Monday, March 22, 2010

happy monday

i feel like i haven't written in forever- and i suppose i haven't. a week of giveaways & guest bloggers gave me a little bit of a break. but i'm also itching to tap away at my keyboard. tap tap tap.

well this weekend was beautiful. i took friday off & alex & myself headed down to Boston to meet up with some friends (lovely ladies i've met from thenest)- it was a GORGEOUS 70 degrees! simply perfect weather for a day around the town.

we hit up the New England Aquarium & then strolled the streets. we had an awesome lunch that simply refused to be ruined, even by our bitch of a waitress (i kid you not, she hated us all from the get-go. no idea why either- we were super nice) & proceded to get dessert at a delish little italian bakery. perfection.

we hung out in the park for a little bit, took some pics said our goodbyes & headed home.
after i paid out the ass for parking (hello $30) i was lucky enough to sit in traffic for over an hour. terrible. if there is one thing i HATE in this world- it's traffic. thankfully alex slept most of the time & i wasn't forced to pull over on the side of a crowded highway.

we got home & i got alex to bed so i could pack for the next day's Boston adventure (hello 25th birthday party for the bff)- i got packed (hello 3 dresses, what to wear?!) and went to bed.
i got up early so i could clean house and do laundry (fun) & after kissing the hubs & babe- the ladies & i were off.

we got to The Hyatt, dropped our bags & headed out to shop. it was 75 degrees & people were really embracing the weather. i've never seen more cleavage & ass cheeks. Lord.

anyway- we finished up, got gussied up & headed out to dinner/drinks. we sat on the rooftop of Splash and enjoyed overpriced appetizers & drinks. we then headed out to Felt to get our "dance on" and this is where the night turned sour. dun dun dun!

now, most of the ladies in attendance knew each other previously, but 2 girls are friends with my bff (from work) and they tagged along. one of the girls was awesome- funny, witty- the works. but the other one do i say this delicately? FREAKING ANNOYING AS PISS! seriously- think whiny, clingy, immature- eh.
anyway- said girl decides to fall on her ass & vomit everywhere about 30 min after we get to Felt. i didn't see it go down (thank God because, hello EMBARRASING!) but i came over in time to see puke all over the floor. super.

long story short- said girl needs to leave per the bouncers, however my bff & the other ladies that KNOW this girl, are pissy & don't want to leave- so who has to take this stranger back to the hotel? why me of course! me, my other bff & a another girl (who lives in Boston & knows her way around) all head out with pukey girl & take her back.

she tells us her parents are going to come get her so we head back out- by this time there's a line at the door to Felt (duh) so we tell the other to meet us outside.
we do our best to get into another GOOD club but of course all the good clubs have lines.

by this time i'm getting pretty pissed off. i wanted to dance- that was it and instead i'm stuck on the streets of Boston getting hit on by 35 year old men who are desperately trying to hold onto their youth by wearing backwards Red Sox hats & Abercrombie & Fitch- ugh.

so we go into one "club" and immediately walk out (it was beyond lame)- we head to another one that was "pretty cool" according to the chick that lives in Boston- well we get in there & it's again, beyond lame. like seriously? we were all dressed to the 9's and people were in cutoff jeans & t-shirts. i was PISSED! we waited 20 freaking minutes to get drinks- and they were watered down & served in platic cups.

ok- i'm SEETHING NOW! but trying to make the best of it i agree to check out the, yeah. not happening. it sucked.

so me & my bff (not the one who's b-day it was) decide to bounce (lol, bounce).
by now it's like 12:30AM and we can't get in anywhere. everyone else stayed in the craphole "club" but we just couldn't.

we walked back to Felt (and hello, no more line!) but the cover was $15 so we said screw it.
we went back to our room and went to bed. IN BED @ 12:45AM on a SATURDAY NIGHT IN BOSTON! SO FREAKING LAME!!!! i was so pissed- i didn't get to dance to one single song. SHIT!

anyway-the other ladies all felt like shit the next morning (go figure) but thankfully they all slept in a seperate room (score) so my friend & i got some breakfast & walked to the North End Market.

then we rounded up the ladies & hit the road around 12:30pm. i dropped everyone off & was home by 2pm. i told my tale of woe to the husband (who was secretly pleased that i didn't get to dance) and after loving all over the babe- decided that we needed to go to the mall (hello 30$ off gap coupon)

i didn't find much (stupid baby gap) but i did get a pretzel at Aunti Annies and that makes everything better.

we got home, i fed alex & put her down, edited some pictures (i'll get those up soon), watched Family Guy & went to bed.

what a weekend, huh?

anyway- the husband managed to get the most adorable video of all time while i was gone- watching it when i got home made me forget about every moment of annoyance from the 24 hours prior: (go to the bottom & pause the music- then turn up your speakers- tee hee)

right?! how can anyone be upset about ANYTHING after watching that video?!
gah! my child is the best thing ever.

and there you go. the weekend in review. hello Monday.
i hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend- and now i need to go catch up on my fellow bloggers....and work. heh.

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Anne said...

There is always one dumb chick that drives everyone nuts...gross.

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Love the video! That giggle is the best!

Sorry about pukey girl... how lame. :(

Rebekah said...

I feel like you were sitting next to me telling me this story-arms waving, attitude flying.

I watched Alex laughing last night on FB and again here. SO CUTE!

Diana said...

Always someone like that. I wanted to throat punch her for you.
How fun you get to meet nesties - I've never met anyone from the Bump IRL but would love to. Small town suckage doesn't allow for me to do that however.

Eliza said...

No dancing?!?!?! (hello travesty). That su-ucks! Some girls just can't hold their liquor.

But that video does make it all better!

Saffy said...

I was giggling about your trip...and then I got to the clip and boy Alex's giggle is infectious :) Sooooooooooooooooo cute!!!