Friday, May 2, 2008

stim day 7 check-up

so i went in this morning @ 6:45ish for my 7th day of stimming check-up. i had a different nurse than usual for my ultrasound & i didn't like her as much as the other one. it felt like she was trying to shove the and up my hoo-ha as far as it would go! she also used waaaay to much lube- gross. and she didn't talk while she was doing it ::pouts:: but she was effecient. my follicles are maturing nicely (she gave me #'s but she said it way to fast for me to even try & remember) but i know i heard: 15mm- 14mm- 13mm- 12mm & 11mm. so that fabulous! also my bloodwork nurse obviously doesn't know how to hold down the gauze after pulling the needle out because i have a beautiful bruise on the inside of my arm now- awesome.

anyway- they just called back with my results & they are as follows:
E2= no #'s but she said it "looks good"
Follicles= see above (basically a bunch of nice maturing ones on oth sides)
Gonal-f= i need to up my does from 75ui (or is it iu?) to 112.5ui for tonight
Ganirelix= i need to take another shot tomorrow morning before my appt.
Follow Up= tomorrow morning @ 9:45a.m.

so yeah- everything still looks good! i am SO sick of driving out there every day but i really shouldn't complain!!! i'm going to make brandon take me tomorrow- sucker!
and that's it for now- God Bless!
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E_Sharp said...

Wear that bruise with pride!
Not everyone can have battle scars.

Stephanie said...

Sounds like things are going along great!! :) I have had lots of bruises on my arm too. At one point it was permenant for a few weeks b/c every time it healed I'd get a new one. I am so hopeful that this is going to work for you!