Monday, May 31, 2010

My Belle Boutique review/giveaway!

Kayla, over @ My Belle Boutique, puts out some seriously adorable stuff!
for example, this necklace:

see? 2 little charms & 1 hand stamped disk (your initial) does it get any more simple & pretty?

i really don't even wear jewelery (i've made this clear), but this is fresh & fun- so i like & i wear :)

my favorite part? the hand stamped initial- i have a weakness for hand stamped things!!!

she also makes earings, bows, clippy, flowers & etc etc...talented i tell you!

well lucky for one of you, Kayla is giving away a $15 gift certificate to one of my readers! you could go for a necklace, a couple pairs of earing, a few bows- it's up to you!

Required Entry:
- go to My Belle Boutique and leave a comment telling me what your favorite item is (1 comment)

Addtl Entries:
- like MBB on FB (1 comment)
- follow MBB's Blog (1 comment)
- grab MBB's button (2 comments)
- vote for me on TMB: Top Mommy Blogs - Vote for us @ TopMommyBlogs.Com! (1 comment)

and there you go! good luck & have a great Memorial Day!
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Baby K'tan giveaway winner!

the winner of the Baby K'tan giveaway is:

Comment#9! Congrats Kelley!
please contact me within 24 hours so i can pass along your info :)

to everyone else- i thank you for playing as always!

Monday = a My Belle Boutique review/giveaway!

have a great Memorial Day weekend!
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

8 months old!

alex turned 8 months old this past monday!
so i got some shots, teething, runny nose, drooling & all.

she claps now- its freaking adorable!

the rest of the pics

i seriously can't believe she's 8 months old aleady. it's awesome, but sad. she's getting so big. she's still small & snuggly, but she's not really a baby baby anymore ::cry::

is this why people keep having babies?! oy.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baby K'tan review/giveaway!

when the folks over at Baby K'tan offered me the chance to review one of the slings/carriers- i literally jumped up & down. i've actually been looking for a new carrier since alex has a need to be held 24/7. also, with baby#2 on the way, i know i'm going to need something in order to keep up with 2 kids.

so, after reading the direction (the VERY easy to follow directions) i popped alex in it this weekend- and she loved it! and so did i!

it totally takes the weight off your arms and back & while you still need to hold on while using the side position that i did, it makes life so much easier:

happy baby!

and there are so many other positions too:

the Baby K'tan is a 6+ in 1!

it's light (like a nice t-shirt material), comfy, stretchy & cute. they've got a bunch of colors & you can even personalize your K'tan!

each carrier comes with a matching hat & sash & instructions on how to achieve each carrying position.

you do need to choose your correct size carrier- and while they do have intructions on choosing, i'll have you know that i'm about 5'2 & wear a 5/6 dress size & i went with an XS and it's perfect. i was leaning towards a S at first, but the slings really do fit like a tight t-shirt, so the XS works for me.

So, you want one, right? well, Baby K'tan is going to give away one of the awesome carriers to one of my readers! yay!

You'll be winning the Pink Baby K'tan (supports Susan G Koman for the cure!) with brown stiching! it's the one i have on in the above pictures :)

The carrier is about your & your babe's comfort, so whether you have a boy or a girl- pink works! and it's for a good cause! (see, that's a boy! :)
Required Entry:
- go to Baby K'tan's site & tell me what you love about the Baby K'Tan (1 comment)
that's it!

Additional Entries:
- Vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs: Top Mommy Blogs - Vote for us @ TopMommyBlogs.Com! (2 comments)
- Tweet about this entry: @lookatthebirds is having an awesome @BabyKtan giveaway! check it out! (2 comments)
you can leave a comment (or 2) for every time you vote or tweet!

and there you go!
this giveaway will run from 05/24-05/28 and it's open to both USA & Canada residents (hooray Canadians!)
Good luck!
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Friday, May 21, 2010

SweetPea Kid Print giveaway winner!

the winner of the SweetPea Kid Print giveaway is:
Comment #28- congrats D!
Please contact me within 24 hours!

to everyone else- thank you for playing- as always :)
and come back on monday because i'm giving away a Baby K'tan Carrier!!! i'm reeeeally excited about this one ladies (and gents if there are any)!

have a great weekend!
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


ok here are the pics i promised:

first off: mother's day pics:

the card alex "picked out and "signed" for me! (she sort of signed it- the hubs helped her along)

max & cessna on our way to the rents:

alex at my paren'ts- chewing on her favorite "toy":

and those were the only shots i got on mother's day. next year i'll do better.
and thebump g2g pics:
Kelly & her daughter, Lila.

she looks innocent- but she destroyed 95% of the sugar packets on the table!
yes...i'm very short.

and there you go. meeting bump girls is fun- i've done it a bunch of times now & i've never had a bad time. it's amazing the friendships you can make over the internet these days- crazy.
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Monday, May 17, 2010

SweetPea Kid Print giveaway!

Liz over at SweetPea Kid Prints puts out some really adorable prints, complete with your kid's name:

cute, right?!
well, since she just opened her etsy shop, she asked if i'd like to review one & which one ould it be? well of course i picked the bird:

it's perfect! i have every intention on getting it into a frame & up on alex's wall (or rather, i have every intention on having my husband do so)!
So, thanks to SweetPea Kid Prints, one of you will will the print of your choice (complete with your child's name)!
Required Entry:
- Go to SweetPea Kid Prints etsy shop & tell me which print is your fav! (2 comments)
Addtl Entries:
- vote for me on TMB: Top Mommy Blogs - Vote for us @ TopMommyBlogs.Com! (2 comments)
that's it!
this giveaway will run through 05/20 (Thurs) and i'll pick a winner on Fri.
good luck!
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weekend in review

so last week i got to meet a bumpie. most of you know of

i've met a ton of great ladies on there & the boards provide endless entertainment- well, i met another bumpie last week & i got a few pics of us, her daughter- etc etc.

i had every intention on showing them to you today- but i somehow managed to delete said pics off my flickr- so, i'll put them back on tonight & show you on Wed (not tomorrow since it's giveaway day!)

so until then- i'l leave you with pics of this past weekend.

on thursday night we piled into the car & set off on a 6 hour trip to NY for one of my best friend's graduations from nursing school.
the trip went smoothly (ie: alex slept the entire time) and the weekend was a blast.
so here you go:

first off- her cat Murray. he is probably the most awesome cat in the whole world (sorry gary!) seriously. he's had a rough life on the streets- so he's missing a few teeth- but it only adds to his charm:

i think he chilled like this for 20 min. no lie.
manda had to cut his nails- he was none too pleased.

moving on- the graduation. manda did the 1 year accellerated R.N. program- talk about hard work. major kudos because i know i wouldn't be able to do that and keep my sanity:

manda & scott (boyfriend)

next- alex at play:

she spent a great deal of time licking this table.
then manda's future MIL brought over a slide:

after her initial trepedation- she was in love. she pitched a small fit when slide time was over.

after the graduation it was time to eat. manda's boyfriend's parents smoked some ribs (omg) and made homemade baked beans (OMG) and manda & scott provided a shit ton of food. i ate and ate and ate. horrible. but so good.
and the best part? :

SMORES!!! one of my absolute most favorite things ever! i've been craving them for 2 summers now- so finally!
and last but not least- The Lilac Festival! due to the random ass cold weather that NY has been having (hello, they had snow last week!) most of the lilacs were looking pretty sad....sigh. however, there were a few good bunches & a lot of the other flowers looked awesome- so we had a great time:
white lilacs
flowers from the coolest tree ever:
and see again:
manda's sister & her boyfriend
some dying lilacs- but a nifty butterfly
the "Love Tree"
no idea what these are
the next 2 pics are my fav from that day- i just LOVE how they turned out:
pretty- no?
manda & alex (manda carried her around for basically the entire 3 hours. bless her)
and lastly- not flowers, but still pretty:
the necklace that i had made for amanda. it came out so freaking perfect. kudos to the ladies over at ripegoods for working with me!

and that's that. the rest of the pics are on my Flickr
feel free to take a gander
a perfect weekend!

and as always:
Top Mommy Blogs - Vote for us @ TopMommyBlogs.Com!

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