Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cirque du Soleil!!!

the husband did a WONDERFUL job picking out my anniversary present this year and we are going to see: Cirque du Soleil- Alegria!!!

i am SO FREAKING PUMPED!!! i've been dying to see a CdS show!!! the show is on July 11th @ the Verzion in Manchester- so we also only have a 10 min drive, does it get any better?! WOOT!!!!
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Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

am i the only one who actually shed tears over this? i don't cry for celebrities- but come on. he was freaking Michael Jackson- we grew up with him.

who hasn't ever tried to moon walk...and failed miserably!? no one!

listening to You Are Not Alone this morning, on the way to work, had me in a sniffling, snotty mess. what a brilliant, talented & tortured soul. RIP buddy. don't worry- Alex will learn to dance to all your songs- just like i did.

Michael Jackson
August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

baby stuff

so- while stalking my own registry i stated noticing that a bunch of the clothes i registed for at babyGap/Old Navy were of stock or on sale/clearance. well i had a moment of panic because my shower isn't until August & all these clothes will be gone by then ::gasp::

so- a bunch of stuff was on sale (like literally 1/2 off) so i bought them myself & took them off the registry. go me.

isn't this darling? i have this obsession with all things giraff

i'm glad this was still in stock because i lurve it!

and this outfit is adorable- terry cloth & oh so soft. loves!
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furniture is in!

the furniture came in yesterday & the husband picked it up last night- i must say, kudos to you JCP.com!! that was fast!

we won't open it up until the nursery floor is done ::fingers crossed for this or next weekend:: so for now i just have to keep the cats away from scratching the crap out of the boxes.
i caught gary ripping into one this morning & when he saw me he stopped, crouched & then ran away yowling. what a freak.
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Monday, June 22, 2009

nursery furniture- finally!

so we FINALLY ordered the furniture- thank God everything is in stock because we didn't give ourselves much time for backordered items!

so here it is: the pics are thanks to google- but everything is in one color (color of the crib shown): Coffee'

Cottage Convertible Crib by Rockland

Cottage-Style Hutch or Changing Tower

ta da! we got a GREAT deal because this collection just went on sale this past week & we saved $165 on the crib & hutch/changing tower setup! i also used a free shipping code & saved an addtl $85!!! $250 savings in all?! score!
so yeah- these are being delivered to the local JCP store & will be here by next week! so the only thing left is to get the nursery floor done with my father in law promised to come over & do on the 1st nice day (it's been raining here like whoa) so yay!
furniture- check!
grocery shopping- check!
father's day gifts- check!
baking done- check!
etc etc etc- check!
all in all- a productive weekend!
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

1 hour glucose test

so i got to the lab bright & early (6:45am- 1st one in line- go me!) for my glucose test.
thankfully there was no fasting involved so i wasn't completely miserable.
he handed me my lovely bottle of "juice" and watched me drink it.....literally- he stared at me for the whole 2 min it took. weird.
then he sternly informed me that i was not to drink, eat or leave the building!!! yes sir!

the above is a picture of what i drank (thank you google) but my flavor = lemon lime. so gross- it's like really sweet soda without the carbonation. not the worst thing i've ever drank but not something i want to drink again in near future.
so i drank my drink- sat around for an hour & then he drew my blood. i was at my desk by 8:15am. and now i wait- if i don't pass i'll be pretty annoyed. no way in hell am i looking forward to 3 hours of torture.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

picture post #2

as of today i am officially in the 3rd trimester! woot!!!



i LOVE this dress! thank you Target! and it's not even maternity- just a regular old size small- it stretches great! i highly recommend it.

frontal- excuse my face :)

and that's that! i'm pretty sure i'm way bigger than i was even 2 weeks ago- she's grown so much!!! i had an OB appt today & i've only put on another 1lb! in 4 weeks!!! go me! God only knows how though because brownies have been my best friend....weird.
ok- until next time.
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picture post #1

so i scored a couple of GREAT finds this past week:

my new favorite flip flops- Blowfish Malibu makes the best simple shoes and i absolutely love them! soooo comfortable!

$10 for a JJ Cole lite bundleme!!! what a find!

the most adorable, softest, Organically Grown Baby onsie! only $3!!! what a score consideing that they're usually $25+

a 3 pack of Carter's t-shirt for $5.99!

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Monday, June 15, 2009

this weekend

ok- here's a friday/weekend recap

Fri: i volunteered with The Special Olympics from 6:30am-3:30pm.
it. was. SO. awesome! i fully intend to do this every year now. my work will pay you for 8 hours of work, one day a year, if you volunteer for a non-profit org. well i picked the s.o. because my brother has Downs & competes. i've gone to watch & cheer him on in the past- but actually helping out this year was even more rewarding! i had a blast- rain & all!

afterwards i had to drive max to the vet for an anal gland re-check- gross. all was well with his butt so that was a relief.

Sat: both the husband & i volunteered with The Special Olympics from 6:30am-12:30pm. again- AWESOME! no rain, perfect weather, lovely athletes- it was great! i watched my brother compete in the long jump & hung out with my family. i also made the husband buy me "fair food"- it was amazing.

then we went & got the carpets cleaned at the condo & ran some errands. then we went home & fell onto the couch- i was exhausted!

Sun: i "slept in" until 6ish & then spent the morning on the couch reading & relaxing. i'd been dealing with this rather painful cramp/stretching/bruised feeling in my upper left abdomen since Fri night & it was nice to just sit. i'm guessing alex decided to grow & just burrow her head into this one spot because it hurt SO BAD! every time i touched it or she moved it was like...raw. ugh. it seems to have abaited quite a bit as of this morning but it's still a little sore. goodness!

then the in-laws came over & his dad connected our water line to our ice maker- so we now have ice. hooray! i was hoping he would start the floors in the nursery but it was pouring out so that was a no go. hopefully within the next 2-3 weeks they'll be done because i REALLLLY want to set up furniture & decorate!
while they were there i made pizza & cookies so that people wouldn't starve- i didn't feel like doing anything but i felt sort of obligated.

after they left my bf & some friends & their kids dropped by to the see house. i played hostess & after our friends with children left i hung out with my bf & made dinner & such. she brought us a lovely blue/green Hydrangea plant that i cann't WAIT to plant. i love it! she also brought over my baby show invites so i could approve them- they're adorable.
she also let it slip that she & a couple other friends are going in on our stroller ::squee:: which HORRIFIED my other friend who was there (friend w/kids) because she still thinks this whole thing is a surprise- she's old skool like that. but whatever- i'm happy to know it's one less thing i have to worry about!

after she left i got my pj's on & settled down to read some more. the husband went to bed around 10ish but i wasn't tired. so i stayed up and watch Chopped (love this show) and Throwdown (whilst reading)- i got to bed around 11:30 and slept like a rock (painful tummy and all)

Mon: back to the daily grind

so that's that! i need to find time to get my GD blood test before the 18th- i also have an OB appt tomorrow afternoon.
i took pictures of my adorable clothing finds & i'll try to put them up tonight or tomorrow. i also need to take some new belly pics because i'm pretty sure i've doubled in size. for real.
3rd Trimester starts tomorrow! good LORD!
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Monday, June 8, 2009

99 days!

holy crap! double digits!!! 99 days!!! aaaaaiiiiieeeee!
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

25 weeks 1 day

sooo i took these on wed afternoon...

getting bigger!

excuse my weird face

close up..


super close!

i can't believe she's going to be here in 3 months!!! yikes!!!!
alex kicks & punches aaall the time & i LOVE IT! i never tire of watching my belly move & feeling her kick- i'm def going to miss that when this pregnancy is over. the husband finally saw her kick the other night- his words "whoa- that's weird"
lovely dear.
next step: take the GD test somewhere between 06/10 - 06/18. oy!
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TONS of house pictures!

ok- so here is the house (pictures in no particular order because i'm mad lazy)



living room

living room/kitchen

left side



lily of the valley

back fom porch

dog house (it's cute so we'll keep it for looks)

garden gate




my hutch ::swoon:: which i will finish filling with things in the near future...

front windown


kitchen (new appliances- yay)

dining area

living room/wood stove

entry (door open)

3rd bedroom

3rd bedroom



basement/wood stove



hallway/dry sink

front door (closed)

entance (looking up)

master (bedroom #1)



nursery (bedroom #2)- as you can see it's not quite done...

but the walls are painted! Olive- yay!
so that's that! we're pretty much all moved in & put away. the only things left are:
1. finish the nursery (floors, furniture & decorations)
2. replace light switch plates (need to purchase)
3. finish basement (one day)
4. re-do 3rd bedroom (one day)
so honestly- not much! the main thing is the nursery which should be finished within the next month so that i can decorate. the husband & father in law simply need to lay down the floor & then it'll be all mine.
WHEW! :)
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