Monday, May 19, 2008

7dp5dt- update

so the nurse just called & said my RE wants me to start taking Estrace 2x a day until the Beta (my E2 is low)- i also have to keep taking the suppositories (my progesterone level is fine). i'm so annoyed- i don't know why they insist on postponing the inevitable- i told her this & she said that if i've already started AF then that means i have a very short LP- um, no- that would make it 12 days which is my usual LP- i almost always start AF 12 dpo- ugh.

i know i'm not pregnant- i know my body & i could tell by her tone of voice that she knows it too- she said that the RE wanted "to see what this does" stupid! i don't care what it does- i just want to have AF and move on. but whatever- i should get my Estrace pills by tomorrow & my Beta is on the 27th- then we'll go from there. i don't feel like stringing AF along for another week- i'm seriously considering taking the Estrace but stopping the supps. they suck & if i'm starting AF while on them, what's the point? if my levels are fine then why do i have to keep taking them? it's dumb. by the time my Beta comes, AF will have come & gone. this is lame.

whatever. i'm not really sad or upset anymore- i'm just annoyed. i feel like time is being wasted- it's just a week but still- ugh.
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