Monday, May 13, 2013

mother's day

realistically, i am well aware that every day is mother's day. 

every morning when i wake up my first thoughts are that of mom. when i get up at 1, 3 & 5am am to pee (thank you un-born son)- i'm mom. 
i peek in on my sleeping children because i'm mom. i make breakfast, snacks, lunch & dinner because, mom.
clothing is washed, floors are cleaned, hair is combed, noses are wiped, diapers are changed, pee is cleaned up, discipline happens, punishments are doled out, bribes are made, hugs & kisses are given & "i love you!"'s are said because i'm mom.

so yes. mother's day = every day & i have to tip my hat in acknowledgment to the corporate giants for lumping all of those days into 1 Sunday a year in order to boost the economy. well played Hallmark.

but it's still awesome. & while mom are always awesome- they're just a little more awesome this 1 day a year, you know? at least that's what my children tell me. 

so happy mother's day. yesterday, today & tomorrow & next week. & etc etc. 

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