Friday, March 12, 2010

gettin' crafty

so i'm getting crafty this weekend/upcoming week.

yep- i'm going to get my hands dirty & make something ridiculously cute, come back & show it to all of you. i promise.

and if you're wondering how i'm going to find time for this between working, mothering, wifeing, twittering, facebooking & blogging- FEAR NOT!!!

the blogging part will be covered- how you ask? well, miss blair, miss southernbelle & mrsforeste are going to be guest blogging next week- do you recall me telling you this? i think you do!

monday = miss blair telling us all about her torrid love affair with her dashing husband, nate.
and becuse i'm kind, here's a little sneak preview:

"I met Nate in January 2002 in a Feminist Rhetoric Class.
Yeah. You read that correctly.
But it was either that or poetry, & since I failed THIRD GRADE POETRY, I was pretty sure Feminist Rhetoric was the better bet. Nate, one of the two males in the class, knew he could get an A with our professor. Those rugged good looks make even bra-burning professors weak in the knees..." theheirtoblair

ooooh! intrigued? well make sure to come back on monday to read the rest & swoon over blair/nate peek-tures.

it's like a mini harlequin romance novel (minus the heaving bosom & throbbing member parts)

uber romantic with a dash of hilarious. a must read!

and as always:
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many thanks!
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liz said...

Enjoy your blog-free week! I recently signed up for a sewing 101 class, and hope to gain some mad skills. :)


Ellemes said...

Excited to see what you make!

Eliza said...

Geeze, it's a guest blogging frenzy 'round these parts lately!!! Can't wait to read!

kristy said...

He thanks you for dying over his cuteness. Aren't weiners the best? I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the weiner onesie your kiddo was rockin. Seriously. It's adorable.

Diana said...

So... I was really expecting throbbing members, and now am disappointed. I guess I'll come back anyway. This is one of my first times visiting your site - after discovering your awesomeness on Twitter yesterday. (I'm lifeasaSAHM). I love it, your DD is so cute with the bubbles.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Im going to vote for you now :)