Monday, May 12, 2008

back from ET!!!

xp rom thenest:
well- we're back from our 5day transfer! it was really simple EXCEPT for the fact that i had to PEE SO BAD! i seriously thought i was going to pee all over the table. and they make you lay there for 15 min after & i almost didn't make it- in fact, i didn't. i got up like 2 min early- but i just couldn't do it!ok- onto the embyos. so we transferred one "A+ Expanded Blastocyst" (approx 100 cell stage) the RE said that it was "perfect" and because it looked so good & because i'm so young he would only let us transfer one. my husband & i were going to ask for two, but we could tell he wasn't going to budge on that one! so one it was! we got to watch it go in & now we're just praying that it sticks around!!!!my Beta is on 5/27 (sooo far) so until then, we just wait. on pins & needles!!!let' see if this picture works- you can't see much but...(look left) yay! i pray this works- please GOD!

that's all for now- God Bless!

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Callie said...

Congrats on your PERFECT blastybaby! I have my fingers crossed for you!!!!!!

t.bird said...

thank youuuu!