Saturday, May 10, 2008

fert report#2

ok so they've pushed us out to a 5 day transfer! they said all the embryos look good so we should have a good selection on mon- they'll call tomorrow with another update- i'm so excited!

but i'm also annoyed because we haven't told any family that we've been TTC- i just didn't want to. but today brandon i supposed to go shooting with his dad, brother & uncle- well since there was also a chance of the ET being today i told him he would have to let them know he might not be able to make it- i told him to come up with an excuse. so what does he use? he uses ME! he tells them "it's something medical with trina" but he doesn't give them a good excuse- so his parents are the classic worrywarts and they keep calling and asking if i'm ok. he says yes, but he can't tell them what it is...?! why would you say that?! now they're NOT going to let up- he finally had to tell them "it's something to do with us having trouble getting pregnant" and then he said they felt bad because they could THEN tell he didn't want to say anything. UGH! so annoying! he didn't use ANY of the excuses i gave him that would have worked FINE- no- he has to say that. whatever. as long as they don't mention it i'll be fine- i don't need any addtl pressure. blah.
so i'm a bit annoyed about that but it's not the end of the world i guess. i mean, if (WHEN!) this works, we don't plan on telling anyone till at least 12 weeks anyway- so it'll still be a surprise of sorts. at least my parents don't know...because they're not SUPER NOSY WORRYWARTS!
heh- no i love my in-laws but i wish they had just left it alone. meh.

anyway- i'm still bloated & crampy from the ER so i'm gonna rest up & read today. i was supposed to go shooting but i really don't feel up to it- so, no go. it'll be a nice day to just relaaaax. we did mother's day for my mom last night, so we only have to do his mom tomorrow- so that'll give me another day to just chill out too. it'll be good.
ok that's it.
God Bless
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