Thursday, May 1, 2008

stim day 6 checkup

ok so another 6:30 a.m. appt revealed:

Follies: L=20 & R=18 (or something) the important thing is that a bunch of them are maturing well (i have like 6-7 @ 10-10 1/2 & 2-3 @ 11 & 1-2 @ 12 & 1 @ 13 1/2!!! so the nurse said that wqas good! also i havea bunch that are right under 10mm- so those should keep growing!
E2= 2,663 (wowzers) she said it was a bit high so they had me run home (about 40 min ago) and take my first Ganirelix shot! it was a little diff than the gonal-f shots, but again, not bad. the injection site itches & burnes a littled but it's not that bad. they said that this should help keep my E2 level in check.
Gonal-F: will stay @ 75iu until further notice!
Ganirelix: first shot today @ 1ish & i take another tomorrow morning before i go in!
Next Appt: Tomorrow morning @ 7a.m.- ugh. ahhh well- it's all worth it :)

yay- im' so excited! i'll update again tomorrow!
God Bless
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