Sunday, May 25, 2008

the chronicles of narnia

we went and saw Prince Caspian and it was aaaawesome. it almost made me cry because it brought me back to all the the dreams and imagination i had as a child. i used to sit and PRAY to God that He would let me find the entrance into Narnia. i just wanted to BE there SO BAD! haha- it's funny now but back then, my imagination took over and i REALLY believed that there was a Narnia. i totally convinced myself. even now, there is a small piece of me that still wants it to be true. of course it's not- but i can dream!

but yeah- it was awesome. if you have an affinity for The Chronicles Of Narnia, like i do, then i strongly suggest you go see this movie. you won't be dissapointed.

i also needed some new flowers because my lilacs died- they had a good run though. so i went over to The Blushing Rose and bought some white & blue hydrangeas:

they're beautiful & they smell wonderful- one of the cats (i'm thinking it was gary) knocked them over- but they survived the fall and still look wonderful. they won't last long- i'll probably get 3-4 days out of them- but it'll be worth it! i had wanted these for my wedding centerpieces but they were out of season & way to $$$. this little bunch alone cost me $8! so yeah- we went with some cheaper white nondescript flowers. it worked.
God Bless
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Stephanie said...

Glad you had a good time at the movie. Those flowers are so pretty. I love hydrangeas! We have a bush in our garden but it hasn't been blooming...I have to figure out what we aren't doing right.