Monday, March 15, 2010

Guest Blogger: TheHeirToBlair

so as i promised, this week is "Guest Blogger Week"!

and first up is the very funny, talented, lovely & homecoming queen of the internet: Miss Blair. that's right- the one & only Blair from The Heir To Blair. make sure you swing by her corner of the internet world- you probably won't want to leave... (but don't forget to come back here)!

She's provided ya'll with the most romantic love story ever. So without further dudes- here it is:

"I met Nate in January 2002 in a Feminist Rhetoric Class.

Yeah. You read that correctly.

But it was either that or poetry, & since I failed THIRD GRADE POETRY, I was pretty sure Feminist Rhetoric was the better bet. Nate, one of the two males in the class, knew he could get an A with our professor. Those rugged good looks make even bra-burning professors weak in the knees! Fast forward a few months into the class after I royally pissed off every female in the class with radical ideas of no white after Labor Day & keeping the word "obey" in the marriage vows. In the middle of the semester, we were given the task of group work. Since my classmates hated me, I figured I would do the project on my own (like, whatever. I could totally do it better anyways. huff.)

Until a boy with reddish curls & really strange sandals grabbed my arm after class. "Hey," Nate said. "You're really smart. Do you want to be in my group?"

What he should have said, to quote Relient K, is "Nice to meet you. I'm your other half."

But we were both seriously dating other people at that time. So we did what came natural...we became the best of friends. & one day when I was particularly heartbroken, Nate wrote out a full list of all the reasons a man should love me.

But because I'm as thick as molasses, I did not see it. Even though everyone else, including Stevie Wonder, saw it. Skip ahead 2 years, 2 boyfriends (mine), 3 girlfriends (his), and you have us both miraculously single at the same time. One day, we broke our careful platonic boundaries & hugged on the sidewalk, outside of the business school. To quote Pioneer Woman, MY HINEY TINGLED. All the way down to my toes until I was sure I single-handedly powered the city with all the electricity running through my veins. FROM A SIMPLE HUG.

& then the flirting started. I batted my lashes. We had a water-gun fight on The Quad. We met for lunch, had an impromptu date at O'Charley's, & one night after a wild celebration on his impending graduation, I insisted that he crash in my dorm room rather than make the drive home. (I really liked him, you know, & preferred not to see him on the evening news).

Remember college? The twin bunk beds? No room for a couch in the 10x10 cell they call a room? ahh, memories. So we piled into my bed. Both of us covered up like nuns, facing each other but terrified of touching. COOTIES, y'all. I laid there, still as a churchmouse. Waiting for him to kiss me. I eventually gave up & fell asleep, leaving Nate wide awkae mentally kicking himself. HE'S IN BED. WITH A WOMAN. PRACTICALLY WEARING A PARKA TO ENSURE CHASTITY. When we woke up the next morning, I emotionally gave up. Until he leaned in & kissed me.

Dressed like nuns, squeezed in a twin bed, with morning breath. The last first kiss of my entire life!

& what followed was over a year of complete, absolute bliss:

What keeps our love strong?

No, seriously. We do. But we're that perfect combination of opposite enough to attract, similar enough to stay together. I know, so sweet that I just gave you ten cavities! After spending the summer of 2005 apart due to my work as a camp counselor, Nate slipped a diamond ring on my finger. (I'll have to have him guest blog to tell you how he asked my father for their blessing -- HI-larious.)

& eleven months later, I put on a huge white dress & met him at the end of an aisle...

Starting with a morning breath kiss that ended with a kiss on an alter, claiming him as MINE."

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Mrs. B said...

I think I just fell in love with Nate too...uh oh. I swear my hiney felt all tingly remembering my last first kiss as I read it. Too cute.

Mari said...

wonderful beautiful AHHH! AWWWW!!!


Rebekah said...

"My Hiney Tingled"...I'm dying! Love it!

(and you know it was meant to be when the first kiss is a morning breath kiss!)

HarmSkills said...

beautiful story and wonderful pics!

Diana said...

Love it! I love all the pics too. You made me feel like I was right there in bed with you two. ;p

Shahny said...

Beautiful Blair! I love it!

Mitzi G.!! said...

What a love story; I mean "her hiney tingled" that's love right there!!

Eliza said...

sweet story. I love this stuff. You know it's true love when the first kiss is with morning breath. That takes some guts, right there.

Mrs.F said...

That is the sweetest post ever. Makes me think of Hubbs & I first dating. And my post is the complete opposite of sweet!

Desi said...

This was one of THE sweeetest love stories I've ever heard!!! I'm kinda jealous ;)