Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy harvest!!!

she's a giraffe!!!

tee hee!
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

tummy time fail

alexis, falling asleep during tummy time & getting moved to the couch pillows doesn't = tummy time completed.

...say what?

lazy lazy lazy!
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

1 month old today!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

4 weeks old today!

hoooooray! we've survived the first 4 weeks :)
p.s. 4 weeks doesn't = 1 month- der. that's 2 days off. math fail.
she looked adorable in her little outfit...for about 5 min...
then she spit up and i was forced to undress her...

then she pooped- and i had to undress her even more...

who, me?
yes you, stinky butt. <3
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Monday, October 19, 2009

poor baby

why must darling newborns immediately suffer through something that they will again have to deal with in about 13 years- acne?!

is there a good reason that my smooth faces little angel now resembles a 13 year old teenager?
alas- supposedly this too shall pass within a few weeks so here's to hoping. ::fingers crossed::

in other news- alex has some weird rash- it's not raised & seems to be causing her no discomfort, but it's still unnatural- so we have an appt with the Pedi @ 3:45pm today.

poor child- only 3 weeks in & already dealing with skin conditions. tsk tsk.
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Saturday, October 17, 2009

alex's first "real" bath

since we have a real belly button now, we decided to have our first real bath tonight @ 3 weeks 2 days! hooooray- she liked this much better than her sponge baths:

ignore my massive mams & marvel at her cuteness. heh :)
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

3 weeks!

miss alexis is 3 weeks old today!
gosh- she just keeps getting cuter! how does that even happen? i decided to put her in her coming home outfit today- sadly it's a little small but i wanted to get at least one more wear out of it. she's getting so big so fast!!! :( ahhh well. tis' life.

me on the other hand- i don't want to get any bigger thank you- and it appears that all my breastfeeding/pumping is paying off a little:
pre-pregnancy jeans!!! ta da!!! yaaaaaay! they are a liiiittle tighter than before, but i can zip up & button & throw a belt on :)

now if my stomach would just tighten itself...i'm pretty sure that bowl of halloween candy hiding behind my expansive ass isn't going to help things...i'm calling it my "bowl of self control" because if i can resist the call of candy then i'm doing hard.

as you can see my thighs are protesting the tiniest bit- but they will get smaller & i will once again be able to cross my legs- i hope.

in other news: boobie feeding/pumping is going well! my nipple compound is my boob god and my chest freezer is quickly filling up- here's what i aquired within the past 5 days or so:

this is added to the gallon that i already had in the freezer- yikes! i hope i don't run out of room. all this milk comes from me?!
i must say, i felt a kinship with the cows at the fair this year. the sight of their poor, swollen udders made me gently hug my own screaming boobs- what we do as mothers- eh?
and that's about it- alex is doing AWESOME at night- last night she slept through the night!!! woot- she went down around 11-11:30pm and aside from a few "i need my paci" groans, she slept till 7 this morning! i still had to get up to pump around 3ish- but no complaints!
hopefully this continues and we fall into a nice little schedule...woot!
and now i must go "do" something- the husband asked me what i do all day (since i don't turn the TV on) and i honestly didn't know. what the hell do i do while she's sleeping?! yikes!
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a sign?

i had a dream last night that i was pregnant (again) and getting ready to be induced (again) and all i could think about was how hungry i was going to be in a few hours!

i'm hoping this is a sign that i'll get to do this pregnancy thing at least 1 more time :)
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

more alex pics

she was none to thrilled about wearing her hat- but it's to stinkin cute not to get some use!!!
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alex slideshow

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stroller liner RAVE!

because i don't want the mucho dinero that was spent on our stroller to be in vain, i ordered a stroller liner...and i freaking LOVE IT!!!!
many, MANY raves for this etsy seller: lollipop designs

adorable right? i love the Owl fabric and the back is a wonderfully soft, green Minky fabric- completely reversible and pretty! it was a custom order & so worth the wait! she also threw in a lovely bib for free! what a doll!
i HIGHLY rec. her liners- perfection!
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Friday, October 9, 2009

2 week appt

so alex had her 2 week appt today & she's above her birth weight- hooray! she's 8lbs 6oz & that was aaafter a lovely poop & pee! woot!
she's also rockin' a lovely 22inches long- yay!

she's also still perfect :) next appt = 2 month checkup & dun dun dun...SHOTS! i think brandon is going to come so he can hold her while she screams- eeek.

she freaking loves her playmat- and i love that one piece! heh!
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

consignment store finds

thanks to the local (adorable) consignment store, i got a ton of loot for only $60!!! and considering that's how much the Belly Bandit cost (that i returned to said consignment store because i am FAR to short waisted) i feel like it's an even trade :)

the silver shoes are from the consignment store- the mocs are thanks to Target!

i loooove the little jeans- and the striped pants feel uber comfy.

she's wearing the 1 piece tomorrow (for her appt) easy on/easy off!

the most adorable bib- it's like a bandana...but not? :)

i'm not usually down with pink- but that jacket is freaking softer than anything!

um yeah- cutest. hat. EVER!!! freaking what?! and i LOVE the Zutano baby shirt- and that sweatshirt... ::squee::

hooray! let this be a lesson- there is no need to spend $20+ on one article of children's clothing- go to your local consignment store and have fun!!!!
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2 weeks!

2 weeks postpartum: (yes, my hair is all "diana ross" up in here)

not too shabby! it'd probably be better if i had some self control- but come on, who else was going to eat the rest of the pumpkin bread? who i ask? seriously.

alex managed to keep her adorable weiner shoes on the other day:
...for approx 3 hours or so while i was out & about-but the she decided to poop eeeeverywhere, so off they came- also, that cute little onsie is no more. seriously. half of it is stained yellow from her poo. nasty.
i can't believe she's 2 weeks already! she has her 2 week appt tomorrow so we'll see what she weighs & all that jaz- she must have gained something because her NB clothes are getting a littttle snug.
she's still doing fairly well sleeping wise- she does take about 1-2 hours to ACTUALLY go down at night- which has me dozing/crying in the glider till about 11:30-12am but once she does go down she's good for at least 3-4 hours. whew. she's been awake more during the day which i cool- i also try to keep her awake for brandon (poor guy, he misses her so much during the day) so yeah.
so all in all- things are well! it's nice & "fall-y" here so i'm going to dress alex all warm & snuggly this weekend & try & get some pictures- yay! hopefully we can get a few family pics (thank you camera timer)
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Monday, October 5, 2009

belly button!

so as i was hauling alex up & onto my shoulder, i hear a little "plink" and look down at the floor- dun dun dun:
someone lost her umbi cooooord! woot!

i grabbed it right before cessna did ::gag:: and promptly took a picture. i'll let the husband see it when he gets home & then into the trash it'll go!

how does something so nasty fall off of something so cute? case in point:

alex decided to spend most of today AWAKE (shocking) so we had a good time "playing"- that equals her on her play mat & me staring at her- poor thing.
she did go to sleep about 2 hours ago so i made the husband's favorite dinner of all time:

kielbasa & potatoes. he's gonna be thrilled. i was going to make apple dumplings, but i'm missing about...all of the ingredients. so tomorrow.
and that's that! the husband will be home any minute now (yay) and that = operation day 1 home alone: completed!
House tonight & hopefully a baby that will wake up to eat, see her father & go back to sleep for the night!!!
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updates/pictures- etc etc

soooo we left alex "alone" for the first time this weekend. we went to the fair on Sat for 2 hours & left her with my mother. it's so weird how sad i was to leave her! i knew we'd be back in no time but still- it helped that she was with my mom though. thankfully she'll be watching her when i go back to work so that helps alot.

anyway- we braved the fair, despite the rain, and ate more than can possibly be legal- the highlight? fried twinkies. OMG. want more. good times!

then we ran to pick up my nipple cream- and wow. that stuff is awesome. my nips feel so much better already- i haven't given alex the left nip since friday so i think i'll give it another day or 2 and then go for it. i'm a little gun-shy but meh!


so- today is my first day home alone with alex- dun dun dun! brandon had to go back to the daily grind so we'll see how mommy does on her own.

it's 8:42am and i've managed to get dressed, eat, brush my teeth, feed alex, give her a bath, bath her, put her on her play mat & watch her pass out, throw in a load of laundry, do dishes, let the dogs out and STOP! and of course, update this thing :) not bad! i do miss having brandon here- it's fun to have him around & watch him hold/play with alex. but tis' life! he has next monday off (Colombus day) so that'll be fun!

anyway- so after going out to beakfast yesterday (with my in-laws & brandon's aunt/uncle) we went & bought a chest freezer so that we have somewhere to store all my milk:

ahhh! that's all from this past week! less than a week! i also bought another box of containers & a box of bags- the containers are getting to be too much so we'll give the bags a shot too.

then i made some pumpkin bread for brandon to take to work:

thank God the shortage has passed- that was rough!
then we watched the new family guy (not as funny- tsk tsk) and put alex down around 10:30ish (after she projectile vommed all over me & the couch- awesome) and i went to bed.
she's been doing fairly well at night. i got up @ 2am to pump & feed/change her. then she was back to sleep by 3:15ish. then brandon got up @ 5 & left for work @ 5:30 & she got up around 6:45. not bad. we'll still need to get a system in place, but it's only been a week. so we've got time :)
aaaand here are some pictures:

i'm going to assume that one day she'll stay awake long enough to appreciate this overpriced playmat...

eyes open for once! gaaah she's so cute! i love her!
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