Monday, May 5, 2008


so i get to TRIGGER TONIGHT! at 8:30 on the dot i will go give myself my last injection (Ovidrel) for this cycle! i'm so excited! my ER is on Wed @ 8:30! we get there @ 7:30 & my husband gives his sample 8:30ish. then i get to go home and rest- and then we WAIT! i' praying for ALOT of mature eggs & healthy sperm! since we are using ICSI, i'm really confident that whatever mature eggs i have WILL fertilize! they have to!

omg! this is it! it's real! i'm so so so sooo excited! the only thing that makes me sad is the my IRL TTTC neighbor/friend's IVF cycle got cancelled- i feel really bad for her because she's really down- her embryos didn't make it past day 2 :( she's already started BCP for her next cycle but she's still pretty bummed- i hope this one does it for her!!! and i hope this cycle is it for us too!!!!

that's it for now- i'm going to count down the minutes till my shot!!!!
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