Tuesday, May 20, 2008

8dp5dt = BFN


i'm calling it- i tested again and it was a BFN- duh. so i went against dr's orders & didn't take my progesterone suppositories last night or this morning- and now i can feel AF starting to "move"
i'm still getting the stupid Estrace pills today & i'm trying to decide if i'm going to use them or not- i'm thinking no, but i'm not sure. they're not going to do anything- but i feel like my RE will know if i don't use them, and then he'll yell at me or something. yikes! but it's stupid- it's a waste of time & money for me to take them. blah.

so now we wait- wait for my period to start with a vengence and then wait till my pointless Beta on the 27th and then wait for our WTF Appt with the RE and then wait to start our FET cycle and then wait some more. stupid waiting- it's very boring. whatever- i'm going to drink my 180 today & eat chocolate & have sex (well, not today- haha) & change the cat litter box (meh)
God Bless
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