Sunday, May 18, 2008


i just realized that i was wrong. my last period started 04/25- so my next one is due 05/22- which is in 4 days. for some reason i thought it wasn't due till the 28th. ugh. so this cramping could very well be AF on the way. i also wiped this morning & i'm pretty sure i'm spotting- i say pretty sure because i'm pretty irritated "down there" from these stupid progesterone supps so i have no idea, but i'm sure it's spotting- just because. i'm not feeling positive anyway.

no symptoms- BFN yesterday- why the fuck do i have to wait till the 27th for my Beta?! if AF starts on time i'm going to call and demand they move it up- also i don't want to drive to fucking lexington to have my blood drawn- they need to find me somewhere closer. ugh.

i'm so pissed off. i had my crying jag yesterday and today, i'm just pissed.
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