Sunday, May 4, 2008

stim day 9 checkup

so, i don't know how many more shots my poor arms can take:
i look like a heroin adsict- meh!

ok so anyway: i went in this morning @ 8:45- i had my Bw&US & afterwards took my Ganirelix shot. i just got a call back from the nurse:

Follicles= 24 measurable ones- so that's good.
E2= really high (i've been told to drink Gatorade-64oz. ugh, i hate Gatorade)
Protein= i need to increase is by 30 grams a day (how the hell?)
Gonal-F= none tonight. they're going to "coast" me. whatever that means.
Ganirelix= tomorrow morning before my appt
Follow-Up= tomorrow @ 6:45a.m. (ugh)

so no trigger tonight- they're going to "coast" me and have me not take any gonal-f tonight. i''l take my ganirelix tomorrow morning before my BW&US & then they'll call me tomorrow and let me know if i can trigger. she said i should order some more Ganirelix just in case though- what a pain!!! ahh well. whatever.
that's all- God Bless
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