Wednesday, May 7, 2008

back from ER!!! 21 eggs!!!

c&p from the nest:

yay! i'm back- a little sore "down there" and a little woozy & tired, but otherwise feeling fine. i was SO hungry- so i'm happy to be able to finally eat!it was over before i knew it! one minute i had the mask over my face & the next minute i was waking up! that was the best sleeo of my life! it took a little longer than usual because they got 21 eggs!! the nurses were very impressed & the dr was happy! she said that was the most she's seen in a long time- so yay! i'm an egg making machine!they also said my husband specimin was very good- so yay again!they'll call me with a fert report tomorrow & i can't wait!!! for now i'm going to eat, drink lots of Gatorade & sleep. good luck to all my IVF cycle buddies who are having ER's today- my fingers are crossed for you!
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Emily said...

Sounds like it went wonderfully! Can;t wait for your fery report! I am glad I met a blogger who uses exclamation points as much as I do!!! :) Rest up!