Monday, March 29, 2010

weekend in review

alex was in rare form this weekend: whiney, fussy, crying, drooly, snotty, tired- the works!
the culprit? teething. oy! what a horrible thing this teething is- i really hope it's over soon because my poor child is miserable.

however- she's a real trooper & still provides us with smiles, hugs, snuggles & picture opps.
for your viewing pleasure:

this is actually a picture fail. i told the husband to stand her up straight & allow me to get the crowsmack design in full view- neither happened.
however she's still adorable. so it's a win for the blog.

then i needed to run out last night & the hubs was outside splitting wood- so my genius idea included the child bundled up & in her bouncer- outside style.

honestly- she was pretty content:

"hello leaves & wind, i'm alexis!"

"hello mr. cricket, i love you!!"

too cute my child is.

so we finally got off our butts & opened up alex's savings account this weekend. we set it up so she can't touch it until she's 18 UNLESS WE touch it but only for HER BENEFIT. so, we can't use it to pay for groceries- but we can use it to buy her a car when she's 16- something to that effect.

so now she officially has more money in her account that i do- super. i'm a little jealous.

i also officially gagged while changing her diaper. yes- it was THAT horrible. i could literally taste it. it didn't help that we were in the car with no air escape- and it also didn't help that it was up her front & back- dear God. the husband stated that it was "the most horrible thing he'd ever smelled" and quickly exited the vehicle while i was forced to soldier on. just aweful.

last night when i had to run out (see above photos of my neglect) it was to meet up with 2 friends. now this might not seem like a "had to" but when 1 of said friend is super pregnant (with her 7th child- yes, 7th!!!) & due like, yesterday- then it's a "had to". she wanted to go to H&M & Bare Escentuals & there was no way i was saying no to her.

so off i went- it was actually a fab time because i got to hang out with 2 people that i've really lost touch with over the years. we walked (baby didn't come out- booo) & talked & ate- and it was awesome.

p.s. pregnant friend is having her 7th child- her FIRST girl (hello, 6 boys?!?! ahhhh!) and looked freaking amazing. she was also 4cm dialated & 100% effaced- but skipped around like it was nothing. um, not fair.

and that about sums it up- i feel like we did so much more but i realize now that all of "that" was simply errands of which hold no onterest for you guys.

and feel free to vote. cause voting = love!

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Desi said...

Hi there! New follower here :). You have a beautiful family and I'm totally dealing with the same issue. TEETHING. I agree... It sucks.

Care said...

Haha at the poo. It gets smellier at this stage, huh?

she is so cute

Eliza said...

lol at the awful smelly diaper. Hubby was a wuss! ;)

Anne said...

Jumperoo outside! Fun stuff.

Team Scienski said...

My huzbie thinks he will be avoiding diaper duty at all cost, isn't that cute? ;)

Ro said...

Oh man, I'm sorry about the teething drama :( I hope it happens quickly and she's back to her sweet self again soon!

Rebekah said...

Pretty sure she gets cuter by the day...

Bekah said...

i think we are also in the beginning stages of teething, but im trying to deny it! noooooo

Mrs.F said...

Ok if you wake up in the morning & that bird onesie is missing from Alex's dresser... it totally wasn't me. Just givin you a heads up ;)

shawnandlarissa said...

Jumperoo outside = genious