Monday, May 19, 2008


i went in for bloodwork this morning @ 7. thank God i left so early because as soon as i pulled in (10 min early) like 4 more people pulled in after me- it was a race to the door (literally) and i totally won. i definately got some glares, but whatever. i was there FIRST! so i was in & out in like 10 min & got to work for my usually 7:30. i am pleased. the nurse was being very nice & told me she hoped for good #'s for me- i told her thank you, but i'm not holding my breath.
i'm no longer bleeding red, but i'm still spotting brown i'm bleeding red again & i'm having the worst cramps- so yeah. OH! and can we also discuss how...ITCHY i am?! internally!! good LORD! these suppositories are killing me (vaginally speaking) i've never had a yeast infection & i'm pretty sure this isn't it (no smelly discharge or anything) so i'm chalking it up to the supps. i can't wait to not have to shove those things into myself. my husband cannot wait even more because that means he might actually get sex- it's been over a month so he's pretty much dying right now. ha- poor guy.

anyway- so now i wait. i don't think they're checking my Beta but i know they're going to check my E2 & progesterone so those #'s will give them a pretty good idea of where i stand. i just want this day to be over so i can go home & watch House. blah.
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Callie said...

I'm routing for you.. stay strong! {{{HUGS}}}