Monday, June 10, 2013

countdown to stuff & things

clearly, i'm not aiming to win any awards for my blogging.

once a month updates, failure to check my blogger email & my lack of twittering has securely cemented my status as a somewhat flaky internet presence. hats off to those who do this as a job because, damn.

it's not that i dislike blogging- in fact, once i sit down & start typing i can find 500 million things to ramble on about. it's just the whole finding time & energy to sit down & start typing that i fail at. however i also fail at folding laundry, dusting, cleaning out my car & making dinner every night. so, nothing personal- ok?

so what's up right now?

- i spent a week in Marfa, TX at a photography workshop (3 weeks ago) & it was fantastic. i missed the girls like whoa but it was also pure euphoria not to be "responsible" for 4 days.
- i'm 36 weeks pregnant. that means in 4-5 weeks i'll be responsible for another human life. & i'll be buying stock in maxi pads....send chocolate. & some Dermoplast.
- i'm about 25% ready for said 3rd kid to arrive. you guys, i don't even have plain white onesies! i have some diapers, my boobs, random infant clothes & a (not yet installed) carseat. that's about it. i should probably get on that.
- this is my last week of work. as of friday i'll be a 100% stay at home mom. i fully suspect that i'll be a jumpy mess on monday- waiting for my phone to ring & work asking me where the hell i am. because i'm probably the only one who hasn't fully accepted that this is real. i mean, work bought me a cake & everything so clearly they're all like, "peace!" but i'm all like, "wait...what?"
- alex has been driving me crazy. literally. sometimes i just stare at her in horror. because she's my kid & i love her but i sort of want to...sell her. or something. maybe it's because she's 3.5 & there's a secret 3.5 year old club i didn't know about where they get together & plan ways & scenarios in which to make their parents think that they're the insane ones. i don't know. but that has to be it.
i mean, what other reason could there be for 24/7 tantrums, dramatic scenes at Target, random screaming over nothing, serious sass (like, makes my head spin sassy backtalk), way too much "i don't want that!" (& then 3 minutes later) "I WANT THAT!!!! OMG!!! THE WORLD IS ENDING & YOU DON'T LOVE MEEEEE!!!" & etc etc etc. it's mind boggling & i'm at a loss most of the time.
- thankfully brynn is still somewhat not as awful. i mean, she can pitch a fit worthy of an Oscar & she completely ignores me when i say "No. Stop. OMG YOU'RE GOING TO MAIM YOURSELF IF YOU JUMP OFF THAT TABLE!" but, i still have some control.
- we got a cool letter from the IRS that went something like, "hey! we like dicking with you so guess what? you owe us $2k from 2011! yay! isn't that super awesome, cool & fun? we think so too! so feel free to write a big fat check & send it our way before next month. ::thumbs up::"
needless to say, no. just no. so i hauled my huge self over to the IRS office today to sort it out. part of it we legit owe (& we knew that because we neglected to file a W-2) so we're down with sending that part to Uncle Sam- but the other part was because our lovely accountant neglected to file a form that let's the government know that we're using our HSA dollas for actual medical expenses. because i guess if you don't do that they think you spent $3k on a trip to Cabo. umbrella drinks in the house.
so thankfully i simply have to fill out a form & mail it in. but still. sitting in the IRS office is awkward. because there is no privacy & i'm totally aware that the lady in front of me owes over $25k in back taxes. dear God.
- i think that sums it up.

life is pretty much the norm. waiting for a baby. planning on a trip to the zoo for Father's Day. cleaning all the things! hugs & kisses from toddlers. ice eating. (like, insane amounts of ice eating because my low iron has induced pregnancy pica like mad & eating ice appeals to me more than...anything. even Ryan Gossling.) trips to the park & splash pad. summer temps. trying to temper my online shopping (because, hi, i don't have a $ paying job anymores). Target. Starbucks. getting pigs (yes, real pigs). & all that jazz.

& instagram (@lookatthebirds) still gets way more action than my "real" camera. but i'm ok with that right now.

& so on & so forth.
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