Saturday, May 17, 2008


i love lilacs- they're probably my favorite flower & smell.
i was feeling pretty BLAH today after my BFN so when my MIL called & told me her lilacs were in bloom and that i could come over & get some, i was thrilled. my husband & i drove over & i left with a big ole bunch of them:

i'm a little worried that my cats will try & eat them because that's what they do- but so far they've sniffed & don't seem very interested. i also put them up a little high & made it so they can't jump up on the book shelf. ha! suckers.
::sigh:: they're sooo pretty & they smell sooo good. that & my brownie sundae from DQ have put me in a pretty ok mood for the rest of the night :)
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Sasha & Mark said...
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Sasha & Mark said...

Gorgeous!! I love fresh cut home-grown flowers.

OMG! I usually have my sound off-- My DH is a HUGE Jeff Buckley fan!

You've got great taste! :)

p.s. I'm hoping that the bfn is just too early. I think cramping is a v. good sign! GL!

Stephanie said...

Those are so goregous! My parents have lilacs in their yard and they were right outside my bedroom window, I remember that smell filling my bedroom every spring.