Saturday, November 28, 2009

new slippers

new bunny slipper from Nenea (my mother):

heh. presh.
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someone LOVES sophie:

she gets ahold of her & just gnaws & gnaws. the husband insists that it's just an overpriced dog toy- which may be true- and the dogs want it something aweful. we'll see how long before they get it in their clutches.

nom nom nom.
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2 months old!

indeed! and that meant 2 month shots- yikes!
she screamed & screamed but i was able to calm her down fairly quickly- then she was pretty sleepy the rest of the day but not too fussy. i topped her off with some tylenol and she slept like a baby ;)

alls well that ends well!
2 month stats:
11 lbs 5 oz
23 3/4 inches long
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Friday, November 20, 2009

the husband's birthday present.

this is what i got the husband for his birthday:

the Bose® CineMate® Digital Home Theater Speaker System

he's literally been begging for surround sound for 2 years & i've always said no because frankly, i think it's pointless. but alas, i had no other ideas for gifts this year so he got what he wants. i told him it's half of his Christmas gifts too because the cost was obcene.

when the guy asked me "will you be paying with a credit card...?" i was like, well, duh. no, no let me whip out some cash. right.

anyway- he set it up last night & was raving about how good it sounds. honestly, it does sound better, but i didn't mind what our tv sounded like before anyway. sooo yeah. but it makes him happy- so happy early bithday.

in other news:
alex seems to have a mild milk allergy- which means that i've had to cut out all "obvious" dairy from my diet. that's right- no milk, cheese, butter, cream, cheese, cheese, cheese, sour cream, cheese ::sob::

i might die- i want pizza so bad. however, it seems to only be a mild allergy so i'm not having so go so far as to eliminate all dairy (hidden dairy & such). she's had some mucus-y & slightly bloody stools & a milk allergy was the only thing that made sense. however she's not overly fussy or gassy & doesn't have any rashes or congestion so we can't be positive if it's an allergy or not.
i cut out obvious dairy 3 days ago & her poops honestly look better already- so i'm thinking that's what it was. she has her 2 month appt on the 24th (and shots- dun dun dun) so we're going to see if the pedi can verify. i think i'll save on of her diapers & bring it in. yum.

but yeah- hopefully she grows out of it quickly, but if that's what it is & if she doesn't then i'm going to have to donate all my breastmilk (i'm pumping now & storing the "dairy free" milk) which kills me. i have so freaking much & i worked pretty hard for it- but alas.

but yeah- we shall see.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

30 day shred

30 Day Shred: Day 1 = eff you Jillian Michaels!!!

i can barely walk up and down the stairs now ::sob::
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first sexy time after delivery

so it finally happened.

as i snuggled into the sheets lasts night & started to drift off into dreamland, i felt it. IT! the husband's hand casually placed on my hip like, "what's up?" this casual hand to the hip is his "i want to have maritals" sign.

i won't lie- i cringed. not because i don't love my husband, but because i don't love the thought of sex. not now, not ever! i felt the sahara, that is my lady parts, brewing up a sandstorm. oh God.

well, i can't put it off forever right? so we got it done. it was rather awkward/hilarious. we've never used lube (and that was a MUST) so when i told him he needed to use it he balked. but he figured it out- and while he did that i squirted about 1/2 cup more into the desert for good measure. THERE'S A DROUGHT PEOPLE!

since foreplay is pretty limited (the husband had no idea where to put his hands since the boobs are off limit- he kept rubbing my neck...weirdo) it shouldn't have taken long to get down to business, but i put it off as long as i could. i finally told him to "hop in, let's get this done"- poor guy. so romantic of me.

we took it slow aaaand- it wasn't really that bad. i mean, i'd rather do other things- like watch the hills or do laundry (far more pleasurable) but it wasn't horrible. it didn't feel great, but it didn't feel bad either, you know? it was just like- oh yeah, ok- i guess this'll do.
thank GOD for lube though- yeesh.

so yeah- we got the job done. i'm sure it'll be better next time ::fingers crossed::

p.s. the husband said it felt just like it always has ::whew::

p.p.s. i'm pretty sure the husband wiped his luby hand on my body pillow even though he said he didn't ::side eye::
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bum Genius 3.0's - cloth diapers

so alex started wearing her cloth diapers yesterday- i must say, her fluffy butt is way too cute:

tee hee! they fit very well and the newborn inserts contain her poops & pees splendidly for now.i but in the bigger insert for overnight & i'm glad i did because it was pretty soaked when she woke up- but no leaking! the husband isn't too keen yet (because it's not as easy as throwing on a disposable) but he'll get used to it. we still have some dsposables on hand for going out & such, but i'm going with the cloth for the everyday! she went through 8 or so yesterday so those are currently being washed & dried. i'm def. going to need to invest in about 14 more or so. we have 14 now so i think that'll give me a good stash.
and just as important- a chic wet bag for her diapers:

it works wonderfully! monkeyfoot designs people- this is a large sized wet bag- i have a small & medium one too & the medium one is perfect for the diaper bag & the small one is for other odds & ends- it'd only really fit 1 cloth diaper- so, perfect for a quick run out if needed.

in other news: alex likes nomming on max. he tolerates it wonderfully & gives her many kisses when she's done- then he licks off all her drool. so presh. ha.

yes- i let me child nom my dogs ::gasp:: :)
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

pooping after pregnancy- the reality

so, no one tells you that your bowels don't always return to normal after you push out your offspring. in fact, i thought it'd be smooth sailing. i have a lovely child, minimal tearing and i've healed up nicely- so i should be able to poo in peace. wrong.

in fact, it is with fear & trepidation that i now approach the toilet with. the thought of deficating make me shudder- because it HURTS DAMNIT! and why? i eat more fiber than the average human- i down Sunsweet Ones like candy, i take my Colace like a good girl & i drink enough water that my $30 Brita filter purchase has paid for itself many times over. so why can't i just "go" in peace?

who freaking knows? so i suck it up. i stock up on Tucks, Cortizone 10- and just today, Miralax (which i drove 20 min out of the way to pick up at a Shaws with a Self Checkout because i'm 15 years old and can't stand the thought of someone checking me out & then thinking about me needing to poo) i also purchase these lovely Pearls that are supposed to regulate things.

so, i'm hoping that things will go back to normal eventully. i can't live in fear forever.
i also got my 30 Day Shred video in the mail- perhaps a little bit of excersice will do me (and my intestines) some good.

so now you all know full well what is going on with me & my bowels. oy.
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Friday, November 13, 2009

hunting season

i am a hunting widow tonight & tomorrow. thankfully my child sleeps through the night or i'd be terrified at the thought. specially since i have to have the dogs at the vet (who happens to be 40 min away) @ 9:30 in the AM.

obviously the husband thinks i'm superwoman. eh.
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

long overdue updates

i'm such a slacker- i haven't updated in forever- so here are some recent pics:

bumbo time!

sleeping with daddy time...

pretty dress time!


so- alex is almost 7 weeks and it's AMAZING how much she's grown! she smiles & "talks" (you know, those baby babbls & such) she pushes herself up and looks around- it's awesome!
she has her 2 month appt on the 24th and i'm curious to see how much she weighs- she's freaking huge! her 0-3 month clothes are getting a bit tight and short.
she's doing awesome too- she takes a few naps during the day but she's awake alot more- then she goes down around 9:30-10pm and sleeps till 4-4:30am (which is PERFECT for when i go back to work) so i'm pleased.
she eats ALOT and i've been trying to chill out my milk supply because it's just to much (i hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass) she also poops alot (like through her diaper & onto my lap this morning) and pees & spits up & all that adorable stuff.
we give her a bath every other day or so, which she loves, but then we have to lotion her up, which she LOATHES! literally, she'll scream like a banchee so i try to make it as quick as i can. sheesh.
aaanyway- so all is well in her world.
as for my world- i spent 2 hours in a dentist chair last week for 1 of my crowns- and tomorrow i get to go back for another hour to have her replace a filling. and then i'm sure i'll have to schedule a few more appts so she can go to town on whatever else she wants to do- super. anyone who knows me knows that i freaking HATE going to the dentist. i could care less about the 6 inch needle in my mouth- it's the sitting there in the chair with my mouth open & my lips chapping. suuuuck.
anyway, then i had my 6 week pp checkup last week (down to 135- woot!)- all is well & healed & she gave me the green light for "whatever"- ie: maritals, but i have yet to take the plunge. maybe this weekend- who knows. we're always so exhausted that we literally fall asleep as soon as we hit the sheets. so who knows.
hmmm- ah yes, i got my last maternity leave check & so until Jan i have NO MONEY! yiiikes- i mean, i have plastic- but no cash. looks like the husband will be "lending" me some moola because mommy is poor. right in time for birthdays & Christmas- not so great. but alas. i'll of him. HA! sucker.
and that's that. since the princess is sleeping i should take this opportunity to pump, do laundry & figure out dinner....instead i'm going to watch something about the Giant Sloth (because sloths are my all time FAVORITE animal- seriously. so freaking cute)
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