Tuesday, May 22, 2012

anyone interested...(clothes for sale)

show of hands:

if i set up a page selling a ton of the girl's clothes that no longer fit- would anyone be interested?
i'm thinking i'd divide most up by lots (NB, 03, 3-6, 6-9, etc etc) & some singular (like specific outfits & shoes & such)
flat rate shipping fee of $5 for lots & maybe like $2 for singular items.

everything is obviously used but in good condition. if there is any kind of a small stain or what not i'd note it.

i'll probably throw in some of my stuff too- i have way too many shoes &...well, shoes. ha!

if enough people want in i'll set it up...
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


i carried alexis & brynn for 40+ & 40 weeks, respectively.
i pushed them out of my body & lovingly examined mouths & noses while anxiously counting fingers & toes.
i curled my toes & tasted the silent tears that dripped from my tightly squeezed eyes for 2 weeks straight while they got the hang of breastfeeding.
i pumped at all hours of the day & night to make sure that they would have plenty to eat.
i walked around in a sleepless haze & clothing crusted with spit up & mustard seed poop, all the while rocking & swaying & shushing.
i crept into alex's room to count her breaths & watch her happily sleep swaddled in her crib.
i curled myself into a tiny ball at the edge of the bed & slept lightly for 6 months to allow brynn the safety of bed sharing that she so demanded.
i sat in the Target parking lot for an extra hour or more to allow for an unexpected nap.
i went back to work to provide for them, amongst a mix of feelings that included sadness & relief.
i drive all over God's creation to make sure they're well cared for & healthy.
i do laundry multiple times a day.
i read the same book 10 times in a row.
i wipe tears, butts, mouths, sticky fingers & noses with alarming regularity.
i buy things that i swore i never would, simply to see them smile.
i make 2 & 3 dinners- because hello mother- "I DON'T WANT CHICKEN!" (even though i said i did)
i am endlessly on the move. just because. someone needs me. someone is falling. someone needs a hug.
i cheer their accomplishments, listen to their "stories" & feign interest in Dora & Team UmiZoomi.
i think about them from the minute i wake up to the moment i fall asleep.
i'm proud & happy & hopeful & scared & everything all at once- for them
i feel my heart swell when they declare their love for me.
i spy a stain on my pants & smile because i remember how it got there. (or frown because, dude- these pants were $35 dollars!!!)
i say yes & no more than i ever thought i would.

i simply sit & hold- even when i have a million things to do- because that's what they need.
i already miss all of those things that will no longer be needed as they grow, but i also look forward to all of the new roles that will be required of me.

i hug & hug & hug.
i kiss & kiss & kiss.
i love, love love, love- being a mother.

happy belated mother's day. i'm 100% sure you're all pretty kick ass.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

giveaways are fun

no- i'm not doing one ::dawson's crying face:: but Crave Photography is: Linky
it's a pretty kick ass prize so you should enter...or you shouldn't so i have a better chance @ winning...
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

life lately (via instagram)

here's a smattering of the past few weeks. incredibly random- but that's how we do.

First time for everything.Acupuncture. #acupuncture #tcm Food."Alex, smile." ... "SMILE!" Dinner prep. #dinner #food #skinnyenchiladasYesss. #dinner #skinnyenchiladas You guys- I can't stop! #coconut chips #daniellesnacksOh Polar, you win. #Polar #mojito Sunday. #sundayT-strap weather. #sandles My favorite. #lilacsHoly huge wasp's nest. Nutella Milkshake. Omfg.Bangkok Thai burrito. I can't stop. I need one of these at home.The busy world of Richard Scarry. tobi & Target ftw. #target #tobiBrynn's new kicks. #omg Hello snack. #sabrahummus #joseph's #healthysnackThey came! #grapple 300 calorie lunch. Joseph's flatbread, Sabra Greek olive hummus, Joseph's taboule, Atheno's reduced fat feta, Kraukus ham & Jennie O turkey. #healthylunch #josephs #sabrahummusDinner. His & hers. #josephs #wraps

trying new things. healthy eating. enjoying childhood. loving nature. indulging (hello cheat day). clothing scores. etc etc.

happy wednesday.
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

dance dance dance

the husband snagged a video of the girls dancing along with the Despicable Me movie the other night:


usually alex puts her hands on her bum, & moves around (like the movie) but of course this time she didn't- go figure. but still, awesome. & then brynn dances by just stomping her feet. so innovative she is.

...& yes those are Spongebob pj's. i know when to pick my fashion battles.
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