Monday, March 8, 2010

the weekend in pictures

so this weekend we went (stayed @ the MGM Grand) to Foxwoods. i had every intention on winning big- but alas. i did manage to blow $160 on slot machine though- terribly addicting.

anyway- here are a few pics:

rested & ready to gamble- but we must eat first:

a whole place devoted to noodles?! a must!

mmm- (i'm not sure why the hubs looks like a creepy killer in this picture)

i don't think i've walked more- that place was huge!

basically- i didn't win crap, but myself & one of my friends ended up dancing our asses off @ SHRINE. and not just in the regular section- oh no, VIP BABY! we didn't have to pay to get in or anything! we also managed to be the only 2 chicks involved in some guys huge bachelor party.
i don't think i've ever gotten so many free drinks in my life.
i did have to beat off several men vying for my attention on the dancefloor- but i guess that's how VIP's roll (right?) ha- i felt very "momish" at times but i still had a good time.
sooo- that = me not getting to bed until 2am. omg- wtf?! how do peolpe stay up that late??? i was exhausted the next morning- but i was up @ 7am so we could get home to alex.

these are basically the only pics of me all weekend. sometimes it sucks being the one behind the camera.
the shower had a glass door- i would feel oh, so naked using it.
i actually didn't look as horrible as i thought i would that morning.

aaaand there you go. we had a great time (even though we didn't win crap) and this makes me want to go to Vegas even more!

so, once we got home i decided we needed to go to Target & document alex sitting in her little shopping cart seat- omg, she was so freaking cute i couldn't even stand it!
see for yourself:

my child doesn't own a coat- i kid you not.
once inside:
daddy needs to get money out...
ok- all set.
and we're off!
omg- target is so fun!
and i made the hubs take pics of alex & myself...
checking the list...
lol- i look drunk & alex looks pissed.

hmmm, she looks even more pissed. i swear she was happy...
see? ha!
and so it was a success! i mean, how can you NOT be happy at Target?!

and in blog news: the guest blogger post is now closed- so i'll let the ladies make their choices & those entries will be up starting next mon!
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Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Glad ya'll had fun in Vegas (sorry 'bout the slots, though)!

Alex is so adorable in the Target cart, looks like she's lounging in a big fluffy la-z-boy.

And I've decided she and Knox have to get married (he loves older women) because their spawn would have fabu hair!

Anne said...

Love the pictures! Sounds like an awesome weekend, I voted for you :)

Eliza said...

Alex looks so chill and cool sitting in her cart! She truly is adorable!
Sorry about no big winnings....ah, it's fun anyway! It's good to get out and do something! :)

Jennifer said...

Great pictures!! You looked beautiful for your night out :)

I love the Boon! We have gotten a lot of use out of it for road trips and afternoon out and about. When we went to VT in February, we didn't even need to stop for feedings b/c I had the Boons loaded up with food, so we were able to eat on the go. I'd definitely recommend it!

staciemarie said...

alex is way too stinkin cute! (nice pear top)

Raising Madison said...

So cute. I love the play by play of the Target trip in photos :)

hypermom said...

I'm glad that you were able to get pictures of yourself; that's usually the case with us moms, we're always behind the camera :) happy you had a fun weekend :)