Thursday, May 8, 2008

no fert report

the nurse called & i got all excited to hear the news...yeah- no news. she was just calling to see how i felt- she said i would get a call tomorrow afternoon with my fert report & info on either our 3 or 5 day transfer. ::scowls:: i want my fert report right now! ugh!
whatever i guess- patience is a virtue. blah
in other news: i got up at least 4 times to pee last night- yeah- i'm guessing it's because i was forced to drink about a gallon of nasty, ass Gatorade yesterday. meh! also the progesterone supps. aren't a walk in the park either- they kind of splooge out at random moments & even panty liners don't cut it- oh well- if this is what it takes to get us a baby i'll do it!
i'm still a little crampy from yesterday but otherwise, i'm feeling pretty ok!
anyway- i'm off to a "training class" at work- i'm so happy it's almost the weekend- yessss!
God Bless!
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