Monday, July 27, 2009

darling things

i made some great scores at TJ Maxx this past weekend:

my new butter dish that matches my salt & pepper shakers- yay!

alexis' coming home outfit (most likely)- it's seriously the cutest thing

some more of those organic onsies that are insanely well priced! and some cute Puma sockies.

and then- in the mail today i received my very own birdie barrett holder:

this cuteness was made by miss mandy and i just LOVE it! it matches the nursery SO perfectly it's scary! thank you mandy!!!
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Friday, July 24, 2009

vom inducing post

so i ordered these darling watercolors from an Etsy seller- i was pretty stoked to get them on friday & went to rip open the package about 20 min after the husband brought it in.

well i was opening it and i noticed a couple little ants- so i squashed them & figured they found their way into our mailbox somehow- so i opened it some more & noticed more um, gross! so i ran outside to our porch & made my husband open it the rest of the way....OH MY GOD! i almost died. there was literally an ANT NEST inside the package, i mean, there were little eggs & everything- i almost fell off the porch in horror. even my husband was like- "Dude...gross"


so i took some pics...(you can see i'm NOT exagerating when i say there was HUNDREDS of ants!!!)

are you itchy yet? are you squirming & covering your mouth in horror?! because i still am- UGH!
so i messaged the Etsy seller & sent her the pics & she was equally as horrified- she assured me that they had no idea what had happened because they package these pics in their bedroom (yikes)
i threw the whole mess into a bag & taped the shit out of it- i'm going to put it in an envelope & mail it back today & we're going to go from there.
but seriously- isn't that aweful? everytime i look at those pictures i get ichy & twitchy. I FREAKING HATE ANTS!!!!!
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Monday, July 20, 2009

wet bags

so since we'll be using cloth diapers, wet bags are a must. in fact, i think wet bags are a must regardless- you never know when you need a waterproof bag to toss something into!

so thanks to the magical land of Etsy i have purchased 3 wet bags (s, m & l) from this wonderful, talented seller- monkeyfootdesigns (she also happens to reside in NH like myself- we had a lovely conversation about the lack of summer & excess of raaaain)

here they are:

this one i got in a Small (done)

this one i'm getting in a Large (custom order)

and this one (fabric) i'm getting in a Medium (custom order)
they are sooo adorable! she has so many other awesome fabrics as well- but these 3 were def my favs. i cannot wait to get them- they can also be used as a cute cluth or a "catch all" bag- very versatile!
SO- if you're looking for a wetbag then i'd suggest yuo look no further! hers are aaawesome!
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Monday, July 13, 2009

31 weeks

because i'm cheap, i'm going to attempt to take my own maternity photos & edit them.
here's a start- i'll take some "fancy pants" ones in a couple weeks. we'll see how that goes.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

30 weeks 1 day

30 weeks 1 day- wow.

i can't help but laugh at how off center my linea nigra is- goodness!

i had an appt on Tues and i only put on another few pounds so i think i'm up to 15lbs in all. whew- let's see how much more i can pack on i the next 10 weeks...
done :)
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nursery sneak peek

ok so the nursery isn't quite done- but we're almost there! here's a little preview:

nice view of the rug ::squee:

her very empty closet


changing pad/cover

crib & close up of the sheets

the mobile

some of her things

some of the artwork- i just ordered 3 more of these wax paintings today ::eeek::

and there you go! i need to find a light fixture & the glider will go in front of the window next to the hutch & closet and the diaper pail will either hang from the wall (if it's cloth) or go next to the hutch as well. she'll also need more clothing (obviously) and other things (diapers, wipes, blankets- etc)

it's mostly done (big stuff wise) but lots of little things are still needing to be put up. once the rest of the atwork gets here i can decide where i want what. woot!
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2nd anniversary

happy 2nd anniversary!

2 years down...alot to go. if he's lucky. der.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

schedule & etc

pictures will follow- perhaps this evening. but i'm lazy, so no promises.

nursery floor = done (minus the trim because my father i law forgot his nail gun- der. he'll do it next time he comes. very well then.
nursery furniture = done! the husband set it up on friday night & it's oh- so lovely! on sat we purchased the mattress, changing pad, sheets, waterproof mattress pad & changing pad cover. i set everything up & it's darling.
mobile = hung. woot.
nursery carpet = layed out. i. seriously. love. it.
hospital tour = tonight (mon) @ 6. should be good times.
30 week OB appt = tues. yay.
2nd aniversary = tues. damn.
work trip (includes flying to FL) = July 29th-Aug 1st. should

etc etc etc = so much more to do. goodness. my work is neevr done. never, ever, ever.
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