights. hmm? checked the bathroom- nothing on. went outside & checked the hoses- closed up tight. weird.
walked downstairs, flipped the light & started freaking out.

water. everywhere. like- a lot. & still rushing?! wtf?!?! i ran back upstairs (let me mention that alex was upstairs flipping the flip out over God knows what) threw on my boots & sloshed downstairs. i checked every plug & drain & EVERYTHING but had no idea what was going on.

when i peeked into alex's room my heart literally sank. lots of water. & the rushing sound was coming from her wall. well damn- how the hell..?!

burst pipe? yes. but shit- what to do?

then i cried. because hello, there was a lot of water in my house & i'm not a mermaid.

then i got brynn & alex settled down (they were both flipping out now- go figure) & waited for the husband.

he got home. went downstairs & looked equally as puzzled. & then- DING DING DING! he figured out that he had to turn some random valve off & the rushing sound stopped. hooray.
but now there is this lake in our basement that we need to deal with.

what to do? call dad? yep. i mean, come on. we're 32 & 27 respectivly & we still call our parents when shit goes wrong.

so off he goes to pick up a Shop Vac & our extra Pack&Play from his parents. he takes alex- thank God because brynn was being a...doll.
so i put her to bed & slosh around in the basement some more. i pick up all the wet things (rugs, blankets, stuffed animals) & throw them in the wash.
I roll out a tarp outside & start hauling up toys to dry.

the husband returns. i set alex up in our room & kiss her goodnight.
he gets stared sucking 60+ gallons of water out of our abode.

i make grilled cheese & curse H2o. it's all i could do really.
blah blah blah.

to sum it up:
- the basement is fine. it's unfinished & it's cement. all of our stuff is in Rubbermaid bins- score.
- alex's room- eh. the floors will dry eventually but we're going to have to replace a wall & obviously the pipe. & by "we" i mean "he". the husband.
he's thrilled- let me tell you.

so meh. all in all it could have been way worse- but it still sucks. a lot.

BUT- the silver lining? alex has slept in our room for the past 2 nights & i must say, i love waking up & seeing her so close. plus, brynn is 5 steps away in her bedroom & i can hear both of them breathing.

it makes my heart happy & i smile wide- even though it's 2am & i should be sleeping.
plus, it's kind of an adventure to put on wellies & slosh around in your basement with your child in tow....kind of. like a shitty adventure.

ah well. it is what it is, yes? yes.
oh- & here's a little bit of what i saw monday night:

I came home to a burst pipe & a flooded basement/Alex's room. Le'sigh

no- we don't usually have a reflective floor. not in the least.

splish splash.
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Monday, December 19, 2011

picture overload

the realization that 2012 is 2 weeks away = omgmusteditanduploadallremaining2011pictures.

like right now (ie: last night). @ 9pm.

& then i was like- screw editing. just upload already. so i did- mostly. because when 10pm hits my body shuts down. it's like it just knows that i should be in bed & refuses to perform simple tasks like keeping it's eyes open or moving it's hands. stuff like that.

anyway my goal is to get all 2011 pics off my computer & backed up via flickr before Jan 1st. so that means you guys get to suffer through enjoy way too many shots of my children being children.

like these:


ok- that last one is obviously edited.

and this is hands down my favorite item in alex's closet:


it's a sweater that i snagged for 50% off @ Anthropologie last year.

i remember it well because despite contractions (that would lead to brynn being born not even 8 hours later) i was determined to scour the racks for kick ass duds for my eldest. & when i came across this sweater, which @ 50% off was still an obscene amount of money, i audibly ::squee'd::
the only con? dryclean only. seriously? who drycleans kid's clothing?

...i guess i do. because i have to pick it up from the cleaner's today. boo-ya.

let's see- here are some mom & dad with brynn shots from her birthday. the light was fading & she was fresh up from her nap but we made it happen.

brynn & dadda:


brynn & mamma:


speaking of brynn- i took the girls to the mall on saturday (alone. dumb dumb dumb.) to hit up H&M (meh. it's hit or miss sometimes.) & some lady came up, looked @ brynn & said, "Well hello there handsome! Aren't you just adorable!"

brynn was not aware that she had been mistaken for a boy & graced the woman with a smile.
& now we refer to brynn as "handsome." what can you do?

& that's as far as i got last night.
if you're dying to see more pictures, feel free to take a gander at my latest photography blog update

it's actually a shoot with our nanny & alex's bff. so much cute.
and if you're also dying to "Like" something on FB- feel free to "Like" my page: Like me!

& yes- i'm totally whoring myself out in the quest for more "Likes" & more business...guilty!
i'm weak.
..but it's Christmas, so consider it a present. a present that you don't have to pay for. hooray! free presents!
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

happy birthday brynn


well, as of Sat Dec 10th my baby is 1.

she does lots of toddler'esq things. like walk, throw tantrums, hit her sister, drink from a cup, talk (sort of) & etc etc. but she also still does baby'esq things. like take a bottle at night (no idea how to break her of this one) &...oh wait. that's it. damn.

well, she does like to get up & party around 4 am which i do not approve of. i try & let her cry it out- but she's one of those, "i'm going to cry until i throw up" kids & i just can't get down with that.

so i bring her to bed. & she stays up. & kicks me. & slaps me.
so i tell her to "knock it off" & put her back in her crib.
where she screams & throws a fit.
so i bring her back. & we do it all again.

this morning i finally deposited her back in the crib around 5:15 where she SHRIEKED for 5 minutes & then fell back asleep.

then my alarm went off 15 minutes later & i glared at her door as i walked by.
yeah that's right.

then 5 minutes before i had to leave she woke up in a splendid mood, bouncing around in her crib. she's a delight- let me tell you.

but seriously. we love her. she's great.

the party went swell & i'll get those pictures up soon.
but i wanted to get this blip up in case you were wondering if i'd managed to turn back time.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

brynn's 1st birthday party is in 3 days

seeing that i'm not a rocket scientist, i still have not figured out a way to turn back time. so, this being the case, brynn's party will commence in 3 days.

the theme = owls.

this is only because her birthday invite had owls on it. how i plan on actually incorporating them besides the cake? no idea.

this is where you come in- yay for you!

i need party favors. owl cookies? owl...something else? in reality this is really a party for adults since i think there will be all of 4 children there (2 of which are mine) but i still want to send something home with people. preferably something edible- because everyone has to eat.

i was leaning toward owl cookies- but lets be honest- i won't make them. i barely have time to clean the house & slap a cake together, much less cutout sugar cookies & apply royal icing.

maybe i'll just make some cookies, bag them & slap on an owl sticker.

and decorations? psha. this is going on in our tiny little log home. which is already decorated for Christmas. so throwing up a bunch of cutesy owl stuff is even less likely to happen than cookies.
i'll probably grab a few balloons, tie them to her highchair & call it a day.

part of me feels badly that her 1st b-day is so tiny. alex's was big & bad, as was her 2nd. but it was also warm & dry outside for both.

but poor brynn was born in Dec, to parents that own a house in New England with less than 1100 sq ft of living space.

all of those factors = party indoors. party small. party minimal.

tis' life. but it's ok- she knows we love her & everyone there loves her & she'll get a cupcake- so i'm 99.9% sure she'll be alright.
...even if i did tell people, "eh, you don't have to bring her a present. we've got tons of crap already!"

but she doesn't know that. & i'm betting everyone will still bring her something- because seriously, how do you go to a 1year old's party & bring her nothing? hmm? you can't- it's impossible.

i'm glad everyone isn't as heartless as i am.

so yes. party at the bird house on saturday. pizza & cake- yes. party favors & room to stretch- maybe.
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

30 day shred before pics & green smoothie recipe

alrighty- here are my 30 Day Shred Before pics (taken on Day#5)

shirtless: (no sucking in. end of the day. my apologies in advance.)




stretchmarks & loose skin courtesy of the small child in the bottom pictures. & let's not forget to thank her older sister as well.

weight: no clue
measurements: no clue

i'm going into this blind- except for the fact that i can look in the mirror.

ok- Green Smoothie:


1-2 bananas
1/2 cup frozen mangos
1/2 cup frozen peaches
couple handfuls of spinach
ice (if you want it)

toss it all in the blender & watch it come together. i usually user small bananas or 1 large banana. i also use around 1 cup of water & maybe 2-3 pieces of ice. it gives me the perfect amount of thickness to = smoothie & not so thick that it can't make it up the straw.


like i said- delish. & addicting.

ok- the next time you see pictures of me shirtless i hope to God that you can look @ them without wincing. i hope i can too.

oh yes- i started Level 2 last night- omfg. seriously?!
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Monday, December 5, 2011

30 day shred update & other stuff

alright ladies. i'm on day #5.

that should say day #6 but i had to skip friday night because i had my office Christmas party to attend.

i wore a red dress & grey wedges. i did the "no heat curl" thing (again) with my hair & remembered to slap on a coat of mascara.

this is the result:

Christmas party attire

and because i adore the collar:


ok- here's what you should know. i spend the majority of the night sucking in. like- hardcore. like, if i put as much enery into eating right & working out as i did sucking in, i'd be a Victoria Secret model.

i'm telling you (& myself) this because looks can be deceiving. for the longest time i haven't paid attention to what eat & i haven't worked out because i'll get dressed, suck in & tell myself- "that'll do."

but it's not totally about what i look like. it's about how i feel. & skinny doesn't always = healthy.
i'm tired & lethargic & more often than not my stomach is like- "dude. wtf? eff you. give me salad or something."

and what i am or am not doing has everything to do with that. so yeah.

now don't worry- this is in no way going to turn into a weight loss/working out blog.
because i still abhore manual labor. & i still love sugar & carbs.

but it's true that we only get 1 life & 1 body & we should should probably be like, "hey body? you're cool. & i respect you- so i'm going to try not to abuse the crap out of you anymore. k? sorry about the last few bad. but i pinky swear i'm going to do better. but there will still be cake're welcome."

and that about sums it up.
so yes- day #5.

i'm sore- but not as sore as day #2. or even #3.
i still can't do "real" pushups but i can do the "girlie" ones without too much bitching.
i'm able to get through the entire workout without getting lightheaded (yeah, that may or may not have happened on day#1) & i'm going to move up to level #2 tonight.

as for what i've been eating.
1. the Green Smoothie i mentioned?
it kicks ass. it's SO good & filling. and i feel like Pop-eye with the amount of spinach i'm consuming.
i've made it every morning & i suck it right down. i played with it today & added strawberries instead of mangos. delish.
and a bonus? the girls drink it too! & since i don't push veggies in our house (i know, terrible) i feel really good about sneaking them in via a smoothie.

2. Weight Loss Water?
incredibly refreshing! water + cucumbers + lemon + ginger + mint = crazy good. i have a big container at home & i bring some to work everyday & drink that instead of anything else.

3. i still love cookies, bread, butter, milk, cheese & anything that resembled a cupcake. i just try not to love on them quite as often.

Comments: your comments made me lol.

- 30 Day Shred still in it's shrink wrapped package
- Jillian's "horsey face"
- the green smoothie being "too green"
- epic amounts of cookies & ice cream
- etc etc

i do hope me hopping on the "trying to get healthy" wagon helps inspire those of you looking for inspiration. i'm not even kidding, if i can do it then you can too.
because if you pick up a dictionary & search for the worth "lazy"- you'll find my picture next to it.
so yeah.

in other news- brynn turns 1 on saturday. unacceptable. so this week will be spent trying to figure out how to turn back time. i'll let you know how it goes.

happy monday ladies!

p.s. my dress is from Francesca's Collection & the wedges are from Target
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

30 day hell

so the other day as i was walking past the mirror aisle at Target i noticed that my jeans didn't look as super fly as they once did.

at first i assumed that it was because i need new jeans. but upon closer inspection i realized that it wasn't my jeans that were sagging- it was my ass. and thighs. and anything else on my body that has the ability to sag.

i recoiled in horror & then did that thing. you know- that thing every woman does where she stands sideways in the mirror & lifts her butt with her hands.

here! here is where my butt should be.

and then i did the same with my stomach & chest.
lasty- i stood facing the mirror & pulled the jean fabric at the back of my thighs nice & tight.

oh look- there it is- the elusive thigh gap.
release fabric. no thigh gap. le'sigh.

then a store emplyee walked by & caught me fondling myself.
he smartly averted his eyes & kept walking. that's right buddy- move along. this is my aisle.

i turned around & glared at my children. "this is your fault!" i told them.
and it is- kind of. but not really.

see- thanks to my children i now have "battle scars" - i saw this term used in some empowering woman article crap thing so i've decided to use it. battle scars. like a gladiator. a gladiator that gets torn open & bleeds but doesn't die.

if you think about it, that's actually exactely what happens when you have a kid.

BUT- i do get really skinny after pushing them out. like skinny enough that people ask me if i'm eating. skinny enough that i can wear leggings as pants (i know i know- it's a no no).
skinny enough that i can eat whatever i want & not worry about it.
but then i stop breastfeeding & quickly gain 5 pounds. like legit overnight. 5 pounds. bam.

and then 10. and then, my clothes still fit but i should probably consider a pair of Spanx if i want to wear the form fitting dress.

what i'm getting at is that the extra weight & complete lack of toning & upper body strength is all me. my fault. because i love food & i hate exercise. simple as that.

however, after my Target mirror aisle wake up call i mentioned to the husband that i want to work out. go to the gym. sweat. drink water. wear meshy workout clothes. etc etc.

at first he was like, "are you cheating on me?"

to which i replied, "of course. i'm easily able to squeeze in midday trysts with some guy i met at the grocery store. i have all the time in the world for that. duh."

anyway- he said that was all well & good (me working out, not the trysts) - but when? seriously- when? i have no time. not even 1 hour to slip away to the gym. & that's the honest truth.
i work all day- get home. take care of the girls. the husband gets home at 7. girls go to bed. we eat. now it's 9pm. and only crazy people work out at 9pm & later.

crazy insane people who have a gap between their thighs.

so i was bummin' & then i ate a bunch of cookies & drank Bailey's. for like 4 days. epic.

then yesterday at work i was like- "eff this!" if i'm not knocked up i'm going to be in shape. or at least be able to walk up the stairs without considering the need for an oxygen tank.

so i got home. took care of children. put one child to bed & waited until i saw the husband's truck light in the driveway.

then i rolled out my mat, picked up my 3 pound weights & took a deep breath.

Hello Jillian. how are you? look at you. all in shape. thigh gap. flat stomach. abs. weird face (i'm sorry- it's true). other in shape stuff. cool workout digs. let's dance.

and we did. for 20 minutes Jillian & i had a connection. there were a few interruptions- like alex stealing my weights & pitching a fit because i wasn't paying attention to her. but after the husband realized i was serious (ie: i'm not stopping to control our child), he sighed loudly & took her downstairs.

20 minutes later i was a pile of jelly. Jillian signed off & i dragged my ass to the kitchen & drank water like a dying man in the desert. my hand was shaking a little & some water trickled down my chin.

it was all very dramatic.

then i ate a cookie. for energy. i'm weak.

but yeah. Day 1 of the 30 Day shred = complete. tonight = Day 2. tomorrow, Day 3 & etc etc.
i'm going to do it. because i really don't have any other options.

on top of that- i'm attempting to eat healthy. right? i know, it kind of sucks. a lot. but it's not all bad.
an apple instead of chips. ideal? no. better? yes. i guess. i add a smidge of peanut butter & i get my salty fix.
water instead of juice. this actually isn't bad. i squirt in some Mio & i'm good to go.
oatmeal instead of a muffin. i love oatmeal & it's cold out now. so i'm down.
carrot sticks instead of cookies? not gonna happen. ever. sorry. but at least i only eat 2 cookies istead of 4.

and the list goes on. i'm also adding on the Green Monster Smoothie (i'm sure you've seen it on Pinterest. it's supposed to be the bomb.) & some Weight Loss Water to my daily routine.

i'm excited. i don't expect to look like a mirror body image of Jillian...ok, yes i do...but i do expect to look better in 30 days.

i guess i should take before & after pictures. so that's my goal tonight. before pictures. & straightening my hair- because my office Christmas party is tomorrow & i need to maximize my time so i can attempt to look presentable.

and that's what's up.

so tell me- do you work out? do the 30 day shred? PDX90? lift your butt in the Target mirror aisle?
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Canvas4Life Giveaway Winner

according to, 6 is the perfect #

& #6 =

Hooray for Leslie! & hooray for 70's porno mustaches!

shoot me an email with your address & i'll get your gift card right out to you!
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

give thanks

"Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."
~ Ephesians 5:20

I think that about sums it up- yeah? short & sweet.

thank you Lord.

have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Canvas4Life Review/Giveaway

who'd like to take a gander at our Christmas photo for this year?


that's right. all 4 of us looking in the same direction at the same time. incredible. thank you Photoshop.

now, who'd like to see this picture on canvas?


...and i figured i'd take one outside for good measure


awesome right? the folks over at Canvas4Life did a killer job putting this photo on canvas. the colors are spot on & the canvas is beautiful.

now i just have to figure out where to hang it. living in a log cabin = a lack of legit wall space.

it's a cross i bear.

so back to the canvas- it's awesome. and i feel like everyone should have a favorite photo on canvas. it's big (or small if you want), pretty & it's a nice change from framed prints.
canvas' also = a kick ass Christmas gift.

"Merry Christmas mom & dad!"
"oh dearest child- what ever could this be? another framed picture for our walls?"
"sort it."
"well ok...why, what's this? oh it's beautiful! you're our new favorite!"


see? total present winner.

with that above scenario still playing in your mind- why don't you head on over to Canvas4Life & look at all the different options. tons of different sizes & what not (fyi: my canvas = 16x20)

and if you do happen to order one- take off 10% by using the promo code trinabird.
Happy Merry Christmas Holiday Hanukkah Kwanzaa to you.

aaaaand, i'm also giving away a $20 Canvas4Life gift card! this is the part that all of you were probably waiting for.

all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what picture you're most likely to put on your canvas- your kid? your dog? yourself? Obama? (who knows, maybe Michelle reads this. just sayin')

just make sure you leave your comment by Fri Nov 25th @ 11:59 PST
i'll announce the winner on Mon Nov 28th & pop your gift card in the mail (you'll have 24 hours to email me your info)

good luck! and again, for those of you that don't win remember that you still have a 10% promo code at your disposal: promo code trinabird

disclaimer: Canvas4Life didn't pay me or anything. they simply said, "hey do you want a canvas?" & i was all like, "hellz yeah!" & they were all like, "ok cool. when you get it- put it on your wall & tell us what you think. bam."
and so i have. that's it. nothing fishy going on here.
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Monday, November 21, 2011

this week

i'm going to start by giving you guys a little present:


twinkle light pictures for the win.
i wish i could fully make you understand how evil taking these pictures were.

the plan was to setup, convince children to smile with m&m's & marshmallows, snap pictures, edit pictures & pat myself on the back for a job well done.

20 mintutes tops. right?
wrong. so wrong.

setup alone took a good 40 minutes thanks to my tiny house. also, children seem to have a fascination with anything they're not allowed to touch. like setup stands. light. white blankets (for the love of God- do NOT touch that white blanket with your toddler hands). etc etc.

eventually i set up & attempted to wrangle them in. i shook a bowl of m&m's in front of their faces (much like you would do with a puppy) & this got their attention. but said attention was soley focused on getting m&m's (& marshmallows for brynn) into their mouths.

"alex, smile!"
"no! more?"
"ok- but only if you smile..."
" shakes, eyes fill up, tears flow::"
"ok ok- fine. here! see? m&m is yummy! please stop crying!"
::happy alex. unhappy me::

bribery fail.

and brynn- she was actually a little better. but she just kept moving. you know, like babies do. the nerve.

eventually i called it & they somehow got their hands on the entire bowl of candy/marshmallows.

we won't discuss that.

out of 100+ shots i got those 2 up there. both girls clearly have marshmallows in their mouths & brynn's smile can only just be called that. barely.

but whatever. i did it. i win. go me.

in other news. it's Thanksgiving week. i have the rest of the week "off".
i'm stoked for an addtl 4 days with the girls. i'm also wary that they've already devised a plan to make me question ever taking time off again.

we shall see.

so this week is going to be filled with playing, diapers, milk, Yo Gabba Gabba, baking, cooking, pictures, naps & attempting to reason with 2 little girls.

i'll also be doing a sweet Canvas4Life review/giveaway. think, Christmas gift ideas...score.

happy Monday!
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Monday, November 14, 2011

you understand- right?

it's been over a week since i last updated.

if i told you i'm cringing over that fact would you forgive me?

i'm not gonna lie- i looked down at my calendar last week & i couldn't believe it was already wednesday. then friday. bad.

you've all heard my excuses- i'm tired. tired. tired. busy. sick. so much to do. tired some more. work. play. errands. more sick. diaper rash- etc etc. so i'm just going to recycle all of those. because once again:

- we are battling a diaper rash. i cannot wrap my head around a child sitting in a poopy diaper long enough to aquire a rash. but that's what went down on friday. the husband picked up the girls (from my in law's) & when brynn started screaming, not even 30 min after they go home, & i took a gander in her diaper- ugh. so much red. so sore. her poor little butt.
i was furious. in fact, i'm still annoyed. i do understand that rashes happen- but come on. so this weekend had me watching for every poop & pee & running around cleaning up after the trail my diaperless 11 month old left.

it's better today. but the girls are at my mother's (another location where rashes seem to occur) & all i can do is hold my breath for a bottom that look at least the same, if not better.

- i am truly busy. i've had a couple of shoots (yay) among other things & plus it's hunting season. which means many hours sitting in the woods doing God knows what (the husband- not me) which leaves me with the girls. which is fine. but busy.

- the holidays are fast approaching. this means cooking, baking, making gifts (i'm cheap this year), getting cards ordered, cleaning, etc etc

- brynn's 1st birthday is also coming. it's going to be small but still- cards to order, a meal to plan, a cake to bake. the works.

- life crap. we (or should i say the husband) own a condo aside from our home. we couldn't sell it when we bought our house so the husband's brother moved in with the intention of renting it until he could buy it. long story short- that didn't work out. a year later, my father moved in- but rent free. finally we decided we needed rent- so my younger brother moved in last month & we thought we were good.
...yeah. not so much. now he can't pay. so out he goes. and once again we're left with paying another mortgage.
so now i'm rushing to replace the carpets, clean & update & hopefully get this place rented out to someone who IS NOT family.
paying 2 mortgages + childcare (which = more than our mortgage) is NOT fun. at all. in fact, it's downright depressing & slightly stressful.

- the list goes on.

i'm really not complaining (well, perhaps a tad) but sometimes i just want to sit down & not have to worry about anything. work, bills, children, husband, life, cars, animals, other people...

but that's not how things work. so i pull up my bootstraps & make time & energy for everything.

then again- looking back at my list- should i really even be complaining at all? so many people are dealing with so many more things. things that i can't even imagine or being to try & comprehend. some of the things i mentioned aren't even "bad" things.

the holidays? those are wonderful. just busy.
so should that be something that tires & annoys me? probably not.
but am i tired & annoyed? yes.

goodness- now i feel guilty.
perhaps you should disregard everything you just read because in all reality- my life is wonderful. & normal. & full of so much. even if that "so much" does include exhaustion & way too much laundry.

and this, people, is how my brain works 24/7. wavering bwtween guilt & justification. frustration & happiness. contentment & selfishness.
i'm not the only one- am i?

i'm going to blame this random rambling entry on the fact that brynn kept me up until 12:30 this morning. & i had to be up by 4. yeah- you do the math.

anyway- if you've made it through the above, here is a gift for you eyes.

i had a shoot @ the most beautiful location this past weekend.

DSC_0019 copy
DSC_0013 copyDSC_0004 copy
DSC_0001 copy

right? ok. i feel a little better now.
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Friday, November 4, 2011

the girls


happy weekend
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a few things i'm excited about

#1. Breaking Dawn

Twilight Breaking Dawn Banner

it's no secret that i'm a Twi-hard.
bad writing & lameness aside- these books sucked me in from the get go. i read all 4 in 3 days. i barely slept & i got irrationaly angry & sad at all the right moments. when i closed the final book i cursed Stephanie Meyers for what she had done to me.

vampires? real & hot? able to sparkle, run faster than light & resist their desires for human blood?

no way. but...maybe? omg. ::squee::

i proudly proclaim myself Team Jacob & have no qualms over standing in line at the theater, dressed in sensible jeans, a fleece jacket & Dansko clogs; all the while surrounded by 100+ 12 year old girls in copious amounts of eyeliner & skintight black clothing.

while they giggle about how hot & smoldering Edward is i'm thinking "bish please. you wouldn't know what to do with him if he came with a manual."

...not that i would either (or want to, because hello, i'm married. duh) because let's be honest- vampires are cold & bloodless right? so how do...certain "things" actually even happen? i mean, i took sex ed & i know a little bit about the human body & things aren't adding up.
i am well aware that a bed or 2 is broken, feathers go flying, bella blushes & a horribly named little vampire/human girl is conceived - but if we want to get technical...NO! nevermind- let's just let certain things remain a mystery.

these books had me embracing my inner teen & all 3 movies have allowed me 2 hours each of uninterrupted made up shit bliss.
so i cannot wait for 11.18.11 (well, let's be realistic & make that 11.26, maybe later. because i'm too old & tired to go to opening night & then it's Thanksgiving week & i have to be a mature adult & roast a turkey while rolling out dough for a pumpkin pie. so yeah, let's just say sometime in late November- yay!)

#2: The Hunger Games


this is another semi-teen series that had me holding my breath, choosing sides & wiping away tears. though not nearly as lame as overly attractive vampires with hearts of gold- i still have to admit that these are way below an adult reading level...and i love them.

i polished off the series in 2 days (because i have a job & kids & blah blah blah) & crowed with delight when i discovered that they would be making them into a movie.
then they started putting out promo posters & cast interviews- and it's like Twilight all over again.

p.s. i'm team Peeta. all the way.

#3. Brynn turning 1

DSC_0040 copy

just kidding. i refuse to believe my child is almost a "toddler". ignorance is bliss & i'm going to embrace said ignorance & cling to my baby.

#4. Thanksgiving


family togetherness & thankful thoughts. good thoughts & wishing people well. yadda yadda. whatevers.
the truth is, i'm excited because i love turkey. i also love mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie & cranberry sauce...and eating so much food that it's really not ok but it kinda is because IT'S THANKSGIVING YA'LL!

#5. Decorating for Christmas & listening to Christmas Music.

i've made a vow (for the husband's sake) that i'll do neither until after Thanksgiving. so at the crack of dawn on Nov 26th i'll be throwing down with some tinsel & Christmas tree lights.
bring it.

and that's it. for now.
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Monday, October 31, 2011

more power to you...or not.

i just wrote a long (and witty if i do say so myself) blog post about the snowstorm- lack of power- melting snow for water (and it being akin to being a true pioneer- until the husband shot that down with his "true pioneers didn't melt snow on their gas stoves & tell their other true pioneer friends about it via iPhone" speach- blah blah. see? it was funny)- brynn throwing up like it was her job on saturday night- playing at the mall Play Zone- winning the Dip & Jack-O-Lantern contest at my work- getting power back- etc etc etc

& Blogger ate it. eff. i'm not writing it all out again- because i forget about 95% of it. so i'll just post our weekend via iPhone:

2 pictures about 1 hour before it started snowing:

River's getting high...

and then this:


my contest winning dip (Pumpkin Dip & Buffalo Chicken Dip):

@ my dip contest contributions: buffalo chicken & pumpkin dip

(homemade chewy ginger snaps + green apples = killer dipping options for the pumpkin dip)

and our mature Jack-O-Lantern contribution (also contest winning):

My jack-o-lantern contribution

not nearly as informative & amusing as the first post- but i suppose it'll have to do.
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Monday, October 24, 2011

what we wore

it's been awhile since we've done a "what we wore" session.
this is not because we've taken to walking around naked- no worries- but more so because both girls refuse to look or smile at me when i have my camera in hand.

apparently this can be explained mathematically.

mommy + camera - (time + cute clothes) + cute shoes - (dirt x throwup) - poop / combed hair = no smiles²

does that look right? we've already been over the fact that math & i don't see eye to eye so that's the best i can do. i think everything adds up though.

thankfully, sunday found us partaking of breakfast at a neat little place up in Mason, NH (NH people- Parker's Maple Barn = kick ass) & the lovely fall weather + being outside & out of their element = "i suppose we'll grace mother with a smile."


as you can see she is holding on to two of her favorite things in life: Foofa & a SpongeBob Squarepants sippy cup. God help us if either is lost or forgotten. God. help. us.


sweater: Missoni for Target
t-shirt: Target
jeggings: Target
shoes: Missoni for Target


this child is pure magic. she is the most smiley, snuggly, sweetest child in the history of the world. random strangers get leg hugs & mega watt smiles thanks to this kid. a polar opposite of her older sister.



cardigan: Zutano (thrifted)
pants: Target
socks: BabyLegs
shoes: Shoo Shoes

+ mommy:

i think this picture makes it seem like i'm sporting a Jersey Shore'esque tan + hair highlights.
i promise you i am not guilty of either. i'm also not 100% sure what's going on- lets blame it on the lighting. and the fact that my husband took the picture.

my clothes: really? i don't think anyone is chomping at the bit for this look.

once again- a rare picture of the 3 of us = one child looking slightly maniacal & the other looking lost. seriously precious.

happy monday people.
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