Friday, March 5, 2010

first post partum period

so i officially stopped pumping about 2 weeks ago. my milk is all but gone & the girls have returned to a smaller than before size. success- but now...she's back.

that's right- my old friend, my period.

she started making her entrance yesterday & then last night- she moved her stuff in & is now sleeping on my couch. ugh. i'd totally forgotten how annoying she is. however, there's also a comfort factor. it's like a really annoying co-worker that you love to hate. they might annoy the piss out of you- but you wonder where they are when they're gone. and when they finally come back- it's like- "oh, ok cool. i thought you'd quit." word.

anyway- it's not my period itself that annoying as much as her timing. we're headed to FoxWoods tomorrow & now i have to drag along an arsenal of tampons & pantyliners.

oh, and did i mention we'll be sharing a room with another couple? so yeah- they'll be privy to the fact that i'm on the rag thanks to the large amount of tampon wrappers that are sure to fill the bathroom trash. super.

aaaaand there you go.

anyway- i've finally gotten a chance to try & type up my review on Yo-Baby 3-in-1 Organic Meals so i'll be posting that later tonight along with a super sweet GIVEAWAY! hooray- so stay tuned!
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A Baby Peach said...

Bummer!!! But good to get things moving for your next IVF, right :)

Hey I have some questions about weaning now that I'm in the same boat... of course I had super low supply so I was thinking it wouldn't be an issue, but now that's not nursing AT ALL, it's getting painful! How much did you pump (I guess how bad did you let it get before you pumped a bit)? I don't want to pump too much/too often of course, but I don't want to get an infection either. I can deal with a little uncomfortableness (plugged ducts?) but not it if it's going to cause major issues...don't need more of those! haha

t.bird said...

oy- it REALLY sucked for 2 weeks. i went from pumping every 6 hours to every 8. then i went from pumping 20oz per session to like 15- then down some more. then i went from every 8 hours to every 12 (give or take)- all the while pumping less & less. finally i was down to 1x per day (probably the worst time of it all)

basically- it hurt. but the cabbage leaves totally worked- basically anything cold on the girls will help relieve the pain.

also- i let myself go as long as i cuold stand it- plus another 20 min or so. then i'd pump JUST enough for relief. then stop. it sucked to stop- oy!

but after 2 weeks i was pretty good. a little full sometimes but not nearly as bad. and then the last 2 weeks were nothing. i stopped pumping entirely & would only hand express every now & again to get rid of a lump or so.

so yeah- expect a little pain & only pump to relieve it. it's amazing how quickly your body catches on!

Emily Jean said...

I am still BF'ing but my period when Emerson was 11 months old! WORST DAY EVER! I totally forgot what it was like!

Buena said...

LOL--"and when they finally come back- it's like- oh, ok cool. i thought you'd quit." Great description.

Hopefully it won't put too much of a damper on your great weekend. Have fun!

Care said...

That does suck, huh? I am done breastfeeding too, but for some reason the old period still has not shown up. I am actually at the point where I want it to come, because then I could stop taking pregnancy tests every week! ha. Oh and I feel ya on the small boobies. :(

Ellemes said...

I was pretty bummed when my, shall we call, 'friend' arrived again after I stopped breast feeding.

And I don't know that my 'friend' ever visits when it's a good time for me. How rude!

hypermom said...

Ugh! Hate periods, especially mine because they're really, really heavy. Sometimes, I can hardly walk out the door because I'm just too heavy!

From FFF at MBC :)