Wednesday, May 14, 2008


so- i feel like my period is coming. THAT is how i feel. i am crampy & hungry & blah blah. but i also had really sharp pains this morning for a couple hours- but those have vanished & are now just dull, aching cramps.
now, i think it's a little too early for AF- my cycle started 05/01 & it's only 05/14. so even if this was a usual cycle- i wouldn't have even ovulated yet. so maybe this is a good thing? i don't know. it's probably just the progesterone supps. those things suck- i feel like a leaky faucet all day long. it's nasty. even pantyliners don't really do much because it's...wet. i'm like a leakey, wet, gross thing. ha!
yeah- so- i know i shouldn't be EXPECTING to feel anything yet- but according to google, most 5day transfer blasts, implant within 48 hours of the transfer- soooo, yeah..!? who know.
i'm really praying this is it- with everything in me, i want this to be it- but i can't get my hopes uo. it;s really sad but i'm already "planning" what i will do next cycle. IF has stolen all hope & positive thoughts about TTC from me. it really sucks.
but i'm going to try! i'm going to TRY and be positive!! please God!! help me! i'm a little bummed my Beta isn't until 05/27- that seems rather far away- i mean, since my LP is usually 12 days- could i not test @ 7dp5dt & possibly get a BFP? i dunno. we'll see what i decide to do. depends on what my body is telling me.
alright- that's all for now. i'm just willing the next two weeks to go by quickly!
God Bless
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Blogger said...

Girl... I say that you should start testing out... so you can POAS when you want and find out earlier and know that it's real.