Wednesday, May 21, 2008

WTF Appt scheduled!!!

WTF?! Appt w/RE: June 3rd @ 3 p.m.

yay! i'm glad we got an appt so fast! i also spoke with the nurse today & told her i was having an OBVIOUS period & i am NOT taking any more supps or pills- she said ok, i also told her i want my BETA test moved up- she said ok, hah! of course she did! i have to go in tomorrow @ 7 for my pointless blood test. they're also going to check some other levels too. she kept saying my LP was short but it really wasn't- she didn't know i had a 5 day transfer- psha!
so yeah- she was saying if my progesterone level sucks then i'll have to do PIO shots next time- um, NO! my levels were fine! even high! so i can hopefully just stick to the suppositories. she also said my FET wouldn't be this cycle (obviously) but most likely next cycle (so june! yay!) and yeah. soooo, i'm glad they have finally listened to me & that i have a WTF?! appt set up & that we have some frozen embies!
that's all for now- i'm going to go do all the things pregnant women can't do :)
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shawna said...

I hope that they have some answers for you. I was really hoping that this would work for you.

Echloe said...

: (

I'm sorry this one didn't work out for you. Prayers for next time.