Saturday, May 31, 2008

my saturday

so i'm going to one of my best friend's bridal shower today. she's getting married on 8/8/08!!! i'm so happy for her- it's funny too because i got married on 7/7/07 :) aaaanyway- i wrapped up her baking pans & such last night & i must say, i love my wrapping job:

wouldn't you be excited to open this?!

aaalso- i got my Plumeria Plant (white plumeria) on thursday. i thought it was supposed to have blooms but it obviously does not- but it's ok- it's got 2 pretty leaves (there were 3, stupid USPS) & some great roots. i re-potted it yesterday with a nice 50/50 mix of Sta Green All Purpose Potting Mix & Perlite- i watered it well & let it drain- and now i won't water it again until the soil is nice & dry. i'm really hoping it grows well & give me some flowers next spring. i also ordered another one with blooms (orange/pink blooms) and that should get here sometime next week.

the cats we're very interested in this new addition!
and that's about it- now i'm just looking forward to our wtf?! appt on tues!!! i can't wait to start my FET cycle! i really pray it works this time- PLEASE GOD!
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